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  1. Hi, It's the first season's Halloween episode, "The Middle Earth Paradigm."
  2. Before anyone judges me, I am obsessed with "The Big Bang Theory," much like everyone else on here. That being said, I just re-watched "The Cooper Extraction" for the 100th time (ok, I'm exaggerating) on TBS. This go around, I had a weird feeling that something was different than when I watched it before. Am I wrong, or wasn't there the Skype logo on Amy's tablet, when she was chatting with Sheldon? The very logo can be seen in the promo for the episode, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaPAB4gRLIM So, the logo was there, but was that because the promo was made, before the airing of the episode on CBS? I know that when they do Skype sessions on TBBT, all of the related artifacts aren't usually there. But, in the promo, you can see the percentage of battery left, the Skype logo, etc. Does anyone have a copy of the version that aired on CBS? All of the scenes on YouTube appear to be taken from the DVDs/Blu-rays or later re-airings. I just thought that the Skype logo was always there. As Sheldon would say, "Curious-er and curious-er." Does anyone believe this has been changed since the first airing of the episode, due to Copyright? Or, was it never there to begin with, only in the promo? Thanks!
  3. Here is a joint promo for "The Earworm Reverberation" and "The Opening Night Excitation." Can't wait! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrnn2lgNmn4
  4. Did anyone else notice that the part shown at 0:15 in the promo, where Bernadette and Emily are holding dishes and smirking at each other, was not in the final cut of the episode? I wonder if it was just a different pick-up/delivery of the scene... Was anyone at the taping who could comment? I just found it odd that they would use footage, however brief, for the promo that does not appear in the episode. Regardless, an AWESOME episode, indeed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZtEExbQB-8
  5. I'm just curious if anyone has noticed the even shorter run-times this season... Episodes have always fluctuated between 18-22 minutes, but this season, the latest episodes are clocking in around 18ish minutes. I know TBBT is the network's highest rated sitcom, which spells a lot of ad-revenue for CBS, but I can't help but feel a little cheated. For example, they're using a new transition this season, where the camera zooms out quickly, as seen in "The 2003 Approximation" and tonight's "The Perspiration Implementation." Think this was done to help cram in more commercials? Also, we got a 5-second tag scene tonight. While not uncommon, it irks me, especially considering the already shortened time. Regardless, what really "creams my corn" is the fact that when these episodes enter syndication, they'll experience some edits, as well. (Yes, TBBT is not the only one experiencing shorter run-times, but take Modern Family, for example. That series still has episodes running 21+ minutes, and it has the same 31 minute allotment, albeit lower ratings.) Just something interesting I wanted to point out... Let me know your thoughts!
  6. Here's a sneak peek look at "The Matrimonial Momentum." Check it out! T-minus 3 days! I know we all can't wait! http://www.glamour.com/weddings/blogs/save-the-date/2015/09/penny-leonard-wedding-big-bang-theory?mbid=social_fb_fanpage
  7. I would love for the flash mobs to be included, but I think they're problematic due to high music licensing costs. That's not to say that Warner Bros. couldn't shell out the big bucks for the songs to be used on one of their best selling series, but it's very doubtful. In actuality, I wouldn't want them to replace the songs either, because I'm sure a lot of the choreography was based off the songs to begin with, not to mention that I'm a stickler for the original versions.
  8. So, I'm one of those fans that buys both the DVD and Blu-ray versions individually anyway, but why did they do a Blu-ray/Digital-only copy for season 8? Warner Bros. has kind of been inconsistent with this... Seasons 3 & 4 were released as standalone sets, while 5-7 were combo packs. Seasons 1 & 2 were combo packs, but now are sold as blu-ray-only releases. It's just odd. Furthermore, I'm hoping that, when the inevitable "complete series" set comes out years from now, it will include deleted/alternate scenes (and the un-aired pilot). After reading the taping reports, I would love to see some of this other footage!
  9. I trust the writers and really like what they're doing! As Steve Molaro and Bill Prady have stated many times before, something big has to happen for Sheldon to change. Remember Stuart asking Amy out? Bam! The Relationship Agreement is born and Shamy officially becomes an item! Sheldon, upset with Amy using the vintage train to manipulate him into taking a Valentine's Day trip with her, kisses her. At the conclusion of season 7, Sheldon is faced with too many changes and at a cross-roads with his career, and what does he do? He hops on the next available train to gather his thoughts. The list goes on... Without a doubt, this is the proverbial kick in the pants Sheldon needs to repair his relationship with Amy. The writers AREN'T being lazy! This is a natural way for the story to progress! Be patient! Sheldon and Amy are destined to be together. This is just a little bump on the road to their perfect ending.
