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  1. I'm honestly surprised you guys... Kaley just always seemed happy with him and fought so hard against those divorce rumours. She also talked happily about starting a family someday... This is so sad
  2. Sigh. This is getting so negative again... It's really at times like these that I wish I had never found these online forums. They're really addictive and even when I try to stay away I always wind up coming back because I'm so curious about what people are saying. I feel like not knowing would save me quite a bit of angst. I'd never know about the existence of TRs and would just get to see the final product. The negativity of other people often wind up bringing me down too. Ugh. Why am I so easily affected sometimes?
  3. OMG you are just like me Jena! Right on
  4. I think it's a good thing the writers don't concern themselves too much about what the audiences want because otherwise Sheldon and Penny would've hooked up in like season 2 or 3.
  5. Ya know the more I think about this breakup storyline, the more I think I dislike it...I've only watched 1 episode so I can't say for sure but if things don't improve soon I think I might start to either lose interest or enter a state of depression... Here I am again with my volatile mood changes LOL
  6. Yeah I think season 8 wasn't maybe as good as it could have been because plans had to be thrown out of the window due to the off-set tragedies But if the writers used an off-screen incident as a cause for the breakup then that'd have bad writing all over it imo... Molaro has confirmed that Amy is not sure of what she wants and is confused so hopefully they'll write an Amy-centric story where they explore her feelings.
  7. But what the hell could have happened between the Fort episode and the Mom episode that's caused this, should this be the case The writers better develop Amy's Pov soon...I'm honestly getting tired of this tension-filled wait. Sigh. I'm most scared that they'll end up using a lame reason and resolve this like lenny's kiss drama. I really wasn't thrilled with how that was resolved to be blunt.
  8. I sure hope this leads to something like this. But with the TBBT writers you never know...
  9. That's a nice scenario tmp! I don't think I've heard it before. It would be a nice thing to see onscreen. However, for some reason I'm not expecting much Shamy this week. Hoping my gut is wrong though.
  10. Oh okay The majority of folks on this board are shippers so naturally they love episodes where their favourite couple are being cute and sweet. Those might not do much to you who loves the show for its science
  11. Just accept that a lot of people hated this episode. Plain and simple. It's not really a huge deal.
  12. Well Penny informed him about what friends with benefits were in an earlier episode when he got locked out of his own home Is that so? Oopsies-daisies
  13. I think CBS just uses social media to promote stuff. The writers don't care whether or not they piss off fans nor do they take suggestions from them. Bill has even stated that that's illegal several times over twitter. At the end of the day, its their show. They have a story to tell and will tell it the way that they want to tell it. And also, I am also predicting a drop in ratings next week because that's just typical for episodes after the premiere.
  14. I don't think this is about sexual Sheldon at all . I mean isn't awful to think that the real Sheldon could honestly act sexual around someone who is not Amy? I really doubt showing a more passionate Sheldon was the point of this joke. Imo this was just played for laughs and shock value.
  15. I don't really see how your personal opinion has anything to do with opinion of the general public It's great that you enjoyed it just as it's okay that others hated it.
  16. Great positive attitude April! Let the game begin
  17. I'm a self-absorbed person who's too preoccupied with my own feelings to give a darn about what Shenny shippers think They're no less fans of this show than we are so they can like whatever they want. None of my concern.
  18. I'm not really bothered by anything in episode 2 anymore. I'm actually looking forward to it quite a bit. Weird how my feelings can change just like that
  19. oh I see. Thanks for answering. This is quite sad, for the Lenny wedding to occur on what a lot of people seem to find to be the worst episode ever... Are there more complaints about the wedding or the Shamy breakup?
  20. Hey I havent really read any comments on the episode but has there ever been another ep that's caused such backlash? Or is this really the worst fanfan/critical reaction there's ever been?
  21. Huh, he does sorta look like Jim Especially the hair, face shape and eyes.
  22. resonance? If this ep is as great as The Romance Resonance then I will be all HALLELUJAH!!!!
  23. Aw its okay jena. Yeah, I think I will also take a break from the forums. I feel like things are about to get crazy...I probably won't read next week's TR.
  24. I actually enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I know the situation is far from ideal but like I expected, things played out much better onscreen than on the TR. I found the Lenny wedding ceremony was adorable and the vows were perfect. As for Shamy, I could really see how confused and sad Amy was from Mayim's expressions. I found the way she and everybody else rebuffed Stuart really funny. As for the ring info, I admit to being just a tad disappointed that there wasn't as much info about it. It's good not scratch that wonderful to know that it came from Mary's meemaw and is a family heirloom but come on, would it have hurt to extend the phone call just a bit longer? I wanna know more about the mother/son conversation!!!
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