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  1. Where are you living? Only on the net? Depends on what is sexy for you... I thought at fix up as upgrade Amy, not my falt.
  2. Denzel

    1-5 Anything

    5 minutes after... 1 dangerous game
  3. Denzel

    1-5 Anything

    3 shadows under the tree
  4. It's more easy to have a new BF with a sexy look, IMO. She could need a little help for moment... nope?
  5. He makes a reference to the fact that some people say that " in the show business everybody would sleep (have sex) with everybody ". Of course, people like us shall never know if it is true regrettably.
  6. I let me inspired by Kim Kardashian, of course it's totally OOC. It was in the mood to change Amy in a fatal Amy.
  7. He can be sticked by a kind of fake Amy who listen to everything he said, that kind of meet under the rain, sheltered by a bus stop at the end of a long and cold day in the fall.
  8. Denzel


    Later I saw marrows to the super market, it looked openly attractive, generally I put myself a kind of cape of vampire and I give spells to the children instead of candies, that makes its small effect.
  9. Only mathematics. A divorce, one more chance to have a wedding then.
  10. Mo' divorces, mo' weddings.
  11. It was more about duration. I think Amy and Rajish has right to take fun, there is not police against, isn't it?
  12. It was the most beautiful compliment which I could never make to a man.
  13. I didn't realise this could really disturb anybody - I used to be said really worst, really straighter, translation maybe, I'm not a upon star -, I'm not the person who knows who is ill and who is fine. So neurology has got his dark hours, and this is not so far.
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