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  1. Well, if you want things to go even slower then the writers needed to seed certain storylines a lot earlier instead of throwing in new ones. For example, the Shamy Nobel worthy project should have started few seasons ago and gained support over the years and now gotten a serious shot after they got the experimental confirmation. Or Lenny's no-baby story had to be a topic for when they got engaged or at least every instance of "Sure maybe one day" should have strongly hinted that something was up and eventually instead of the stupid boat kiss drama the conflict could have been over the baby question. Of course then Lenny also would have needed a few proper episodes about what they want from their life which they still haven't gotten so ugh yeah... What can I say...?
  2. If this show had a plan you could easily cut out a bunch of seasons without anything of value being lost. Like, for Shamy you could have put the living together stuff into S9b, then elopement and wedding in S10 and maybe a bit of science on the side for fun without the Nobel drama. And done. Howardette would have been fine as they were without the second pregnancy. Raj is, well, a mess anyway but they could have cut the stupid two-timing thing and dates that went nowhere. Instead he could have had an arc of standing up for himself in S9 starting with breaking up with Emily, becoming independent from his parents, getting the planetarium gig and the conflict with Howard so that after he's grown he dates Anu and is less of human catastrophe. Lenny could have had their career plots and some cute stuff here or there (it's not like they got much to do anyway). So yeah...
  3. Yes, it's not often she's shown in distress outside of when Sheldon fucks up which is exactly the point (and also the reason it's been a popular wish among fans). But we've seen glimpses of her self doubts and even being a bit irrational about it over the years (Isolation Permutation, anyone?), it's just that Amy as a character has been terribly neglected outside her relationship with Sheldon. The worst thing I could say about this kind of story is that it comes like 3 years too late like so many plots in this show cause they just draw things out way too long. The last years have tried to do better but that doesn't erase the long systematic discrimination of women in the field and the lack of recognition. There's still a lot of anxiety about getting girls into STEM to this day so that is real.
  4. You guys need to stop treating bullshit sources like the Metro as gospel. They clearly know nothing and cobbled together a piece based on the trailer whereas we have a TR that actually tells us how this episode ends.
  5. That doesn't make her "out of character". It just makes her "having emotions". Let the girl freak out, for goodness sake. I thought the way she behaved was very in character for her.
  6. They've been wrong before so... I don't get my hopes up for any TBBT nominations, especially since this season isn't exactly seen as one of the better ones.
  7. Yeah, I vaguely remember that. Still, the styling department could have done something better with it than this unflattering side-part. Haha yes! Fluffed hair looks cute on him.
  8. In length almost but not in style - thank goodness, cause I think S5 was the worst styled Sheldon hair. Current one is nice, though needs more scenes where it's fluffed (like whenever we have a bed scene we should have fluffy hair cause the perfectly styled hair always looks so out of place).
  9. I guess with "Sheldon hair" you mean the short style from the early seasons and thankfully that's been long gone for quite a few seasons already. I mean, he went from short hair to this weird long-ish hair in S5 and eventually they got him a better balanced combed-to-the-side style in later seasons.
  10. Latest news have been that they have the fire under control to the point that the structure won't collapse. Thank goodness. I've been following the news for a couple hours and I probably couldn't sleep tonight without a bit of good news. Let's hope nothing terrible happens during the night. Those fire fighters are doing an incredible job.
  11. It's already sold and he's mentioned in some interview that he's living in a rental for the remaining time.
  12. So much so that back in the day some ppl would ship them in real life (yeah, that... yikes) - ironically all the while Jim is gay and Kaley was in a relationship with Johnny. lol
  13. I remember the times when people were reading into body language during interviews and were convinced Johnny secretly hated everything and would be the one who'd cancel the whole show. Ah, youth! lol
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