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  1. But I don't understand, Sheldon proposed? Then what was Amy's answer?
  2. But I don't understand did her mother asked them to lock her because of the piercing or because she broke up with Sheldon?
  3. I've been watching you guys for a week now hoping I'd find the courage to join the discusdion without feeling like a stranger or something because I think you know eachother for a long time. However, I found the courage and everything. And BTW I'm from Egypt and TBBT has a hell of fans in the Middle East. Regarding Shamy, I like how everything is happening. They're kinda developing. Sheldon kinda took Amy for granted in his life and didn't realize how she positively affected his life until she broke up with him. Which is healthy for their relationship as it must be a give and take. I fully understand that Sheldon was doing his best, but she was too and maybe more than him. So he must try harder and consider her hopes more than he thinks about the difficulty of fulfiling them. We all know that they are endgame, so maybe this stage in their relationship is what will make them know how important and perfect they're to eachother and that both of them must work on this relationship and give as much as he/she takes.
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