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  1. 14 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    Well they haven't been together recently, have they...And the screen time is limited for Shamy. Like these recent episodes focus more on the intimacy part of their relationship, so there's no time for other aspects. And I thought the writers made it perfectly clear in previous seasons that they share an interest in science. 

    Well I'm using 'recently' a bit loosely. 

    And as for the writers stating that - yes it is true that they share a love of science - it has not been shown as prominently as it had been in S4&5.

    So personally, I would love for the writers to give Shamy a scientific story that doesn't really affect the advancement of their relationship. Just show them having some classic Shamy fun. 

    Right now given the focus on Shamy throughout this season thus far, I don't mind waiting till like 9.22 or even next season for the writers to show such a story if they're willing to give us one.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, camelliayao said:

    Why does Amy have to like geeky stuff? Sheldon doesn't like many of her interests. Their communication has always been beyond interests and hobbies, which makes them so special.   Also I think the biggest interest they share is science and that's much more important than if Amy loves a Star Wars movie or not. 

    I understand what you're saying here :yes:

    We're just saying that it would be nice to see Amy embrace Sheldon's interests a bit more and vice-versa of course.

    Now seeing them discuss science hasn't happened too much recently and it would definitely be awesome to see them work together on a project, conduct experiments together or even just attend a science fair on a date or something.

    Bring it on writers!

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  3. 7 minutes ago, April said:

    I should probably re-read the TR. But then I'll have that stupid grin on my face again... decisions, decisions! lol

    April, girl let's face it. It is the fate of us Shamy shippers to spend the rest of our lives looking like this simply because of 2 TRs:



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  4. 1 minute ago, son-goku5 said:

    No, but they might have a say in that.

    But granted, there was at least one kissing scene that wasn't included in the airing, which was in the basket weaving scene

    Yeah I know that kiss got cut. I'm thinking that's the result of showing more commercials, which shortens the episodes.

    And about them having a say in things... The actors have often talked about how much they trust the writers and due to that, they don't make suggestions to them. So yeah...

  5. Do you guys honestly think that Johnny and Kaley get to pick how/when they kiss as L/P? :icon_neutral:

    I just feel like laughing or rolling my eyes whenever people say that Leonard and Penny didn't kiss a lot in S8 was due to Kaley's marriage. It's nothing more than fan speculation IMO.

    The writers are the ones who get to pick when the characters kiss. I'm sure that J/K would've kissed had the script called for it in the Prom episode. They are professionals who always do as they are told by the writers and the director.

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  6. This might be a wee bit OT at the moment but just gotta put it out there...

    I read that post-coitus Amy was bare-shouldered...THIS CAN ONLY MEAN THAT MAYIM HAS, FOR THIS ONE SCENE, FORSAKEN HER MODESTY RULES :icon_eek: 

    I think that this might be an even bigger surprise than the coitus itself. Like holy caholy. Wow.

    It must be dedication to her craft. Respect Mayim. Respect. *bows head*

    (Just to clarify in case anybody gets the wrong idea, I'm not at all saying that showing bare body parts is something that's necessarily/particularly amazing or respectable for actors. It's just that Mayim has always been proudly and openly a very modest woman and to be willing to do something like that must be a sign of her devotion to the show and Shamy right? :icon_surprised: Or at least that's kinda what it looks like to me haha) 

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  7. It is on the comments section in the Facebook taping report spoilers page !!!!! . I know right ! Lucky Mayim :) 

    PS why do we not get an increase in our likes on special days like this :) !!!! I need more, there's so much to like, I've got none left !

    Oh my, I did not know there was an FB TR page lol.

    I feel the taping audience must have gone absolutely ca-RAE-zy from seeing all those kisses hehe.

    Anyway, I am soooo beyond overjoyed that we get such positive Shamy news before the month long taping hiatus!!! Christmas has truly come early and nothing my parents get me will come close to what Santa Molaro and co. has just given us :D

    I can understand why some people are disappointed and that's completely fine. As happy as this TR has made me, I don't feel that this is a perfect episode by any means.

