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  1. I think Sheldon broke out in Season 1 didn't he? It's no insidious take-over that's just suddenly manifested in Season 8.

    Like I say, there's going to be sparks in Season 9, has to be. The finale was a set up for changes in both Lenny and Shamy. Bring it on!

    I've got to dash and pick up kids so can't give the attention it deserves right now.

    Just wanted to say I wasn't sneering at Tonstar's horse-riding or sex shop suggestions. In fact I have a rather smutty Lenny one-shot rattling round my noggin centred around a visit to the naughty shop...just haven't had time to write it...yet! ;)

    Anyway, must fly......

    Laters (losers ;) )........

    That's your opinion but no I don't agree
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  2. I didn't watch Dharma and Greg Norman. Was there a big build up to them getting together then? I always thought the premise for that couple were that they were together but mismatched. Don't know Jim & Cheryl, where are they from?

    I think the writers have a winning formula (they have the tippiest top TV show, so yeah, understatement) and what started as a show about a nerdy guy pining for his hot neighbor and his obtuse friend, changed organically when it turned out that that obtuse friend was an absolute super star.

    They needed something, yes, our hero got the girl....and now what, where do we go from here? The formula seems to be that "Sheldon don't get it" and "Sheldon will muck up your plans.....coz Sheldon don't get it".

    This formula clearly works. Bitch and moan about it, call it lazy writing, but it works and it brings in the big bucks.

    I believe they're trying to inject some energy into Lenny for Season 9. The big three all take home the same pay packet, I reckon this'll have to be reflected better next Season because frankly Jim Parson's should have demanded overtime for Season 8. I think the 'cheating' plot-line's going to keep Lenny busy and equal up the playing field from here on in myself.

    You and a lot of people may be right that Sheldon is super funny but me personality i got tired of it along time ago. The program seems to think if a doctor tells you to take 2 pills and you will fill better why not not take 20 and everything will be great
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  3. I think we give the writers too much credit and blame. They are probably following orders from their bosses as to where the story lines go. So if that is the case we know the higher ups are willing to sacrifice Lenny for what they think will be higher ratings and more profit

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  4. Yes, they do, I mentioned Lucy & Ricky and Marshall & Lily myself. However, they were established couples at the show's onset. The will they?/won't they? draw was absent.

    That's the problem, keeping the energy after the big build up and the climax when this couple you've been rooting for finally get there. That's the plateau you see. Impossible to build that same excitement hence the anticlimax afterwards.

    I still think the writers could do more its just that they seem to think everyone is more interested in Sheldon and shamy so why concern themselves with Lenny. It would like watching Robin hood for 7 seasons because you like robin then the writers decide that little john should be the star
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  5. Then give me an example where this has been successfully executed. It hasn't has it? Not ever. Why not? Cause it's a bloody hard thing to pull off.

    Shamy are still on their build (working backwards though) and at some point they too will peak (and perhaps crash and burn). Though I suspect this story-line will be better paced as the writer's have a deadline in sight. They didn't have this luxury with Lenny.

    Off the top of my head I would say married with children except that Lenny child is Sheldon all most every sitcom has married couples which are funny
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  6. I am saying it's a damn difficult thing to do...see my first two points below...

    If there's a team of writers who can pull it off though, I believe it's these guys.

    I don't think that it's as hard as you think they just seem more interested in the shamy and aren't concerned about Leonard or Lenny
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  7. Perhaps you need a little refresher on how our last lil' chat panned out Vasu, here you go....

    No, I label what you post as imaginary because you started making things up. That's your prerogative, I'm not the internet police, but I will call you out on it when you slip up. If you must tell lies, then learn to do it better, pick a subject you actually know something about yeah? Trying to tell lies about an actor's life to an ex-actress will invariably get you caught my friend....and in this instance, it did.

    Firstly, hello Carlos.

    As my good friend Vasu has correctly pointed out, my observations are based on my own opinion (and those of my direct social group). Opinions are subjective and relative to the individual who holds them and therefore can not be "wrong". Other people's opinions can differ to your own of course, and I would be interested in which of my opinions you disagree with.....a brief summary.

