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  1. Ship Zones have special rules that run a bit contrary to the thread's idea though: If you get one for next season I guess it probably needs some more individual rules or something.
  2. At the upfronts they were pretty confident that even after S12 there's still money lying on the table for them with TBBT somehow so these may not be the only things they factor in. They seem to be determined to milk that thing for all its worth and don't let it die a season too soon if they can help it (keeping the actors happy was apparently one thing on top of their agenda here). So I guess it'll be interesting how things develop after the next season.
  3. Actor

    I guess he's food blogging his honeymoon now. lol This looks delicious.
  4. Ship Zone

    HAPPY SHAMY-VERSARY!!! On this day 7 years ago "The Lunar Excitation" aired and our favourite couple finally met! It's been a long road for these two but so worth it. Cheers to the happy couple!
  5. Ship Zone

    4 days to go, guys!! Thanks to everyone who already participated! So far the top positions are pretty close so I have no idea which one will make it in the end. Welcome to the forum!! And another guy to boot! Careful, we ladies can get ca-ray-zeee sometimes. ;D I fear 4B is a little small for that. :C Well, they did redecorate the living room. But let's be blunt: Throw out that ugly couch, that's what we want!! LOL
  6. Yeah, I guess at this point it's like "baby steps" and "low expectations". ugh We've had two seasons where they kinda sorta hinted at a potential career storyline for Penny that went nowhere and in S10 was additionally diluted by the fights with Leonard that also went nowhere. Sort that out, I take any bit of progress here. Just do something!
  7. Ship Zone

    I was answering @djsurrey's inquiry from the writer's point of view. If you want to discuss it from the character's point of view this would be a different argument. But from the writers' perspective we know how they handled both Sheldon trying to date while he was single (half-hearted and even when a perfect candidate shows up he turns her down with a flimsy reason) and Sheldon getting chummy with Ramona (he backs out when things get too serious). That makes a strong case that the writers would handle the hypothetical scenario with Ramona showing up in S9 as a potential love interest in a similar manner. That is simply how they see the character. They had a hard enough time making him embrace his relationship with Amy - another woman entirely seems completely out of their comfort zone and Molaro said as much in a recent interview about the finale. Similarly, they actually did make sure that Amy's dating experience didn't go too far. Sure, she was allowed to dip her toe into the metaphorical sea but even with Dave who seemed to be the best candidate for the most part there wasn't much going on beyond those two pecks we saw on screen. So I think there's a similar reluctance to let Amy stray too far from Sheldon even while she was single. They put a final stop to Amy's dating when Dave stole a kiss from her, and they put a final stop to Ramona's pursuit after she stole a kiss from Sheldon. There is surely something to be said about the tendency to let Sheldon make these huge gestures. You wouldn't get an argument from me if you want Amy to do those, too. But again, the writers just really freaking love to put Sheldon in those moments. I think that was also something Molaro said recently. So yeah, you gotta have to take up your grievances with the writers not me.
  8. Ship Zone

    I really hope Molaro will finally give us a story where Sheldon meets Amy's mother in person. I'm sure they've met off screen but I'd love to actually see them interact. They skype call has been hilarious! I don't think though that he'll ask for Amy's hand or some such old fashioned nonsense. First of all, you usually "ask for permission" before the proposal and evidently that train has left the station with 10x24. lol Secondly, Amy isn't that close with her mother anyway and who the hell knows what's up with her father - so it doesn't seem that appropriate, imho. Instead I'd rather have a scene where Sheldon and Amy tell her mother in person about their engagement and marriage plans which then could be hilarious depending on how Amy's mother reacts to the whole thing. I think there's a lot of potential for comedy here. I'm not sure how her mother would react cause she's such a blank page to me, so Idk... Will she love it? Will she hate it?? Could go either way.
  9. Ship Zone

    Friendly reminder that this is still a thing! 6 days left to decide!! I know it's hard to pick your faves but I'd love to get more than just 5 votes. This season was so great there are no wrong answers anyway. lol
  10. Ship Zone

