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  1. Has it been confirmed that someone from TBBT will be going on the show?
  2. Well those lists typically get announced in the same month as the ceremony so probably next month.
  3. I also enjoy the Majim friendship in a way that's somewhat similar to the way I enjoy Penny/Amy, Sheldon/Leonard, Sheldon/Penny and Raj/Howard. I think they have a lovely friendship and I get happy when they're cute and affectionate with each other. But what bugs me is how some people pressures them to be romantically involved and are convinced that there's something more than friendship going on there. I hate how they are nasty and disrespectful to Todd and leave mean comments on his Instagram. That's just cyberbullying! I don't quite understand what you are saying about the body language between them. Could you explain to me?
  4. Me too. It's crude to ship people in real llife in the same way you ship fictional characters. Real life is not a story that can be controlled like a show. And thankfully, the Majim shippers are a pretty small group and don't get talked about all that much (to my knowledge at least). It's not nearly as bad as the Kate/Leo shipping from Titanic or the Raura shipping from Austin and Ally. I think that teenagers are more inclined to think that it's okay to RL ship.
  5. Wow, first of all I did not know that a Majim shipper actually asked Bill such a thing and that he actually answered it... But basically, your post just confirms to me how creepy RL shipping can be, whether the couple is actually together or not. I know that Todd being with Jim is one of things that makes romantic Majim impossible, but even if Jim was single, he'd still only have eyes for men, so it'd still be impossible. If it sounds like I'm putting a lot of emphasis on labeling then I apologize. I also don't wish that people were restricted by labels but the fact is that Jim himself has called himself a gay man on many occasions and has never professed any attraction to women at all. And yeah, I know that shippers are not the only people who post weird things on Jim and Todd social media . There are unfortunately lots of trolls out there, and Jim has spoken that if he could change something he'd want a world without internet trolls. Whenever I watch a Youtube video with Jim in it, all too often do I see homophobic trolls who leave the nastiest comments. It's quite disgusting and just makes me mad.
  6. Yeah, I feel terrible for Todd, getting the abuse from crazy Majim shippers. It's quite ridiculous, this whole RL shipping a gay man with a straight woman and blaming Todd for the reason it can't come true.
  7. I did not think of that. That's pretty cool of them.
  8. Yeah, I suppose so. It's a little hard to say since Mayim dislikes extravagance but Chuck Lorre has said that he wants everybody from TBBT to get a star so maybe he'll nominate her someday. I feel like out of the rest of the gang, Mayim and Johnny have the best shot of passing the application process, given their fame since adolescence and Emmy nods.
  9. Well I guess we'll never know. Or maybe we will know if she gets a non-posthumous star after all. But there have been people who simply said no like Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Another requirement for a star is for the person honored to actually say or write that they really want one and attend the ceremony. I dunno if I come across as if I don't want Mayim to get a star but if so, I must say that I'd be glad to see her get a star. I just don't feel like this is the kind of thing that interests her much so yeah...
  10. Yeah I think she'd be surprised and honored. And I'd be happy for her if she got a star but I somehow I'd doubt she'd let other people pay 30k for her. She's really independent after all.
  11. yeah I guess. But at the end of the day, Mayim just doesn't too interested in these Hollywood things. Of course, I'm only assuming this from the articles she sometimes write on Kveller. I feel like if Mayim gets a star, it might be a posthumous one.
  12. That's a great pic. Would be totally perfect if Johnny and Kaley were also there. And I guess we'd never know but I don't think Mayim really cares about getting a star, especially since it comes with a 30k fee.
  13. No, the list for the rest of 2015 and 2016 have been announced and Mayim is not part of them.
  14. How come this website changed anyway? It used to be much more efficient before...
  15. They really are adorable. Their friendship just warms my heart Wish there were more Amydette scenes now.
  16. Hello, longtime lurker here. Anyway, sorry if this is kinda OT for what you guys are currently discussing but I just wanted to say something about Sheldon's birthday since I saw some people being troubled over its date. I know people think that it's Feb. 26 because TIA aired that day but I would argue that TBBT does not necessarily follow real time. After all Christmas eps air a few weeks before as actual Christmas dayday. Also the S9 premiere will take place hours after the S8 finale so it can't take place in September. Please pardon my rambling but just wanted to say this and say hi at the same time. Feel free to continue your current discussions.
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