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    3 hours ago, MsGreentea said:

    I don’t really disagree (although folks n my family mostly have more than 20 years between generations.  But her father is in his mid 70s (author who writes about his experience as a Green Baret in VietNam):  Probably about the same age Johnny’s father would be if alive and about 30 years older than  Johnny so over 50 when she was born.

    It really depends on personal experience. For example their age difference is exactly the age difference between me and my dad so anyone of 20+ years older is parents age territory. But if she grew up with a dad who's 50 years older then obviously she feels different about that.


    Should he hide it or deny it?  What is the appropriate amount of happy to feel?  What is worse Johnny boasting about it or someone condemning them for having a wanted child.  

    lol yeah, "out of wedlock" is not a drama anymore.

    Also to add: I'm not particularly worried here cause Johnny seems to be a decent person. I'm sure he'll be a good dad and everything.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, son-goku5 said:

    A lot of times it's envy speaking in those nasty comments. As if they're saying "How dare this old guy take this young bombshell of a woman. She should be with me."

    Not to mention that there often are quite pronounced age gaps between spouses among celebrities. Just look at Harrison Ford & Calista Flockheart (22 years apart) or David Foster & Katherine McPhee (34 years apart)

    Part of the issue is that she's still so young. In your examples the women were way into their 30s when those relationships started. Alaina is in her early 20s. Not saying that the relationship is doomed or whatever but the idea of dating someone as old as your parents, especially at that age, is a bit *yikes* for many people.

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  3. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    I think Friends should have been higher. Also, they probably went for popular/relatively popular TV shows. If lesd popular ones were included I would've put Crazy Ex-Girlfriend somewhere from 1 to 6 (I don't know all of those shows so I can't really judge). 

    The list is pretty mixed from what I can tell. Some ratings hits, some classics, some small genre shows. When The Leftovers was on I used to joke that this was the best show nobody watched. lol

  4. 15 hours ago, Kev0821 said:

    The 15 Best Series Finales of All Time, From The Big Bang Theory, M*A*S*H, Six Feet Under, Newhart and More

    BY Team TVLine

    Link to article and photo gallery: https://tvline.com/2019/05/25/best-series-finales-all-time-ranked-photos-the-big-bang-theory-mash/

    Six Feet Under is correctly at #1 - best finale ever! Also liked the inclusion of The Leftovers. And of course TBBT somewhere down the list.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Itwasdestined said:

    I’ve said it earlier and many will disagree but I personally felt this Sheldon apology was different and genuine because usually we get the others caving after they’ve been mad and he ends up feeling vindicated by winning and pulls that insincere smirk on his face. This time they might have softened their anger in their own conversations - Lenny in the bathroom and Howardette in the room and on the phone - but they didn’t cave in front of Sheldon and give him that satisfaction. ( it may have happened in the lobby but it was not shown and I’m not aware whether Shamy were meeting them or going separately as the award winners.)

    So in my mind he is on the stage internalising what they said and having a “Big Bang” event in his head and realising what an ass he’s been all these years. Saying those words in front of so many strangers in a moment when it could have been all about him made it plausible that the final of this show was what we’d waited for for 12 Seasons of false alarms - Sheldon truly changing.

    Well, it's hard to show any caving afterwards when the show ends on Sheldon's speech.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm also in the camp of thinking that this was different or, well, a bigger step forward than usual. I just also can't exactly blame anyone thinking Sheldon will be back to his old form afterwards cause in the years and years of the show it happened so often (and the last two years under the new showrunner let him regress even more if it served the story). So after all those baby steps of progress seeing Sheldon flounder this hard again was a bit tough. To be fair to the writers though, while it would have been nice to see more of that "Sheldon has changed" payoff (i.e. have him react more mature during the finale demonstrating how far he's come) they probably needed something to generate conflict for the story or else this would have been a boring love fest with not much actually happening. And that speech wouldn't have come out the way it did.

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  6. 8 hours ago, shell said:

    Something like the Black Widow and Captain America or the Hulk 

    Bruce Banner - he has more PHDs ;);)

    1 hour ago, serena_1995 said:

    I think it was fine 😃 My problem with the Sheldon plot was that it wasn't anything we haven't seen before. "Sheldon acts like an ass and everyone is annoyed and he apologizes" has been done to death many times before. They do that over and over and reset him, so why would it be any different this time ? He should have learnt that lesson in one of the many previous episodes. If this wasn't the finale, he would have learned this lesson in another episode. Jim did great with that speech but I was pretty meh about that plot.. We didn't get many nice shamy moments. More time could also be spent on Raj and Penny. I don't like that we never find out what hapenned when Penny found out she was pregnant. Was it a complicated decision ? Did Lenny have a discussion ? We mostly get jokes about Penny drinking a lot and drunk sex. It is disservice to Penny, because she is supposed to be one of the main three, but actually not treated as one. 