    Since the purpose of the breakup was never to actually separate Shamy for good I think it would have played out pretty similar. Like, yes, maybe Sheldon would have latched onto Ramona as a new friend and all that but I think the moment things would have gotten more serious he would have backed out. Much like he closed the door on that seemingly perfect Vanessa girl that showed up on his doorstep he would have turned Ramona down for an equally flimsy reason. I don't think the writers actually have it in themselves to let Sheldon even be tempted by another woman (as per one of Molaro's recent interviews) so I wouldn't be particularly worried.
  11. Oh I don't doubt that they care about their characters. But I doubt that this care expresses itself by them knowing literally everything they've ever said on the show. That goes way beyond "care" and taps right into the kind of "obsession" you'd usually only find in hardcore fans. When the actors describe how they care about their characters it's usually more along the lines of discussing their motives and progression and certain acting choices. Stuff like that.
  12. I honestly don't care if he would be diagnosed with PTSD or not. But he surely has been through some terrible things in his youth and his parents relationship - at least from those anecdotes we've heard - certainly didn't help with that. So if you need an explanation that is as good as you will get one, imo, cause the writers don't work with that ASD diagnosis in mind. Judging by past writing they will rather go with "traumatic event caused quirk X!" than that. Which also takes me back to my first point that this wasn't a big part of Sheldon's characterisation to begin with. If he only did that in like what? 2 episodes they may just think of it as "Sheldon was a bit shy when the met those people" and be done with it.
  13. There are literally studies about how children witnessing psychological abuse in their parents relationship end up with PTSD and anxiety disorders as adults. We know that this is the case with Sheldon's parents and their fighting when the relationship took a turn for the worse (whenever that may have been, possibly when his father became an alcoholic??) so I honestly have no idea why that would be so out of left field for you. Sure, we could be arguing how severe Sheldon actually is affected because we never get to see the full life of the characters but since in the episode itself he reacts reliving his traumatic memories and clearly being in distress, while Leonard explains to Penny that Sheldon doesn't like fighting which makes is fair to say that it's not the first time this happened. There have also been other episodes exploring Sheldon's anxiety issues, how his parent's dysfunctional marriage screwed up his sense of dealing with conflict, not to mention many anecdotes of him suffering severe bullying right down to having broken bones and several hard objects being thrown at his head leaving permanent dents, so god knows if there isn't a head trauma in his backstory somewhere. Also, keep in mind that Sheldon is an undiagnosed kid that grows up in an environment that isn't exactly catering to his psychological needs. So with all of that in mind what more do you need for the simple symptom of "Sheldon avoided Leonard's eyes in that one episode"???
  14. Dunno, his freaking out over Lenny's fighting looked a lot like symptoms of PTSD to me so I would say it's plausible enough for certain issues having developed later. I mean, from what I gathered from the short introduction his parent's relationship doesn't seem that bad yet so I think there's enough wiggle room for the writers here.
  15. I'm not entirely sure why you'd think that this is not how it works. I've grown up with kids who were pretty social and everything but then they ended up being victims of bullying and they turned into shy teens who'd always keep their heads down, avoiding eye-contact and even develop some sort of anxiety disorder. So it is certainly something that can develop later in life. Heck, we know Sheldon's knocking OCD comes from when he caught his dad cheating - maybe avoiding eye-contact comes from that too. Who knows? Either way though, it wasn't exactly a big character trait for Sheldon so I don't think it's particularly improbable here.
  16. Actor

    He's sometimes a bit fidgety in interviews, like I remember a longer one where he was sitting in a comfy chair and he was tugging at a piece of string sticking out of the seam of the armrest's fabric the whole time. I guess that ring will come in handy for those situations a lot in the future. lol
  17. The problem with that is that they don't care what you or I think is funny - the benchmark is first and foremost the live audience in the studio. As long as they are still laughing at the same old jokes those jokes won't be written out or at least not dropped with any sense of urgency. Because, quite frankly, the actors don't remember every line or continuity detail as much as we do. They don't watch the show and sometimes they don't even know which scene or what line actually made the cut. They learn their scripts one week and forget most about it when they have to learn the next one. Remembering what they said 8 years ago is a stretch for pretty much anyone. I remember 8 years ago I was still in university but I couldn't even tell you what courses I had at that time without looking them up.
  18. It'll be on Netflix where I live so I'll totally check it out. YAY New Star Trek!!! :D
  19. Not to mention a lot of jokes are written on the fly while taping the episode. I can imagine quite a few "continuity errors" happen that way because the priority is to make the studio audience laugh so they don't have time to check for any and every inconsistency.
  20. The full thing started with a few clips from TBBT.
  21. I love B5 - it's been ages since my last rewatch.
  22. Mixed feelings that they'd be willing to go even beyond S12 with TBBT but at the same time it's nice to see them so confident in the show and finances don't seem to be an issue despite the high production costs.
  23. Debate Zone

