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  1. Saw 9:02 the next day and had read about the JP headshake after the right hand line, figured it was like a twitch. Given that it involved an upwards of 2 second pause and reaction shot, I figure TPTB were fully on board and used it to both accentuate and distance from the humor of the line, whether it originated in JP's thoughts on the whole thing or not. I think it was a good way to make it funnier by highlighting how the line is and is not true in this context. Does the reaction also mean Sheldon knows it's potential innuendo? I suspect so - one of his reactions to the break-up is more sexual references. Anyway, I found the line wonderfully silly myself and not cringe-worthy as played out. My partner who was not expecting it had his one laugh of the evening and it was a big one.
  2. Hello! Are you familiar with Mad Libs? As in the "physics Mad Libs" that are played once in the Cal Tech cafeteria. Stories with missing words, and players who don't know the story are asked to contribute the words to fill it in, based on the grammatical categories (ex. give me a verb, an adjective, a number, name a BBT guest star who plays themself … ) and then the result filled with non-sequiturs and other things from hilarious to nonsensical is read aloud. Has anyone ever done or found BBT Mad Libs? Would anyone like to make one? If I make some, are you interested in playing? I am not yet 100% on what I can link and not, but there are wikipedia pages on Mad Libs, and the cafeteria scene is on Youtube. It's that that comes up in searches, not fan-made games about the show. I think those could be hilarious. Wanna play?
  3. We Built This City (Starship)
  4. 20296 Many thanks, walnutcowboy! I nabbed the picture here back in lurking days. Would love to know if there is a story behind it. Best wishes!
  5. Two Tub Man (the Dictators)
  6. That's a particular favorite, walnutcowboy? Questioningly (the Ramones)
  7. Orgone Accumulator (Hawkwind)
  8. Couldn't agree more!!! All-round talent powerhouse and frequent MVP. And with all the broad, loud and hilarious aspects of Howard, the quiet, subtle absolute realism SH has brought to the dramatic moments and character development is awesome. HA! I will have to go back and research that one. My memory of the heavier surveillance seasons is somewhat hazy. Re: possibly blaming it on Raj, there was an I think Season 8 blooper where SH walks in the apartment, does not say his line, and goes, "You! You!" at KN, who is all, "What did I do?!" I hope I am recounting that right.
  9. Early Howard was a perfect blend of skeezy and cheesy. "What up, science bitchez?" while parading around an escort. Current Howard is still pretty corny depending on how the writers decide to use him, and occasional creep appears, as in 9:02's comments about Mandy, which are also pretty corny.
  10. Many thanks, Miss Kitka! Apologies for the delay in replying to you and a scritch to the sweet one in your pic.
  11. Your use of "wriggle" here and the return of Sheldon as L/P's dog is reminding me of the Quizno's Raised by Wolves commercials Jim Parsons did, especially the one with puppies all over him. I wonder how accurately the stripped down apartment will ressemble what the set looked like for the Sheldon interviews Leonard to be his roommate / "no time travel tech from these two" scene. I don't necessarily expect continuity but I will be checking regardless. Many thanks to all who have provided information on the new episode!
  12. Many thanks to all for your greetings! A great day to all and till soon!
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