    But regardless, its given me more than enough cuteness to stay on a happy cloud of feels that'll get me through this upcoming hiatus. And then when I watch the actual episode I'll just head straight to Shamy Heaven cuz that's where shippers who have died from too many feels go :icon_razz:

    I think I've escaped this breakup with my shipper heart relatively intact. My trust in the writers is slowly being restored :yes: Lets see if it can go back to being 100%!

    But anyway, I guess I won't find out till next month because I'll be going back to being spoiler-free.

    Oh BTW I forgot to add 2 things to my last post:


        I LOVE THAT MAN <3

    2. happy-dance.gif

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  8. Chapter 12 has been published.   


    Chapter 13 will be up shortly.


    Hi Jena, since the review feature on FF doesn't like me I'll be reviewing here again. 

    What can I say? Another great chapter for sure! It was interesting to see Leonard and Penny get a bigger role and that twist at the end was unexpected and wonderful. I didn't expect them to be devious like that :icon_twisted:

    As always, I love how you keep your characters so IC that I can easily imagine any of this happening on the show. This is a scenario that I could easily see happening on the show after Shamy become sexually active given Sheldon's competitive streak. 

    Can't wait for chapter 13 and the Shelnard and Pamy goodness that you've teased for us! 

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  9. I'd think he'd try to fill the void with science of something.

    But as a whole I'm not bothered by this latest development. My feelings may or may not change when I see the ep but as things are right now I'm fine with it :cool:

    But I just want them both to move on from this dating others business. I'm getting tired of it.

  10. i must have missed something when did this happen??

    in episode 7. Sheldon reveals he was planning on proposing during Wil Wheaton's documentary.

    Other than that, I gotta say I find the idea that Sheldon would even consider dating others to be totally OOC. I won't elaborate on why because I think it should be obvious given how he was.

    Besides that, am i missing something? Because from what ive read on the TR, it really doesnt sound like Vanessa was actually Sheldon's date. More like a candidate for it.


    Damn, its been long since I've posted here...

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  11. No, just different.  I like the more passionate vs. gentle side, but that's just me.

    All right :icon_biggrin:

    But (sorry if I'm gonna be a bummer here) I have my doubts as to whether or not the real Sheldon is capable of something like that. Theres nothing that indicates he can't but there's nothing that indicates he can either. We'll just have to see.

    Personally, right now I'm just focused on them getting back together. I don't really care if coitus never comes as I don't put too much importance on it in the first place. As long as they can go back to the happily in love couple of weirdos I'd be more than happy to see them stay awkwardly chaste and gently kiss only like once per season. (That is if we theoretically had to pick one over the other.)

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  12. I thought it was extremely hot to see Sheldon pull it off via Leonard's imagination.   A perfect wake up call to get him to make up with Penny.  Loved it.  I keep watching it over and over again.  

    Doesn't effect my Shamy feels at all.    I just can't wait for him to do that for real with Amy.

    Had it been anything but a nightmare, I'd have been horrified.

    Better than train kiss?:icon_wink:

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  13. I'm with you on this. I want to see this wrapped up in the next two episodes and I think there are plenty of ways for the writers to do that.

    In fact, right now I can easily take the level of drama in the show - it's well balanced with the usual humour. But the thread here? Dear lord, you guys are killing me with your angsty speculations! If I'm not hanging out here much in the next weeks let me tell you this is why! lol

    I'm with ya there April :icon_wink: The drama and angst on the show is absolutely nothing compared to the chaos over here.

    I have not been posting here as frequently as before and probably won't in the future either.

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  14. Molaro has lied...

    He said that neither Sheldon or Amy will be playing the field but look what has happened. I think this is the first time he has outright lied about something.

    Anyway, I'm still hanging on and optimistic about a reconciliation soon. I'm just in that kind of a stupidly positive mood today :icon_lol:

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  15. It was good.  I honestly think that the humor in this season has changed to be more dramatic but not in a bad way.  It's definitely funnier.

    The episode makes season 5 Sheldon look ridiculous while playing basketball and Howard look ridiculous throwing a baseball because this only showed us how great they are fencing which is not expected because they clearly always saying how awful they are at sports.

    Thats great! Im looking forward to that episode even more now. :) 

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