    Yes, I can. Why did Amy split from Sheldon? -> 8x24: First she just wants break to take some time off to re-think their relationship Amy: Being your girlfriend is so challenging. Emotionally, physically. I’ve been incredibly patient for years. [...] I love you, but I need some time to take a step back and re-evaluate our situation. -> 9x01: Then after Sheldon doesn't give her that time and pushes her too much she snaps Amy: You know what, Sheldon, you’ve made this really easy. You’re immature, you’re selfish, you just insulted me to my face. I don’t need any more time to think. We’re broken up. -> 9x08: During her date with Dave she talks further about her relationship issues with Sheldon Amy: After five years, it was just feeling like more work than it should be. She also mentions Sheldon bringing work to their dates (which matches was Sheldon said earlier about him neglecting her) and giving her crappy presents. Why did Amy get back with him? All through the breakup she's showing signs of regret and being reluctant to move forward. She's still defending Sheldon and annoyed whenever anyone insults him, when she spends time with him at the aquarium she realises how much she missed him, and just as her breaking up with him was impulsive due to the circumstances her wanting him back was just as much her acting on her gut feeling. Sheldon didn't get over her and she didn't get over him. Simple as that. Okay, you know what, S9 is on Netflix so let me just go through the episodes and tally up the numbers. From 9x01 to 9x09 the times for the breakup/dating related scenes and plots amount to roughly... Shamy shared scenes: 21:15 min Sheldon scenes: 25:25 min Amy scenes: 18:20 min And Amy's storyline was about how she is dealing with the breakup and the new dating situation. In fact Amy is more able to communicate her feelings while Sheldon's arc was all about how he's suppressing his until his façade finally cracks in 9x07. Before that it's all a lot of guesswork what is going on with him as he himself has a hard time understanding his emotions. Bottom line: Just because you're completely dismissing her viewpoint doesn't mean it wasn't there. And the numbers are nowhere near your 95/5 claim to back up your point.
  24. Debate Zone

    That is because your 95/5 claim is completely made up nonsense. If Tensor were a Shamy fan he probably would have already corrected you a dozen times about who got how much screen time devoted to their side of the story. Fact is Amy got her own dating storyline the moment she she broke up with Sheldon and Howardette / Stuart told her she deserves someone better. We got some development on that almost every episode alongside with how she's doing emotionally whenever there's a confrontation with Sheldon. She's even musing about what went wrong while not forgetting what she likes about him and their time together. Meanwhile on Sheldon's side of things he just was an ass for no reason for two episodes. Then while Penny's bachelorette party was more about how Amy deals with the breakup there was nothing from Sheldon. In the 4th ep he finally starts to see that he may not have been the best boyfriend, after that he's also pushed into this "you should date someone" advice that in the end only serves to kick Amy's dating plot into the next phase. The next episode is about the gang helping Amy to find a date in the worst way possible only to find she's already been to dates. We then see her with Dave in the subsequent episodes. Meanwhile Sheldon gets again an episode of nothing with regards to the breakup, followed by the Spock episode that is carrying the biggest load of his character work here, followed by another non serious attempt at dating which fails because he's still hung up on Amy. So all in all it was pretty balanced. Sure, there are episodes where Amy only had short scenes, but there were also episodes where Sheldon's plot had nothing to do with the breakup. They painted a pretty clear picture of Amy's situation all through the breakup and just because you didn't like the resolution doesn't mean it didn't happen.
  25. They managed to keep Sheldon out of 4A?