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  1. I wouldn't take anything US Weekly says for gospel... This is the same magazine that often reports a cheating incident with this couple and drama with that couple without any legitimate evidence from reps. Also, I am getting very sick (but not at all surprised) of the constant implication of Johnny into every article about Kaley's recent divorce! Gosh, they're making a decent man sound like a homewrecker! With all the utterly disrespectful cheating and fan-shipping articles on the subject, I'm glad I have this gif in handy I knew I'd be doing a lot of this in the weeks to come
  2. The guy's name is Dave I think. Also the writers have confirmed that Faisal is just a one-off line and hate it when they're pestered by questions about him.
  3. But the writers have read fanfics! They revealed that during comic-con and even wrote a hilarious Raj/Amy aka koothrapamy fanfic! And anyway, I think they do know what the fans want. However at the end of the day this is their show and their story to tell, not ours. All we can do is sit back and watch. Also, it's actually illegal for the writers to take ideas from fanfics so even if they think an idea is so good they wanna make it canon, they won't unless they wanna be faced with a bunch of lawsuits.
  4. Okay, no. Just no. I can't speak for every Shamy fan but I personally do not want a 'perfect fairytale romance' for Shamy. I could never ship them should they have had something out of a 1950s Disney movie like Snow White. Shamy was never fairytale-like at all. They were this cutely weird couple who made people happy by doing weird things together and finding love very slowly with each other. The fact that they are confirmed as endgane is not enough if folks aren't enjoying the journey. That would almost be like two characters who hated each other all the time during most of the show just suddenly hooking up in the finale. I doubt people will care much for them as a couple. Right now, people are scared that they'll stop loving Shamy should things get too out of control. There are certain things that would be deal breakers. Anyway, I don't have a problem with the recent developments and also enjoyed the 2 episodes that have already aired. I'm still hopeful and optimistic about things right now.
  5. What I find fascinating is how different people have different accounts of the kiss. Who initiated and which part got kissed lol. This is like the Dress again Since it was just a quick peck I'm not too worried but had it been something like a hot, steamy French kiss then I'd be all
  6. I haven't posted here in a while but I gotta say Kerry, I love your new avatar! It is awesome I'm still very much into Shamy and at this point am not really worried about the latest developments because I've gotten over the phase where I get all worked up over TRs. I pretty much always find the finished product much better and clearer. I'm still pretty sure that with Ep. 7 all is not what is seems and it's a red herring.
  7. I recall her saying once that the guys were like brothers to her when the cast did that interview after she was on the cover of Maxim. Maybe I was too harsh and I'll apologize for that. Since this is reality, whatever happens happens I guess. Ah well.
  8. It's been over 5 years since they've broken up and Kaley has stated that she now sees Johnny as a brother. I believe them when they say that they've both moved on. It's almost ridiculous how some people can be so fixated on their past relationship...
  9. Is that so? I cant really tell. This ain't my area of expertise This divorce just seems really sudden, which only adds to the sadness I guess.
  10. Am I seriously the only one who's shocked by this divorce? I know they had a whirlwind courtship but with the way they kept talking about their happiness, I really believed that they'd last and prove their critics wrong... Maybe I'm just ridiculously naive...
  11. Yeah... But People just puts up some really random videos sometimes. Like once I read an article they did on Kunal's new book and they coupled it with a funny video of Simon talking about his best and worst dates
  12. Oh I'm well aware of that And when articles like "Kaley Cuoco Divorce: Could Ex Johnny Galecki be the Reason?" begin to appear I shall be doing a lot of this for quite possibly as long as this media circus lasts. I don't think that old video was sad and pathetic or tried to imply anything between Jim and Kaley I found it sweet to hear them talk about their friendship. The cast does those kinds of interviews a lot. You might be reading a bit too much into things. But yeah, it is weird to put it on a divorce announcement. It's just totally irrelevant to the subject at hand.
  13. Just cause Kaley is getting divorced doesnt mean she's getting back together with Johnny...They've both moved on, its been over 5 years for god's sake There's no doubt the media will soon speculate whether or not Johnny caused the Sweetings' split though. Argh.
  14. Thank you Kerry for understanding. I think for a while I'll just stick with the cast&crew section of this forum. This negativity just makes me wanna shoot something. I haven't decided whether or not I'll look at next week's TR but right now I'm more inclined with "not". I'm looking forward to next week's episode though
  15. Huh? Is that so Whos the ass then?
  16. Well youre free to think whatever you want. Thoughts aren't something we can control. I personally am withholding judgement unless we get more info. I don't really care if we do or not. I just wish Kaley the best as her fan.
  17. It's always so sweet to see Johnny post pics with his niece. She's adorable! And it's hard to say regarding the Kelli pic but I do recall Kelli saying that it was Johnny who encouraged her to take the role of Marilyn Monroe on the Talk.
  18. Okay you guys I think that maybe you should show a bit more reserve in your speculations. Kaley and Ryan are real people and we do not know them nor do we know what their lives are like. This isn't like with fictional characters. We need to respect their privacy. Also those kinds of assumptions are exactly the kind of stuff that lead to TABLOID SHIT.
  19. Great and they're stalking her right away...UGH!
  20. I just looked at Kaley's IG. Besides the one of him as a baby there's no longer a trace of Ryan amongst her pics... This just gets sadder and sadder.
  21. Yeah...Probably. Though there are always notable exception like for Meryl Streep. She married her hubby 6 months after the death of her former partner and they've been together for nearly 40 years.
  22. Thanks loriparis. I feel better now. If you've read a previous post of mine you'll know that I'm just prone to volatile mood swings Sometimes I'll be super positive be like "Shamy's gonna be wonderful when they reconcile! I'll wait an eternity for them!" while other times I'll read an ranty but well-written post and suddenly think "I hate this storyline! The writers are torturing my babies for the sake of cheap drama" and just get all depressed. This storyline is just a rollercoaster of emotions, just like the writers probably want. I agree with your last point that spoilers and tidbits make for interesting (if sometimes angst-filled) conversations
  23. Well there was a report a while back that he only won about 200$ as prize money in a year. He had a back injury I think that caused him to take a break for a while.
  24. This is just an awful year for love you guys. Everybody's just breaking up from fictional couples to RL couples. Just ugh...WHAT IS WRONG WORLD???!!!
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