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  1. I imagine the costume department groaning every time one of his training videos surfaces like "We'll need to order a new batch of shirt for the next season, won't we?? ughh" lmao
  2. Ship Zone

    Your Top 10 Favourite Season 10 Shamy Moments Alrighty, the votes have been counted and the results have been sorted. I'd like to say a few things before the madness starts. First of all, thanks again to everyone who participated! I know making these lists was tough, especially after such a great season, and I appreciate you taking your time to do this. You guys are great! <3 It was really fun to look through all your lists and see what moments would move to the top. As I've noted a couple of times the race was pretty close and actually I ended up with quite a few ties! I've been sitting here thinking about how to deal with this -- do I pick the Top 10 moments or do I pick the Top 10 positions as determined by the numbers resulting from your votes?? But hey, since I'm organising this I can do what I want (ha!) so I decided I'll include the ties into the ranking. In result this means you'll technically get more than just 10 moments. I won't tell you how many and which however, cause where would be the fun in that? You'll find out soon enough!! As said in the announcement post I'll start posting the final Top 10 on Monday, May, 29th - tomorrow. I won't be around on the first June weekend so you'll get #10 - #6 from Monday to Friday that week and the final #5-#1 the following week. I can also release a list with the voting results after that if you're interested. So then, #10 will be up tomorrow!!
  3. It certainly helps that you don't really see him shirtless unless it's in Amy's fantasies (especially the fanfic). Even in the post-coitus scene in 9x11 he was mostly covered. So the only times it's super noticeable is if the costume department picked an old shirt that is a bit too tight around the chest/arms now. lol
  4. He's actually been asked about that quite a bit recently and so far nobody told him to stop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. No, it won't, believe me. She doesn't wear XXL shirts or anything. And thanks to Jim working out Sheldon has broad muscular shoulders now - it won't fit. I don't know if you have a wife or girlfriend or whatever that you ever tried clothes swapping with but I have a husband who's a lot closer to me in body size than Jim is to Mayim (you're reeeeeeeaaaally underestimating their physical difference here! this isn't S4 anymore!) and while I can easily fit into his shirts it doesn't work that way vice versa - even with some of my loose fit clothes. Unless it's some really really wide shirt I'd be worried about the seams bursting - especially if it's some non stretchy fabric as Amy's nightgowns appear to be. So take it from a woman who knows a thing about clothes: No. It won't work. Really.
  6. TBH I don't care about this who's fave has more awards debate because they both have their own list of accomplishments so that's really besides the point. But I'll say this: Let's not forget the whole thing that started it all was an unfounded claim that Mayim is a terrible actress and failed to make the audience connect with her character or some such nonsense along those lines. And I think the sentiment of "look, she got a bunch of award nominations and won even a few" is a valid counter point cause even if you personally fail to see the appeal of her acting or the writing of her character, even if you dismiss literally millions of fans across the globe that adore the work she's doing on the show, there is the undeniable fact that she was able to impress a bunch of award juries enough to nominate her for a couple of Emmys and give her a CCA for it. Doesn't mean she's ~the bestest actress 5ever!!1~ but she knows what she's doing and she's good at it.
  7. The guy barely fits into some of his t-shirts thanks to Jim working out so hard. He doesn't fit into any of Amy's clothes. (And I remember it's not the first time we had this talk which... lol)
  8. Ship Zone

    Hold your horses, little lady, the madness will start soon. Not to spoil anything but it's funny how half of the moments in the gifs didn't even get a mention in the votes so far. If any of those would have happened in earlier seasons we would have freaked out and they would've easily gotten into the Top 10. But this year? SO MUCH GOOD STUFF TO CHOOSE FROM OMG!!!! :D BTW if anyone is making some last-minute lists I'm basically accepting anything that comes my way until I have breakfast tomorrow morning. As long as it's Saturday somewhere on this globe I won't cut you off, don't worry. Thanks again to anyone taking their time to make their lists - it was great to wake up to some more this morning!! <3
  9. "Next" wasn't particularly clear here cause what happens "next" is that Sheldon goes to Amy to propose. "Next season" would have been a more descriptive word choice to avoid any confusion. It has been done before with Howardette. The interviews from Molaro for the finale point into that direction as well. Not necessarily the dig against Leonard but then again I wouldn't put it past them either.
  10. Ship Zone

    Oct. 31st 2017 - so still a long time away... :C
  11. Ship Zone

    Alright Shamies, one more time I'll annoy you by dragging that post to the current page. Tomorrow is the last day of voting and it's a close race so if someone hasn't scraped together their Top 10 of S10 already there's still a change to cast the deciding vote! ;D Here you go: Also, thanks to anyone who's send in their votes already!! <3
  12. Looking through your data sheet and... I think you left out the Shamy times for 10x08.
  13. With that cliffhanger they sure won't skip to September like nothing happened. Maybe Sheldon announces that he'll stay with Amy in Princeton for a while and the gang can celebrate that? lol
  14. Why would she not know what was coming?? All the actors get the script the night before the table read at which they, you know, read the full script while sitting around a big table. Not that it makes any difference cause of course, as you already pointed out, she has invested years of her life in playing this character. Amy and her relationship with Sheldon are dear to her heart and what happens to the characters also affects them as actors. I remember an interview with her and Jim during the breakup and they talked about how that was a tough situation for them. It's just part of their working relationship.
  15. Ship Zone

    "The Best is Yet to Come" sung by Vic Fontane and Benjamin Sisko on Deep Space 9!! ;D God, they should have let Avery Brooks sing every episode - dat voice! <3 Sorry, carry on... lol