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  1. Agree with this to an extent, but also they made it clear in the aquarium episode that Amy missed Sheldon. She tried out the traditional romance thing and it fell very flat. I think when she told him she was ready to be his girlfriend again, she had come to terms with the fact that sex wasn't the end all be all of their relationship. She missed the quirky games and spending time together. This is also what puts the cherry on top of the whipped cream for me with 9x11. Amy of course still wanted those things, but she didn't have the same tapping-her-foot expectation about it. And yet Sheldon still wanted to show her how much she meant to him and how he prioritized her in his life. The reason she broke it off was because she didn't feel like she was a priority. So for Sheldon to give up the premiere of Star Wars to not just be with her, but to give her the intimacy she wants (which honestly I think was the bigger issue for her than the actual sex act itself) was extremely meaningful for her. I sort of said this above, but I don't think she's oblivious about Sheldon's reasons for having sex with her. She would have to be really dense not to get the significance of him not just giving up Star Wars to spend time with her, but also choosing to give her exactly the right present on her birthday. She knows that he understands how much she wants sex. Why else would he have been thinking about doing that for her on her birthday specifically? I mean, sure this is all conjecture for us and open to interpretation, but I do think the writers left some stuff up to be read between the lines.
  2. Show us more than Amy thoroughly disheveled and out of breath?
  3. Love. The bold part sort of made me zone out for a moment.
  4. Loved the essay koops! But I want to talk about this bit of it. Admittedly I haven't kept up on all the interviews, so maybe I've missed a few things that the writers have said. Having said that, in regards to the highlighted part, I don't really agree with your assessment that Sheldon was kind of indifferent (or was that what Molaro or Lorre said?) To me he seemed serene, pleasantly surprised. He wasn't mussed up and out of breath like Amy, sure, but he had a little smile and seemed really at peace and happy. I've read on various forums and places like tumblr, that a some people found the episode somewhat lacking, and I still don't really know what people were expecting? Sheldon and Amy's first time was perfect to me. Everything about it was perfect. I mean, would I have loved to have that cuddle in? Of course. Does it ruin the ep for me or change how I view that last scene? Not in the slightest. I think it is very clear that Sheldon enjoyed his time with Amy. They may not be cuddling, but they're holding hands and Amy is still out of breath after 2 hours of who knows what. And who's to say whether Sheldon was blown away by sex or not. I think he probably expected to enjoy it because, well, he's a guy, so he's guaranteed sexual satisfaction. To have him say that he enjoyed it more than he thought he would says that there was more there. What he enjoyed is up for debate sure, but it could be he enjoyed the intimacy, he enjoyed watching Amy have a good time, etc. Who knows. But he enjoyed it more than just simply getting a release and it's my own headcanon that the intimacy and feelings were what pushed his enjoyment past simple release.
  5. 2 for me! And so excited I nearly squee'd out loud here at work. As it is, I have a huge smile on my face.
  6. At this point I think it's the CBS monkeys. They couldn't even make a promo for next weeks episode with out "AND THEN THEY HAVE SEX". (I might be paraphrasing. :P) HAHAHA!
  7. I mean, you have a crappy night, couldn't sleep, go to work late, and then it's like you stumbled into the middle of a rave. Boy, some shiz-nit went down while I was tossing in bed. Excuse me while I pass out.
  8. Rosa, she's actually been in quite a bit. I know her best as the mom from Malcolm in the Middle
  9. And now I'll never unsee it. Haha (To clarify, specifically that his lips are so "tube" like lol)
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, this is the crux of everything you've said. You say that it looks like Amy's forcing herself on him in the clip. You've been arguing left and right that Sheldon isn't ready, quoting Jim on how he hasn't been waiting for sex. You say he looks like he's dreading the whole thing. And yet you're ignoring the fact that everything in the episode up until that point was about Sheldon realizing that he's ready for sex. I fail to see what point you're trying to make if it's not that you think Sheldon is dreading the whole thing? Please explain it to me in simple terms because I've obviously failed to see your point. What have you been arguing for? Do you think Sheldon's asexual? Unconsenting? Only doing this to please Amy? What?
  11. YES THIS! VERY MUCH THIS! Your whole post is amazing and on point, but this just takes the cake. Never leave, koops.
  12. It does make you wonder who has the different lens when everyone else disagrees with you.
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