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  1. This whole Shamy break-up issue was getting to me, so I decided to leave this maelstrom to itself, concentrating on other things. I'm somehow bothered by the direction this whole plot is taking. Having read the bits and pieces of information provided to us, I'm actually not sure where this is supposed to lead. The whole "miscommunication-trope" is kinda worn out. I understand Shamy morphed into the Lead-couple, now that Lenny are married. As soon as Amy and Sheldon get each other, the show is dead. With that in mind I have mixed feelings about this season, since TPTB will certainly drag this o
  2. Thanks April! That's really inspired. I very much agree with you, especially the bold part, as I thougt about the same thing. While Sheldon's problems might seem minuscule to others, they pose him great discomfort. I agree that Amy doesn't get the full magnitude of his ideosynchrasies. She has a rudimental understanding of his mindset though. Once they are willing to listen to each other without judging, to tell each other their true feelings despite the risk of getting hurt, then they'll find out they've been on the same page all along. What a woman wants is a reaction. What a man wants is
  3. I'm with Koops on that one. Tbh, I used to think that Amy and Sheldon would be better off without the RA. But that was probably due to the fact that I feel Romance should not be predictable or planned. Then I thought about Amy and Sheldon not being the usual couple ( and that's what I love about them ). Initially the sole purpuse of the RA was to gain some kind of order and breathing space for Sheldon. It provided structure and predictability to something seemingly chaotic. Naturally we have seen him use the RA to his advantage, either out of egotistic reasons or simple out of apprehension. St
  4. Thank you very much, Trina! You're the best!
  5. My thoughts exactly. The gang doesn't/didn't take Sheldon and Amy's relationship seriously. The scales will be falling from their eyes though...pretty soon!
  6. You'll have the time of your life!
  7. I wish you all the best for your first day! From my experience first days a rather lax.. You'll be fine.
  8. I don't know how to take a quote from the other forum into this one, but Trina spilled some detail on page 94 of the General spoiler thread. I think there's more on the following pages as well. Also April got some info in the chat. Trina (thanx again!) promised to provide us with a short summary later on... Hope that was helpful Edit: I just saw, April beat me to this..
  9. Amy has been deprived of a normal adolescense by her mother. Usually one would stand up to one's parents at some point. Having a social circle, people who think alike and support you for who you are, is vital for this to occur. Amy had none of that. Only when she met Sheldon and the rest of the gang, she got the opportunity to evolve and define herself. This must have been overwhelming for her. She finally realized that she has the right to do what makes her happy, to stand up for herself. She's been held back by restrictions and rules her whole life. Maybe it got her to think, if Sheldon is h
  10. Thanks again! I really appreciate this. Bold part: Oh, I'm looking forward to this one. I love it when Sheldon sings..
  11. Yes, I get it's for the comedic factor, but why exactly are the girls going through with Amy's mother's request to lock her in the closet? That's more disturbing than funny.
  12. Thanks April! Did you get some more Shamy-related detail? Need a fix
  13. Good Lord! Boy, can I see where Amy is coming from now. A mother like this, no friends, being bullied all the time...No wonder she's desperate for attention and intimacy. Finally she's found Sheldon and he's also reluctent to be close with her. Well, I pretty much understand why she's so frustrated.
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