    I believe the writer's are floundering with Lenny. (I reject the term 'lazy' but more on this below). In common with other TV couples who had a will they?/won't they? story, they had the delicious build-up, a crescendo and they then plateaued, and historically it is notoriously difficult to keep the same level of excitement after such a peak. I can't think of one example where this has been achieved; can you? So, is this something you disagree with?

    My suspicion is that the kiss on the boat is an attempt to put a bit of oomph back into the relationship. The viewing figures alone attest that these writers are talented people who know what they are doing. Using the term 'lazy' because they are not writing what you want to see (I think we had a suggestion of horse-riding lessons and shopping for sex toys from Tonstar) is again only an individual opinion, and one I personally disagree with as it happens. How about you? Agree? Disagree?

    Not an opinion this, but a fact, I have stated that the sexual component to Lenny's relationship is a factor that differentiates between the love that exists between Penny and Sheldon, and also between Sheldon and Leonard for that matter. Do you agree or disagree Carlos?

    Now then, Old Sailor, Norman, Kath2611, Tonstar17, I pose the same questions above to you guys as well. Screw all that passive aggressive clicking the like button on any statement that disagrees with the points I've made. If you disagree, tell me why, I want to know how I'm "wrong".

    Carlos, I also asked you in a previous post why you think my belief in equality colours my opinion (as you stated)? You never replied. That's quite rude you know. I look forward to hearing your views, on these questions above (which I think you'll agree I've made some effort in responding to) as well as on this previously ignored query.

    You seem to think since Lenny have been in a long term relationship and have had sex they can't be interesting or funny anymore. I just disagree. Of course they can be anything the writers want them to be
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  8. ATOB, I think you're wrong. The fact that Lenny are being written like they are is just a product of lazy writing. I will grant you, of course, that it IS more difficult to write comedy for a couple that's already together , but it's not impossible. They just have to write it in a different way. And heck, they are not just some people on the street. For Pete's sake they are the writers of the # 1 comedy in TV land, so they should be doing better. The moments of closeness, genuine care for each other, and other things that made Lenny special, are absent as far as I'm concerned, except for very few episodes. However, the graduation episode was great. Why can't they infuse Lenny in all other episodes with that kind of specialness (sp?) I agree with you that I did prefer creepy Howard because he was funnier, and I enjoyed the arguments with his mom. I also enjoyed what lead up to their wedding very much as well. I do hate the "Tyrant Bernadette" always emasculating man-child Howard.

    I hate that the writers stall everything so much that the story telling is starting to ring untrue, artificial, and not organic. Let things unfold as they should, and don't keep everything that is endgame for later, because in the meantime what they are giving us is (IMO) crap.

    I don't know if the writer's are being lazy with their writing for Lenny or they just don't think their important anymore
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  9. Isn't that what drew you in as a viewer though? The whole is this meek little guy going to get the hot blonde? That there's the sex. Otherwise it'd be just another nerd nanny tale with the gormless guys oblivious to the gorgeous girl's gorgeousness and they'd all just be good pals together. It was a tale of adversity, and sex was always the driving force, and still is. If it weren't, then there'd be no issue with Leonard and Penny splitting up and just being friends would there? No issue with them dating other people. It's all about sex, don't kid yourself.

    I guess my problem is that you think that sex is the most important part of a long term relationship or marriage. I will grant you that its important but not the only important part that's JMHO
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  10. Really. Isn't your soulmate supposed to be your best friend, lover and the person you are in love with who you want to spend the rest of your life with? You do little things for them like knowing what they like and cheering them up when they are down. Etc what love is to you is different from what I think love is or even others. If you think lenny are not in love and they should split or just be friends because you can't see it that's your opinion. Love comes in different packages. Just look at the Shamy.

    Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk

    What you just described is what I had with my late wife of 27 years sometimes we were happy just holding hands. She was my soulmate and best friend
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  11. LOL! old sailor, I am so with you! FanFiction is coming in a drizzle, writer's block is nasty, I'm not over the finale, so I've been hitting the peach schnapps on this lonely, humid night!


    It's Sunday so margaritas and 2 hours of bbt reruns
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