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  1. Kev0821

    Kevin Sussman

    Thank you! Here's a follow-up video:
  2. CBS has used this footage as a brief promo during commercial breaks on the network. In my opinion, it wasn't intended to be used for the intro, as the camera pans across 4A with the group eating and talking. This promo moves from left to right to reveal the entire cast, while the voice-over announces the series and air time. CBS seems to have these promos for most of their programs this season.
  3. Maybe Sheldon's perturbed about someone's costume or its lack of authenticity. I wish we had more information about this Halloween episode! I can't wait to see it!!!
  4. Mayim's recap: https://groknation.com/culture/tam-turbulence-mayim-bialik-saying-goodbye-big-bang-theory/
  5. They're celebrating Halloween tonight! Can't wait to find out more!
  6. Enjoy, Rob! You'll have a great time!
  7. Happy Taping Day, everyone!
  8. Yes, especially if there are Halloween make-up and costume changes. I'm so happy we're getting another Halloween episode! ❤️
  9. Hey, guys, I GOT TICKETS TO THE NOVEMBER 6TH TAPING!!!!!!!!!! I'm beyond ecstatic right now! You can expect a taping report and BTS tidbits when I get back! I'm so thankful that this worked out!

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