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  1. Does anyone know what they were giving away at SDCC?
  2. Stand-by tickets for the taping on 8/22 are available now!
  3. I did get a chuckle out of Molaro's impersonation of Kaley's cry. It was pretty spot on.
  5. I'm assuming that Jim isn't attending due to filming A Kid Like Jake in NY, but I could be mistaken. I'm not sure about Simon, though.
  6. Spider-man: Homecoming Enjoyed every minute of it!
  7. @RJ1013 Thanks! I got 2!!! So incredibly happy!
  8. Help! Are they sold out? It won't take my information...
  9. Apparently, no tickets today.
  10. Amazon has updated their listings to include a look at the backside of the box-sets. The first image is the rear of the DVD case, followed by the Blu-ray version. I'm so happy that they included one of my favorite images from the season... Johnny and Kaley in their wedding attire!
  11. I would love to see Sara Gilbert recur more often! As for Leslie Winkle making an appearance at the wedding, she did return for the 200th episode to celebrate Sheldon's birthday. I know that appearance was probably more for the series' milestone, but you would think that since they were enemies, she wouldn't have attended. Still, she acknowledged that they both matured a lot, so I wouldn't rule out a potential appearance at the reception. Learning more about Amy's back story would be neat, as well.
  12. When does Audiences Unlimited add the taping dates for the returning network shows? If the first taping is in fact on August 15th, shouldn't that be reflected on the "future dates" page? I see that they recently added entries for Dr. Phil, which has dates, and Superior Donuts and 9JKL, which do not. I'm hoping to secure 2 tickets for the premiere again this year, as it's the only date that works.
  13. Actor

    Here's Good Morning America's coverage of the fire and Johnny's related statement:
  14. I saw this Emmy advertisement today, and don't recall ever seeing this image of the cast before. However, it appears that it was taken around the seventh season, and it may be a little photo-shopped, as well. Nevertheless, I like it.
  15. Season 10 will be released in Region 1 on Tuesday, September 12, 2017! Extras include: #Just Ask BBT 2.0 The Ever-Expanding Universe of The Big Bang Theory Mad Props Who's the Baby Now 2016 Comic Con Panel Gag Reel See the press release for more information: