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  1. Ship Zone

    The current round of voting: <3
  2. Ship Zone

    Quick reminder: You can still vote in the current round of the tournament today! It's The Panty Pinata Polarization vs The Herb Garden Germination As always you can directly vote here: https://the-big-bang-theory.com/episode-tournament/
  3. I could easily do that, too! But, let's be real, doing better than the photoshopped rubbish they've served us for years isn't a high hurdle to jump over. lol But yeah, if they aren't willing to gather the gang for photos or hire someone who actually knows how to use photoshop they could just hire an illustrator. Though that would probably most make sense if they ever make a collector's box set or whatever. They did something like this with the Doctor Who blu ray steelbooks which look amazing.
  4. At this point I get the impression you might as well be talking to a brick wall. It's not like Kim has acknowledged any post that it pointing that out. lol
  5. I'm looking forward as well!! I'm starving for spoilers so I can't wait for the first taping. I'd be happy with a few teasing interviews in the mean time but for some stupid reason they're so quiet recently. *pouty face* Anyway, hope you'll have a great wedding!! <3
  6. Here's your conversation from last year's thread with all the winners:
  7. Ship Zone

    Speaking of Sheldon popping the question, you can still vote for the episode in the tournament today:
  8. You are vastly underestimating the sheer mass of people wanting into Hall H. Even if half of them stayed home they'd easily fill the panel. SDCC is hopelessly overrun with people these days.
  9. Ship Zone

    From the live tweet it didn't even seem to be such a big deal at the panel but looking for articles about the panel the cast getting all teary eyed over it is most of the reporting I can find. Like: https://www.hypable.com/the-big-bang-theory-at-sdcc/ This is like half of the article. lol Bolded what the cast said cause it's just so sweet! Awwwwww. <3
  10. Jim is still busy filming A Kid Like Jake in New York. Idk about Simon.
  11. Yeah, it was either going to be that or her pantomiming her way through this somehow. Hope she'll be alright when filming starts again.
  12. I guess it was "must see TV" back then in the sense that you didn't have the convenient modern options to catch up with an episode if you missed it live but that's about it. But in terms of raw numbers TBBT doesn't have to hide even today. I remember you played a bit with the numbers last year accounting for the drop in total audience numbers which shows even more how incredibly stable TBBT viewership is compared to other shows and the market overall. In the end that's all that matters for CBS.
  13. Ship Zone

    Quick intermission to the blooper talk: Today you can still vote for which one of Amy's birthdays is your favourite! LOL (I went with ON for the whole episode. I really enjoyed the Shamy plot equally both times. lol) Intermission end. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As @spidergirl said: There better be a ton of Majim bloopers this year! They had so many hilarious scenes together there has to be something for the gag reel. Heck, occasionally they'd already slip in some blooper snapshots into the pile of promotional pictures: <3
  14. Ship Zone

    One of the really fun things of making that "Best Shamy Moments of S10" voting was people sending me lists with points like "When Sheldon tries to seduce Amy" and I actually had to go back to them asking "Which attempt?" cause we had several this past season. Bless whoever in the writers room came up with that! LOL
  15. Ship Zone

    Right? I wished for a scenario where Sheldon pursuits Amy in some ridiculous fashion and this episode delivered! It was everything I wanted it to be and more! LMAO Special thanks to Jim Parsons for keeping his butt in great shape. LOL