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  1. We should make #engagementiscoming a thing. It has a nice ring to it.
  2. I'm glad you were able to... give it to us. #sorrynotsorry
  3. Still swooning over the nod back to their first kiss
  4. This... Amy: "Wait Sheldon... Were you actually not gonna spend my birthday with me?" Sheldon: "It's late, gotta go, bye." LOL they sound like a married couple
  5. That clip of them on the couch is freaking gold. - "Maybe we could do presents first" *raises eyebrows* - The way she moves closer to him and talks in a lower voice when she says "give it to me" - Sheldon totally missing the "give it to me" innuendo LOL Just...the whole thing. Definitely one of the top five most hilarious things I've ever watched.
  6. Well if it's a coitus related pun, maybe it's better for him not to fully understand it. That way he won't have to pun-ish her for being such a naughty girl. Kidding aside, I'm looking forward to seeing it!
  7. I can't function and I have a math final tomorrow (pun intended). Send help.
  8. Gosh, that kissing. So much freaking LOVE. Also, them not giving a damn and continuing to make out while Dave tries to talk to them was gold.
  9. In addition to the makeout and ILY exchange, I'm so looking forward to Sheldon's speech about how much Amy's done for him... GAAAHHH
  10. Just looked it up and watched it. Can't stop picturing Shamy having role playing coitus now lmao. But actually imagine Sheldon as Han Solo and Amy as Princess Leia...
  11. Amy: "Get back here!" Sheldon: "Oh good, she wants me. I'm gonna face suck with her some more." "Happy birthday, Dr. Fowler. I'm going to coitus you tonight." Oh hell yeah.
  12. This. Omg I'm not okay. The way they're holding onto each other like "I've missed you so much and I never want to let go of you again." Also, Sheldon/Jim's biceps.
  13. Which brings me to our next order of business: Guys we're gonna see them kiss on her couch again... First kiss happened on her couch, first pre-coitus kiss happens on her couch.
  14. Adding on to this, Dave bringing up/swooning over the Shamy reunion makeout he witnessed could be hysterical.
  15. I know that some people have been speculating an engagement next episode. Has anyone given thought to a possibility to a nod back to Flaming Spittoon and Sheldon proposing at the movie theater since it seems like there could be a reference to the new Star Wars movie?
  16. I'd like to think they cuddled for a while. #snugglebunny
  17. Along with a non-tantalizing piece of gossip as a control... "Amy's car breaks down and Sheldon goes to rescue her. In other news, Howard and Bernadette are starting an herb garden. Mum's the word, gotta go."
  18. Just saw the Shamy preview for ep 2. Sad to see them broken up, but I definitely felt a "I really want you even if I can't have you" vibe from both of them... Hang in there guys, it will be ok.
  19. Amy's face when she said "I hope I did the right thing"...
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