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  1. Yeah, I think it was a hard decision for him emotionally cause on all accounts the show is tightly knit behind the scenes and ending it after such a long time would be tough on anyone who isn't a sociopath. But I agree, getting new opportunities outside of TBBT sure helped making this decision more than the idea that he's tired of it, if that makes any sense. The guy is busy as a bee with new projects lining up left and right and you can't put off everything forever so at some point he had to make the decision to follow his new endeavours or stick with the old comfy place.
  2. I wouldn't disagree that the writers sure work with this premise but personally I don't subscribe to that. Like, I personally like Sheldon more when he's less of a jerk and he can be incredibly funny then as well. Heck, I don't like the early seasons much cause his jerk factor was way up back then and it's annoying me to no end. If the show never bothered to change him I literally wouldn't be here. I do think the writers could come up with new fresh stories if they only finally stop rehashing old predictable plots - both for Sheldon and Lenny. Heck, a lot of the "iconic episodes" most people seems to like are not about Sheldon being a jerk or Lenny being a terrible couple. Like, I don't think people like Bath Item because Penny's and Leonard's issues with the Underwood guy but because Penny gave Sheldon a nice present and Sheldon hugged Penny in return. That's the stuff that people remember and not the fighting and mean nonsense.
  3. April

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Well, that whole episode just reinforced that interpretation for me as Leonard was only complaining about the girly stuff and/or making sure how little he cared about anything Penny liked to do. Heck, there was even a deleted scene where they went book shopping and Leonard was happy cause it was something he enjoyed while Penny was bored. So there. But disagree all you want.
  4. April

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Oh yes! That's like my go to explanation for a lot of things in this show. lol It's not about Leonard having a more special relationship with Penny. It's that Leonard thinks Raj should have a more special friendship with him than with Penny.
  5. April

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Raj being Howard's friend doesn't prevent him from being Leonard's friend, too. You can have more than one friend, funny that!
  6. April

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Just throwing this in here: Leonard: "I know, but he was my friend first. It’s like she’s stealing him and they’re just having the best time doing all their dumb girly stuff together." Leonard's complaint wasn't so much that Penny ignored him but rather that Raj ignored him and didn't do fun non-girly stuff with him.
  7. April

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    Sheldon trying to sleep on that couch could be hilarious though.
  8. So you don't consume fiction about ppl that are, you know, different than you or...? That seems awfully limiting. Though feel free to elaborate if you think I misunderstood you.
  9. April

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    That won't gonna happen. At worst I expect Sheldon to sleep on the couch but that's about it.
  10. Well, I guess what is "bad writing" and what is "this is how they see the characters" are highly debatable categories then. What scene/plot/etc goes into what category is clearly very different depending on who you ask. In the end this is a show that prides itself in "make shit up as you go" and not one that has multi-year arcs planned out, so by this very nature you end up with random stuff more often here and a couple of well established running gags there, no matter how well or little they fit. Like, there are plenty of things I also didn't like about Shamy in the last episode and I suspect it's a result of the same trotting out some old running gags nonsense (you know, what we coined the "Sheldon will always be Sheldon moments" in the Shamy thread that makes us roll our eyes loud enough to hear even after Tensor hides the posts lol). Same difference, I guess. Point is, this is the last season in a fairly uncontroversial comfort food sitcom - this is the time to be a bit of a crowd pleaser instead of kicking up a fuss. Now, to be fair they didn't technically know this would be the last but Holland is on record saying they approached it like that anyway so... no matter how you cut it they thought this was a great idea for Lenny... for some reason?? Yeah, and people wonder why I don't think the writers have a high opinion about Lenny. (Or rather don't realise that the things they say doesn't exactly make them sound like they have a high opinion.) I'd love to have someone grill them on that in an interview! hahaha
  11. Well, they are fictional characters that solely exist at the writers' whims so we're all straight out of luck here if you want different characters - unless you resort to fanfics, naturally. It was just an example - and again, you keep shifting the angle to emphasise that these things are not related when they have one central writing approach in common, namely that the writers don't think Lenny are big planners so their relationship moments are often happen on a whim, i.e. here to have Penny propose when the gorilla movie falls through and it shifts her perspective enough to propose right then and there. I don't say these are bad moments - I love the "you stupid pop tart!" to bits - but the writing is consistent with that and it makes it in character. To elaborate what kind of planing I'm thinking about: The writers could have Penny make plans for a romantic proposal cause she realised it was time in some other way and Leonard likes all this romance stuff so she could put in an effort or whatever but they didn't cause it would feel OOC. Or compare it to Howardette who had a whole episode with the gang gossiping about Howard planning to propose to Bernadette. We don't even see much of the planning but it's the topic of the episode (among others). I never said these things are related so... not sure why you bring this up?? It's one thing to consistently write Lenny as a couple that doesn't plan and doesn't talk important things through much because of that stupid running gag and what have you - but it's something completely different to throw in sudden drama with Leonard being an ass for no reason (how OOC or IC it may be is surely debatable as well, looking at past discussions in the forum). I wouldn't put these in the same boat.
  12. I think he might be serious actually.
  13. What? His post? My post? What Leonard said??
  14. I think he's referring to the "smart and beautiful babies" but that line didn't happen at the end of the episode.
  15. Well, they've never written Lenny as being big planners now, have they? That seems to be a pretty consistent thing over the years alongside the "they are different and have nothing to talk about" stuff. Like, they could have written either Penny or Leonard planning to propose but they didn't. They could have written Lenny planning their wedding but they didn't (and threw in some "they are just that spontaneous!" sort of interviews for good measure). They could have Lenny plan their second wedding but they didn't. They could have Lenny plan all sorts of things about their future but they didn't. Heck, they could have Lenny plan a simple vacation and they didn't do that either. Instead we got all sorts of plots where things happen on a whim or it's pointed out how they didn't do anything worthwhile. At best it's framed as "they only need each other to be happy", at worst it's the usual "they have nothing in common" joke.

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