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  1. It better fucking NOT be!!! PS : I rarely swear Edit: After rereading, I think it's not definite and even if it is, its only partially the reason (I'd be OK with that). Mayim uses uncertain words like 'may' and 'could' after all. On another note, I must say that I really like those folks from ET, especially Leanne and the guy who often does onset interviews. They're such Shamy shippers and therefore asks all the questions we wanna ask!
  2. Might you be related to Amy by any chance?
  3. Yeah, it really sucks when there's category jumping like that. Also, even if it's for a comedy submission, the Goldderby dudes said that you don't necessarily need to be funny. It's all about the acting quality. I think Prom was a decent submission due to that but probably not the best.
  4. Well Mayim has never spoken about her love life post-divorce and no one has asked her. That's why there's nothing when you Google it. If they are truly dating then as her fan, I wish them happiness. I also hope she can win this time.
  5. Judging from her fb video, I'll go with black.
  6. Oh it'd be great if they showed that in a future episode! Halloween is coming up soon too!
  7. Ha ha Feel free to do so. But hopefully you won't have to I sure hope I won't have to use it either.
  8. Well funny is extremely subjective so there's nothing you can do about there. It's okay if people didn't think it was as LOL as previous seasons. I personally found last season quite funny as well and enjoyed most of the episodes (including many non-Shamy ones). And I personally don't think this story has anything to do with appealing to the Emmys. That would just be so...dumb? lame? stupid? I frankly do not know what adjective to use in this case But if that were the truth then I will be extremely disappointed to say in the least. But most likely I will be
  9. Theres no way tptb remember the psychic's words It was probably just a throaway line that held as much meaning as Faisal. Just so ya know, it pains me to write this
  10. I completely agree with you Koops, especially that last part. Shamy would never be the same should those things be gone and I don't think they can remain my OTP should that ever happen once they reconcile. From the interview, Molaro states that he knows that they're an unconventional couple so I'm hopeful and optimistic that their quirky traits won't be gone once they get back together.
  11. Yay thanks jena! BTW have you gotten a notification of my review? I post them but they don't show up so I was wondering if you get notified when you get guest reviews.
  12. LOL, now don't let Chuck Lorre see your post
  13. I never watched himym but I read that their ending had been planned all along. It's at times like this that I feel kinda sorta happy that the TBBT writers don't plan things in advance. Of course this show's series finale might change my current opinion, depending on how it turns out.
  14. As do Simon, Jim and Kunal. In regards to the Alzheimer's event that is.
  15. No one has ever said anything aabout that. I think they're just helping out with a good cause because they're nice people.
  16. Y'all on Twitter better make that a trend #emmy4mayim
  17. Here's an EW article on Shamy http://www.ew.com/article/2015/09/18/big-bang-theory-amy-sheldon-spoilers
  18. You have nice dreams Amy Fowler And I'll be counting on you when the time comes
  19. Well its great that coitus is coming but I don't want their first time to be just make-up sex. That would ruin it somewhat and make it seem as if coitus was what caused their breakup. I cannot accept that. Just nope I want their first time to be unexpected and awkwardly sweet, when they are both sure of it. Oh and when it comes, y'all on twitter better make sure it trends on a global scale
  20. I'm not sure what his gesture meant
  21. Well its hard to say whether or not she looked heartbroken when we've not even seen these episodes yet. Mayim's facial expressions and tone of voice could change everything.
  22. thats still lovely! And I was thinking about the Majim bts from this latest episode as I also recalled jim's selfie with John Ross Bowie. He looked perfectly happy in it. So I dunno... but if Jim was in a bad mood at last night's taping I don't think it was due to the story like some people have suggested. His life doesn't revolve around TBBT after all.
  23. Nah its too early for them to be holding hands right now
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