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  1. Love the PALS acronym ShLe94!!! I can proudly say that I ship it~
  2. Hey does anybody here know how to live stream Mayim's upcoming Lifetime movie? I really wanna watch it but I don't have the channel on my TV...
  3. Well I'm using 'recently' a bit loosely. And as for the writers stating that - yes it is true that they share a love of science - it has not been shown as prominently as it had been in S4&5. So personally, I would love for the writers to give Shamy a scientific story that doesn't really affect the advancement of their relationship. Just show them having some classic Shamy fun. Right now given the focus on Shamy throughout this season thus far, I don't mind waiting till like 9.22 or even next season for the writers to show such a story if they're willing to give us one.
  4. I understand what you're saying here We're just saying that it would be nice to see Amy embrace Sheldon's interests a bit more and vice-versa of course. Now seeing them discuss science hasn't happened too much recently and it would definitely be awesome to see them work together on a project, conduct experiments together or even just attend a science fair on a date or something. Bring it on writers!
  5. April, girl let's face it. It is the fate of us Shamy shippers to spend the rest of our lives looking like this simply because of 2 TRs:
  6. Regarding Apartment 4A... I feel like it'll be Sheldon who'll remain there. I don't say this as a huge Shamy shipper. I say this because he was there first and it was Leonard who moved in with him initially, so yeah...
  7. My greatest wish for 2016 TBBT: Let the girls go against stereotypes by even a little please~ Saying that Amy and Bernadette are good role models because they're female scientists is not enough . You gotta show it writers. Give them a work storyline or something that makes them talk about things other than dating, waxing, sex and their SO. You've got nothing but talented actors in your cast after all. Right now, this wish is even greater than Shamy engagement because they've had so much focus and have moved forward quite rapidly in their relationship. I'm totally cool with them simply being happy in the background and let other dynamics/relationships be shown.
  8. I dunno if anybody has seen this but this is an interview with Stephen Merchant (AKA the 6'7 adorable ginger awesomeness known as Dave <3 ) http://metro.co.uk/2013/10/16/stephen-merchant-im-just-rejected-by-a-higher-class-of-women-now-im-famous-4147087/ It's from 2 years ago and he mentions TBBT Interesting how life works out hehe.
  9. Yeah I know that kiss got cut. I'm thinking that's the result of showing more commercials, which shortens the episodes. And about them having a say in things... The actors have often talked about how much they trust the writers and due to that, they don't make suggestions to them. So yeah...
  10. Do you guys honestly think that Johnny and Kaley get to pick how/when they kiss as L/P? I just feel like laughing or rolling my eyes whenever people say that Leonard and Penny didn't kiss a lot in S8 was due to Kaley's marriage. It's nothing more than fan speculation IMO. The writers are the ones who get to pick when the characters kiss. I'm sure that J/K would've kissed had the script called for it in the Prom episode. They are professionals who always do as they are told by the writers and the director.
  11. Is it December 10 yet? *whines* I WANNA SEE SHAMY DO THIS... ...ALREADY~ (goes back into hibernation till the time is right)
  12. This might be a wee bit OT at the moment but just gotta put it out there... I read that post-coitus Amy was bare-shouldered...THIS CAN ONLY MEAN THAT MAYIM HAS, FOR THIS ONE SCENE, FORSAKEN HER MODESTY RULES I think that this might be an even bigger surprise than the coitus itself. Like holy caholy. Wow. It must be dedication to her craft. Respect Mayim. Respect. *bows head* (Just to clarify in case anybody gets the wrong idea, I'm not at all saying that showing bare body parts is something that's necessarily/particularly amazing or respectable for actors. It's just that Mayim has always been proudly and openly a very modest woman and to be willing to do something like that must be a sign of her devotion to the show and Shamy right? Or at least that's kinda what it looks like to me haha)
  13. Oh my, I did not know there was an FB TR page lol. I feel the taping audience must have gone absolutely ca-RAE-zy from seeing all those kisses hehe. Anyway, I am soooo beyond overjoyed that we get such positive Shamy news before the month long taping hiatus!!! Christmas has truly come early and nothing my parents get me will come close to what Santa Molaro and co. has just given us :D I can understand why some people are disappointed and that's completely fine. As happy as this TR has made me, I don't feel that this is a perfect episode by any means. But regardless, its given me more than enough cuteness to stay on a happy cloud of feels that'll get me through this upcoming hiatus. And then when I watch the actual episode I'll just head straight to Shamy Heaven cuz that's where shippers who have died from too many feels go I think I've escaped this breakup with my shipper heart relatively intact. My trust in the writers is slowly being restored Lets see if it can go back to being 100%! But anyway, I guess I won't find out till next month because I'll be going back to being spoiler-free. Oh BTW I forgot to add 2 things to my last post: 1. ALL HAIL THE SHAMY SHIPPER KING DAAAAAAAAVVVVVEEEEEE! I LOVE THAT MAN <3 2.
  14. Soopysue! Where did you read THIS?!?! What a juicy little detail
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