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  1. [ Rey ] It can be ALB déjà vu to listen from Luke "I'm your father". Rey is still a hard worker and tough in life, also educated, but we sure have to know more about her family and who they are, as so many questions we can ask to us, as why Han and Leïla been separated, why does Fin escape still being raised as a robot, why the dark side likes this much to kill, we also want to know more about the dark side... IMO.
  2. Denzel

    Set Questions

    I find it beautiful too...
  3. I'm a little nature, little nature, little heart.
  4. Merci. I think that I am going to take my driving test. I don't no want to fight if it's not correcty understood, I've lost.
  5. If I had a car it has been a long time since I would put nothing more on the site... We are very late for episodes, those are shown melt, and seriously re-used for a maximum audience. TBBT is really appreciated by young, and young mothers.
  6. Merci, sadly it's true and someone on the site tells too, there is a culture crash between US and FR, and I am sad to admit that a lots of frenches are - I can say - against America, that I, and a lots of are, not. There is no beautiful word for such a truth.
  7. I've never say that people in France don't like american people... or America, that I can say that I really feel not welcome on the site, and I really did nothing for.
  8. From France. French people aren't already American's lover. Watch FR movies to understand.
  9. Amy and Sheldon are two normal people who meets, there is no true intrigue in their story -in the way of getting closer -, they just have take some time, as people does in the affluent class and when both of the two people respect the other, nope??
  10. Take care, as long as horses are well...
  11. The Shamy couple will surely help a lots of shy girls and women to feel stronger and not to be affraid of love.
  12. It is very brave from him to reveal the truth to the general public today, he maybe would have had to speak moreover about it in private before. He can have contaminated people without knowing to be ill. It is always necessary to be very watchful with STD.
  13. It's very choking that people can't realise it is extremely violent to force someone to have sex. The recent customs has no ages.
  14. This video is so cute. I don't think Mayim is really on kissing Johnny.
  15. I stopped on the 'la lignée' The Strain, this makes me too upest.
  16. I've really understood what a lots of yours think about marriage, if it necessary has to be this big, or if this will have to be despite the wish of the authors, a little and intimate. But do you know what a wedding means really, is it a question of a big white large dress, of a single circle of closer friends(?), this is not romantic because it's asked at the same place there was a kiss or a long regard. Wedding is an engagment for a life, no matter who has more money than who, and who has the more important list of friends, in Japan, this can just happen in front of the law, and the public registration, this has no relationship with a luxurious ceremony anyway, if that is extremely sober.
  17. 1. Maybe they will choose GM, GP names. 2. Often occured by private items. 3. Old fashion of course, as mummy/daddy. He doesn't know the kamasutra. 4. Vanessa realised late she wants to be the bride. 5. It will work and fail again.
  18. It's the same for girls who wanna to be talked as 'biatches', nerd, or geek comes also with the informatique culture where really 'how to call them' searchers began to be the world wide leaders, so they call them nerd or geek, but they are only data searchers, or porn addictes.
  19. So the character of Leonard is still really like Sheldon, sometime in corporal language, shyness, and pb to digest cheese, it's somewhere only we know.
  20. It's difficult to rate actors from different characters. Who could really say who has to get a price, a nomination, and if Mayim had played the Howard's role, wouldn't have she been amazing as acting, but maybe nobody would like to see it really. So I can't express myself because I stayed on Johnny as Sheldon. So I'm not capable to know who is better, I think Johnny as Sheldon is better. And maybe there is no relation in the thread.
  21. No truly not, why? I think Jim is the second best choice, but I miss Johnny in the role.
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