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  1. Glad you enjoy it Kazzie! But please don't exhaust yourself too much >.<
  2. Yes! A to all the lovely people who take the time to report to us spoiler addicts lol.
  3. I agree jena. I never make it in time for chats so I dunno what goes on there but what you're describing sounds rather ugly I always naturally wake up extra earlier on post-taping days. If I wake to see good news I'll be on high all day while I'm at school. If I see bad news I'll probably mope around all day and not pay any attention to my profs... The fact that I'm having lunch with a new friend tomorrow is enough to firmly keep my happiness level high but I'm always eager for good news!
  4. Haha so true! And Brangelina would be divorcing for the tenth time by now. But on a more serious note : That feeling on the kind of articles you first get nowadays when you type in "Johnny Galecki" or "Kaley Cuoco" Nothing but a bunch of cheating speculations and rumours on a reconciliation so soon after her divorce. This is all just so
  5. Oh yeah, I know. If it becomes available on the Internet, I'll probably check it out for Kaley but right now, I'm really not expecting much from the plot.
  6. I'm very happy that her film finally got picked up but to be frank, upon watching the trailer it doesn't seem very interesting at all to me...
  7. Well this is weird... Considering how often she complains about the sexualization of women.
  8. And even less Amy. If Mayim ever came across that, I'm sure she would not appreciate being sexualized like that.
  9. Only the faces are the same. I don't think that's Mayim's body...It seems a bit too thin. Theres nothing even remotely Shamy-like about that pic. It's too...sexy
  10. To be blunt, I'm not a fan of photo edits like that. I'm not sure if its supposed to be Shamy or Jim and Mayim, but I feel more like its the latter, which is only more disturbing to me... It's just that when I think about the process involved with the cropping and cutting of heads and hands, I'm just like This gory thought process sure is fitting for Halloween...
  11. I would not say it was just Kaley. You can also credit the more lighthearted writing for the success of the second pilot.
  12. Well Kaley is currently divorcing so those family plans will have to wait quite a while. I don't get why you're talking about cutting out Amy and Bernadette. That'd be throwing out 5 years of work and development out of the window and piss off a whole bunch of fans.
  13. Is there a direct, respectable new's source that actually calls them such? I don't think I've ever seen this. Also when I look up top TV couples on Google, Shamy only sometimes appear whereas couples from The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time appear constantly. Other than that, I've even seen some "Top couples lists" place Leonard and Penny higher up than Shamy like this one for instance : http://www.dorkly.com/toplist/69267/the-best-tv-couple I kinda have to agree with JE7 that popularity doesn't necessarily matter. I mean look at Bazinga. It's one of the most iconic things on TBBT but it hasn't been uttered by Sheldon in several seasons.
  14. I can agree with pretty much everything you've said here Lionne. I'm also not a fan of baby storylines and have felt comforted when TPTB and the cast say that babies aren't part of the plan at present. I would hope that they'd be able to come up with a better way to redeem Bernadette and the Howardette relationship in the eyes of the fans but that's highly unlikely given the current Shamy storyline that takes up a big part of the focus. Until Shamy reconcile (which I still hope happens during Nov. sweeps) I don't think the other characters will be getting anything of substance. Molaro confirmed that in an interview once that H/B/R will only be getting amusing little stories that don't affect the big storyline. I'm not one of the Shamy shippers who has a huge issue with their current storyline and the way things have been going but I do hope (and feel) that it's coming to a close soon. They need to have their heart to heart conversation soon or else even to me, it will truly just feel like they're just dragging things out for the sake of drama, with one misunderstanding after another. The longer they ignore Amy's POV the more it appears like she's a prop to tell Sheldon's story, that is an increasingly popular point that I can whole-heartedly agree with. The longer they drag this out the more epic the reconciliation and realisation on the part of both Sheldon and Amy needs to be. I'm not sure if what the writers will come up with will (at least) satisfy most people but I've decided to put my trust in them--for now.
  15. YES!!! I love these tiny anime chibi art styles!
  16. LOL, this is an interesting scenario. I wouldn't mind if that were the case, although I'm not counting on the writers to remember that they even wrote about the insulin guy once.
  17. How has Nickelette been antagonistic towards Lenny? She's just stating that people love seeing their favourites get attention. Like would you honestly complain if lenny got a bunch of attention on the show and had page long posts written for them?
  18. There's nothing stopping you or anyone from discussing howardette or anything else. You can change the subject anytime and start a separate, simultaneous discussion here with anyone. The reason those aren't being discussed is either because no one's particularly interested in those aspects or simply because it hasn't been previously brought up.
  19. oh that's very true I hope we get more interviews soon!
  20. Well those shows may be less successful commercially, but critically they are overall more acclaimed than TBBT, with more prestigious awards. Just a factoid.
  21. Hey, can i just say that I love your new avatar? I love how Shamy have their own lock from the train where they shared their first official kiss Has anybody ever been there to see it in person?
  22. Just finished reading them! You did an amazing job as always. The twist was unexpected and a wonderful surprise overall. I won't go into details here because that might cause spoilers but I liked literally everything about your latest chapters I can't wait to read chapter 11. PS : I'm reviewing here because it seems like a lot of the time my reviews don't show up on FF.net
  23. I see a lot of people disliking season 6 and 7, which was Molaro's first two seasons as a showrunner. I wasn't one of the shamy fans who was unhappy with them but I can understand the frustration over the changes and inconsistencies done to Amy. Out of curiosity, who here blames Molaro's direction for the changes?
  24. I don't get why there's so much speculation about Mayim leaving the show when all she's done is say how much she loves her job and how it's the "best job she's ever had" . Some people are being a wee bit paranoid, me thinks... And i don't really mind Mayim's opinions on the show and Shamy. Admittedly, I also enjoy Jim's blatant shipping more but everybody's entitled to their own opinions and Mayim is pretty quirky so I'm not surprised that she views things in a different way. We'll just have to agree to disagree with her. No need to force her to be another "Captain Jim"
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