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  1. Question: Combo Big Bang/Young Sheldon query here: During Sheldon’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech in the series finale, he singled out many of the people who helped get him there — but not Dr. Sturgis, who is such a big part of his life in Young Sheldon. Why the omission? —Jorja Ausiello: I’m gonna let former Big Bang EP/current Young Sheldon showrunner Steve Molaro field this one. “Sheldon’s speech was intended to honor the history of Big Bang,” Molaro tells TVLine.” It didn’t seem like the right time to invoke specific characters from Young Sheldon. He mentions ‘all the men in his life,’ which would include Dr. Sturgis.” Question: What are the chances we’ll see the Big Bang kids again on Young Sheldon? —Jeff Ausiello: Slim to none. “The goal in seeing the Big Bang characters as kids was to pay tribute to the Bang series finale, which also aired that night,” Molaro says. “So, it’s unlikely. But I’ll never say never." https://tvline.com/2019/09/18/downton-abbey-movie-spoilers-lady-mary-scene/
  2. According to the Futon Critic, the second episode of the season is "A Broom Closet and Satan's Monopoly Board."
  3. Hey, guys! I wanted to share some (of the roughly 50!) photos from my trip to the exhibit on August 8. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  4. YOUNG SHELDON Season 3 of the Big Bang Theory prequel series picks up a short time after Dr. Sturgis’ nervous breakdown. “We learn he is in a psychiatric facility receiving treatment,” and “Connie has had limited interactions [with him],” showrunner Steve Molaro tells TVLine. What happened to Sturgis “makes Mary hyper-sensitive to Sheldon’s well-being,” and she finds it “difficult to tell what is typical Sheldon behavior and what is extra-odd for him.” Then, in a later episode, Sheldon, who continues to be disappointed by the education he’s receiving in high school, “attempts to become his own teacher, possibly in the confines of a secret broom closet.” Meanwhile, older brother Georgie “is finally going to start tapping into his natural sales abilities, at first by trying to be an old-school, door-to-door salesman.” BONUS SPOILER!: “We will witness Sheldon’s deep love of Lord of the Rings come to be,” Molaro teases. RETURN DATE: Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c (CBS) Source: https://tvline.com/gallery/fall-tv-2019-season-premiere-spoilers/young-sheldon-fall-tv-preview-2019/
  5. Katey Sagal is returning to The Conners as "Louise" in the second season! https://tvline.com/2019/08/19/the-conners-katey-sagal-season-2-louise-returning-dan-romance/
  6. Mayim is a guest on tomorrow's episode of To Tell the Truth on ABC! 😊
  7. The second season of The Kominsky Method will debut on Netflix on Friday, October 25, 2019!
  8. The first season of the series will be released on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, with a Blu-ray version made available exclusively through the Warner Archive Collection. https://www.mediaplaynews.com/kominsky-method-season-1-on-disc-nov-19/
  9. Johnny is a guest on LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan this Thursday, August 15th! 😊
  10. Here are two posts that Ansley Rix shared in June and July, respectively:
  11. FYI, tickets for the first taping of the second season, 8/17/19, are now available. The current dates are: ★ 8/17/19 ★ 8/24/19 ★ 9/7/19 ★ 9/14/19 ★ 9/27/19 ★ 10/4/19 ★ 10/18/19 ★ 10/25/19
  12. Here's a larger look at the cover art for The Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray. You'll notice that episode titles from all twelve seasons surround the cast!  ❤️ 
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