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  1. I'm a bit late to the party, but some things I loved about this episode: - Amy knowing that Sheldon believes time travel is a closed loop and Sheldon's response: "I love you so damn much." - Of course they would be the couple to get distracted for 45 minutes on their wedding day to do science together, lol. - Penny putting Amy's mom in her place - The way Sheldon smiles when he sees his bride walking down the aisle - AMY'S VOWS OMG. Now we know she fancied him from their first meeting. - Also the reference to Amy's previous study disproving love at first sight - Amy's expressions during the whole ceremony and especially during her vows... Reminded me of the "I love you too" when they got back together but even more enthusiastic/in love - Sheldon not being able to find the right words to express his love to Amy, but still making the sweetest vow to her - The "I do" exchange - That kiss was adorable - I don't know why, but I thought Sheldon's long tail tux was very fitting for some reason - Them walking out hand in hand. With rings on their fingers. Married. I'm so excited for them y'all.
  2. This was linked in the DT but posting it again here because reasons. https://www.instagram.com/p/BiUQVP_lO4u/?taken-by=entertainmentweekly
  3. As a STEM grad student, that conversation hit so close to home, hahaha. This exchange also made me laugh: Sheldon: "He maligned my one true love, Lady Physics" Howard: "You may not want to say that to Lady Fiancee"
  4. They didn't cover up the ring on Amy's finger in one of the photos, ahaha. It's the one where Sheldon's sitting on the couch in his green shirt and Amy's hand is visible in the bottom right corner.
  5. I realized something. According to the information from Kev0821 in the DT, there is a scene some time after the engagement but pre-time jump during which it's Lenny's anniversary. If "anniversary" refers to anniversary of their first wedding, there's a chance Shamy may have gotten engaged on their 7th anniversary. Exact timing is currently still unclear, but if we recall from 8.24/9.01, Lenny got married a couple of days-ish (?) after Shamy's fifth anniversary, so if (this is a pretty big if) there were an equal number of days between Shamy's 5th/Lenny's wedding and Shamy's engagement/Lenny cake scene, Shamy's engagement happened on their 7th anniversary!
  6. Cast interview! "I think the image of Sheldon on one knee is so powerful..." Me too, Mayim, me too.
  7. Amy's face when she saw Sheldon on his knee...holy. crap.
  8. What an episode... - Amy making him oatmeal (I love it when they be all domestic) - "My baby done left me" - Sheldon trying to be a loving and supportive boyfriend - The way he caresses her arm when they kiss - "...you find yourself craving a hit of this..." "It's a risk I'm willing to take." - THE DIRTY TALK OMG - "I'll love you no matter what" - "Just remember, I am proud of you, and I support you in all that you do." So much yes.
  9. In anticipation for tonight, can we bring back #coitusiscoming for a few hours? Lol Also, happy Star Wars Day!
  10. According to the people who saw the episode, they do embrace, it's just not shown in the picture. Also at around 6 seconds into the promo you can see him start to lift his arm.
  11. Here's one from the promo for next week's episode! They're so freaking cute!
  12. Holy crap the promo photos... A couple of things: 1. The kiss photo kind of reminds me of the tiara kiss but more passionate. 2. Their eye coitus in the post-kiss photo where they're holding each other is EVERYTHING.
  13. This should probably be done after we see the episode, but... Are there any fan fic writers here who would like to, uh, fill in the details of what Shamy were doing during this?
  14. First off, thanks @kazzie! If he went directly to the airport from the university... That totally means he had the ring with him and probably has been carrying it around! I think this may have had something to do with him not expecting/wanting romance with anyone else since he's in a committed relationship, and other people know he's in a committed relationship.
  15. Guys. Sheldon's wearing the same shirt he wore in The Earworm Reverberation when he showed up at Amy's door to get back together with her.
  16. Before things get crazy in here, I'd like to give a shoutout to everyone who's ever provided taping info. You are all awesome and much appreciated!
  17. This is probably wishful thinking, but here's a scenario I thought of: Ramona hits on Sheldon, but Sheldon doesn't realize it. The gang questions him, and he says something along the lines of, "That's ridiculous, Amy and I are monogamous." Then he realizes that it's time to propose.
  18. Can we talk about how Sheldon said he's "excited" to share a bed with Amy? Or "if it didn't get you all worked up I'd kiss you right now"? Or how Sheldon said her bottom radiates heat? Or how Amy spooned him? Or how they power walked out of 4A to go make out? Gosh this episode was amazing. On another note, I'm a theorist and found Amy's jab at theorists hilarious
  19. Not to mention not-poodle-killing-heartworm/dryer sheet status
  20. "You're not getting anything else" Lies Sheldon, it's national coitus night to paraphrase Lenny. Also that wink at the end was freaking great. ETA: I thought HILARIOUS how they were both so annoyed at Kripke LOL
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