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  1. Yes, the 3 digit numbers at the end of the episode--Thanks so much for responding! jackie
  2. I would really like to know the significance of the numbers that flash up at the end of an episode. e.g. #256 Is there a code or special reason for them? Just curious- Thanks so much- Jackie
  3. I am a brand new member to the forum and would absolutely love to go to a taping. On the directions it mentions that tickets are available 30 days before the actual taping. If a month has 31 days does that mean that it is still only 30 days or does it become 31 if that month is longer? It also mentions that the tickets can go up as early as 7:30AM or as late as 8:30AM. Any hints as to having success? Thanks- Jackie and Burt
  4. Thank you! Good to be among people who appreciate the amazing writing and acting on BBT---I would love to know when the tickets begin to go up for dispersal--- It appears that they are all gone for this coming season---If I knew when they went up-I might have a chance Thanks- Jackie and Burt
  5. Okay--we are so hooked on this show,and each and every character. There is that great interaction which is almost magical- We live in the Orange County, California, area and would love to see a show filmed.. When are the new dates released to request tickets? Any suggestions? Jackie and Burt--(two very senior citizens)
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