  10. Kev0821


    Back in the '90s, many people would go into work the next day and have "water-cooler" talk about what happened on Friends. Since most casual fans would never remember an exact episode title, the producers titled them as if someone was describing a main point of the episode, i.e. "Oh, you know. It's the one where everybody finds out [about Monica and Chandler]."
  11. Does anyone know how to change/upload a low-res image of the eighth season cover art to Wikipedia? The current image listed there has been incorrect for months, and I thought by now it would have been changed. Yeah, yeah. I'm OCD about these kinds of things.
  12. Steve Molaro confirms that the "Force Awakens" will somehow be featured in the upcoming season. https://www.yahoo.com/tv/s/big-bang-season-9-force-135333451.html
  13. I thought I would share Kaley's Instagram photo, which features a nod to Amy's "cookies" in the third episode! Thanks to everyone who wrote a taping report! SEPTEMBER 21st CANNOT GET HERE SOON ENOUGH!
  14. Thank you both! It makes more sense now! haha
  15. This is off topic, but I just noticed that the clothes the cast is wearing in 9.01 is different than what they wore in the latter half of 8.24. If the episode takes place a few hours afterwards, shouldn't they be wearing the same clothes?! It's not a big deal, but I found it a little strange.
  16. I'm a sucker for holiday-themed episodes, so I would really love to see a "home for the holidays" type trip, in which each of the couples goes to one of their parents' homes for Christmas. I think this would be a natural way to incorporate more characters, especially Penny's mom, Amy's family, etc. As much as I love Beverly and Mary, this episode could give screen time to those we've wanted to meet for awhile now. I don't know how long they plan to keep Shamy apart, but this could be a stepping stone for Sheldon to prove his loyalty to Amy and support her through the chaotic, holiday celebration. Plus, if Raj and Emily are still together, Howardette could accompany the couple to Emily's homestead. Although it would separate the group a bit, I think it could be really funny, while simultaneously exploring new territory!
  17. Yes, I completely agree with this statement! It's basic psychology that certain situations enter your psyche and manifest themselves in one's dreams. With the whole Shamy break-up and his marriage upset, obviously the two problems converged and played out like this in Leonard's head. I have no problem with it and can't wait to see how the episode plays out!
  18. Although I watched "Malcolm in the Middle" back in the day, I much prefer "The Middle." As others have said, it deserves more recognition than it receives. Both series are constantly compared, but they're very different, indeed. For example, Lois on MITM was kind of mean-spirited, whereas Frankie is your typical tired mom, trying to do the best for her family with life's obstacles thrown at her. The characters on "The Middle" actually resemble my family, and I'm sure many others would agree. Often times, MITM's characters seemed like eccentric caricatures, more absurd than any other family on or off TV. Both are terrific series, but I have to give the advantage to "The Middle." Huzzah! We made it to season 7!
  19. In addition to "Big Bang," I personally love "Mom." Anna Farris and Allison Janney are comedy gold together! Hopefully, season 2 will be released this fall on DVD! (While it isn't available for pre-order at Amazon as of this writing, rumor has it that the date has changed to Oct. 13th!) This summer, I also began binge watching "Mike & Molly" and have fallen in love with the series. Originally, I dismissed it, but it just takes some getting use to the characters and it truly is an ensemble piece. Each and every character is hilarious in his/her own right! Unfortunately, I could never get into "Two and a Half Men." What about you guys?
  20. So, I'm just wondering if anyone could clear this up for me... Recently, I discovered that the original broadcast version of the episode had Mary Cooper telling Howard that he'll "take a cola" was different from the DVD version where she says he'll "take a Coke." As others have pointed out, the scene was originally filmed with the "Coke" line, and later dubbed over with "cola." (See this YouTube clip, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yNwuvOur-0, as a reference. As you can see by the logo, this was an airing [maybe the first or a subsequent summer rerun] on CBS. If you mute the sound, Mary's lips are definitely saying "Coke.") But, WHY?! Could it be that, during the lunch scene, Mary was drinking a Diet Pepsi, and they couldn't have both brands in the episode? Did Coca-Cola want the line removed? Curiously, the line remains intact on the DVD version (and I'm assuming Blu-ray), but recently I downloaded versions through Amazon Instant Video, and they have the "cola" line. What the heck?! Shouldn't the digital versions be the same as what is used on the DVDs/Blu-rays? Do you think the DVD versions being sold now have been modified? It would be so much simpler if both versions were the same! I know this is really ridiculous, but it bothers me.I guess you could say I'm an obsessive person. haha
  21. This is a little bit off topic, but can anyone shed some light on whether or not they updated the scene of the gang eating dinner at the end of the title sequence? Thanks!
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