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  1. Who are holding hands at the end ?
  2. You are welcome equally lovely person
  3. Okay time for some positive thinking here I'm willing to bet that when Shamy reconciles, that everybody here's gonna be like And then shed tears of happiness at how lovely their reunion was and praise Santa Molaro to no end. Of course this is mostly wishful thinking right now...
  4. Just as we love to read your Shamy stories!
  5. I've long resigned myself to the fact that continuity is just not something the writers are really concerned about. They start each week with a blank slate almost.
  6. Ouf, I don't wanna think about skinning cats. I know it's just a figure of speech but it's still a disturbing thought because I love my kitty so much.
  7. Yeah, it was koops' idea originally But are you currently working on any fanfics? Like the one you said you would do on Sheldon's family while he was growing up for exemple.
  8. I wonder if Molaro knows just how rage-inducing his comments can be to some people
  9. Thanks for the link but it's been clear as day since the season 8 finale that Shamy will be back together someday. It's more about the way their breakup is being handled as well as the length of it that's frustrating some people and I can understand that. I also wish for a reconciliation soon. And it better be done in a way that was worth it!
  10. Maybe she's thinking of someone unlike Sheldon because if she's with someone who's similar to him, he'll remind her too much of Sheldon and that'll make it harder for her to move on? I dunno, but I still don't think she honestly desires to seriously date someone else. She still loves Shelly and is in pain right now over this impulsive breakup so she is not yet clear on what she wants and doesn't want. Maybe I'm too optimistic but these are my current feelings.
  11. Me is not happy with Amy saying "when I date" instead of "if I date" Writers, you need to reshoot that scene. That's an order!!!!!!!!
  12. Exactly! Although, if my memories are correct, in the TR of Intimacy Acceleration, the line about Amy wasn't cut out but rather replaced with the pancake line because the audience didn't react well to it. I think the part that actually got cut out in that episode was when Leonard expressed worry over Sheldon and Penny taking the love test. Glad that got cut out because it's would've been OOC of Leonard to feel like that. Me too Editors, do not fail me!
  13. Do you think there might be a chance that the part where Amy considers dating Kripke gets edited out? Wouldn't that be great
  14. That naked selfie thing is just I FEEL YOUR PAIN PENNY AND BERNADETTE!!! My liking for Kripke just took a hit with this development...
  15. Kerry, bless your positive and eloquent posts that always make others feel good
  16. I was one of few who chose the third option. Still gotta see for myself to get a sense of these episode
  17. Yeah... Gosh, I can't believe I used to laugh at how so many fanfic writers would write Kripke hitting on Amy...Now that it's canon reality I feel so bleh. Now if this turned out like nibbler's fanfic I'd be perfectly fine lol Stay positive me! Maintaining a sense of humour is important in times like this.
  18. I still stand by my choice/opinion to judge what I'll see onscreen. We've not seen any of these episodes yet. It's hard to envision stuff solely through TRs.
  19. Yeah, maybe...We can't possibly know since we didn't see it. Maybe something's bothering him in his personal life. And as for the 'wooden' performance, we'll have to watch the episode to truly judge
  20. Oh boy. Yeah poor Jim...Thanks for the info star! Was Jim's "Don't touch him" said in a playful tone or was it outright anger? I'm having a hard time picturing Jim as really angry and snappy...
  21. I really hope this is what Molaro meant when he said that Amy had not ruled out dating others! Anything beyond this would be a real challenge on my tolerance.
  22. I sure hope so! Two weeks till we know more. They better not ignore all of this next episode or else I will be like
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