    There's a bit of lip service paid to how people are done with enabling him and even Amy doesn't cushion her reactions any more that makes it feel a bit more serious this time around but ugh yeah, I can't deny that this is a bit "been there, done that".

    But I guess in the end it's also part of the fanservice laundry list - dig out some of the greatest hits to say good bye.

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  7. 40 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    I thought in that scene where it is revealed that Penny is pregnant they could have added some explanation of why she did not want to have kids.  After Leonard said he wants to tell everyone he could have asked her if she is OK with the pregnancy and  they could have taken maybe two minutes for Penny to explain her committment issues, insecurities,  or just her doubt about being a mother. But now that she has a child growing inside her she wants to be a mother very badly. I don't think this would have taken up too much time or dialogue.

    I think it would feel odd with the Lenny scene since they already know she's pregnant and I would expect Lenny to talk about it when they found out.

    But they had Amy directly ask her about it and we didn't really get an answer. "It was an accident" and all that only answers how it happened but not why she's okay with it. Heck, they could have blamed it on the hormones at least!

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  8. 35 minutes ago, djsurrey said:

    Because people were taking a lot of photos of her.

    I know that's what was said in the scene but it didn't feel true to her character. Like she never saw herself on a picture or what? Come on! She knows her style and didn't care what people said - that was always great about her.

    I said before: I'm not totally against the makeover and I'm fine with the result but the reason how it came about felt not quite right.

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  9. Just now, Swedish Chef said:

    You're totally right, why not just ditch the whole idea when they knew about the ending of the show.

    What's especially baffling is that they could have easily used the donation plot to let Penny change her mind. All it would have took were a few small changes (like the prospect of Leonard fathering someone else's child made her realise that if he has kids they should be from her) and whole thing would fit just fine.

    As much as I like the show the biggest moments of frustration have always come from little things like this. lol

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  10. 19 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

    I'm guessing that the writers was so confident in a season 13 before the start of season 12, that they come up with this idea about Penny doesn't want children. 

    Even if that were the case they had all the time in the world to correct the course and craft a more coherent story instead of doubling down on the no kids thing.

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  11. 18 minutes ago, spidergirl said:

    Probably my last post here so here we go:

    IMO the end was sweet and moving. It was not perfect as there were weird twists to some plotlines if theey were the ideas from writers since the beginning of the season to give closure to what we could see from these characters lives though.

    So I laughed, smiled, melted, gasped and even got teary eyed as the episode 24 ended. It was an excellent choice as the end seemed open to more.  After all these characters were portrayed and written  like they were real people from thesedays  and in real life, we cant say certainly how things will be always for us. Life happens :)

    Bing bang theory eternal love ❤


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  12. 24 minutes ago, Itwasdestined said:

    Yeah I’m 99% Easy going and 1% pit bull. I think my first post here way back was a short good natured but spirited joust with Lionne that ended fine. Can’t say I recall our clashemoji16.png. I hope it ended well. I generally avoid offending. That’s my Leonard side - but my Sheldon side occasionally breaks through.


    Or maybe I'm mixing something up, who knows. haha

  13. 3 minutes ago, Itwasdestined said:

    Wasn’t aimed at you in particular April, just the timing of my post. This year I’ve definitely had a few rants, not sure I’d classify them as hateful, definitely critical of the writers, but I also wrote some long rants about getting over it too. And over a much longer period of the 7 years I’ve been here I’ve been one of the more positive long ranters emoji12.png

    But yeah, with the finale, I’m just in the mood to rejoice. I get others aren’t as happy. Alls fair in the world of internet opinion. emoji1303.png

    The rants I'm thinking about were more last year, I think, when you were in a bad head space and we had a little clash. It's a bit tongue in cheek, nothing negative. I enjoy your positive attitude.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Itwasdestined said:

    Yeah I’m just gonna celebrate and enjoy. I’m gonna avoid overanalysing and nitpicking every mistake the writers made. They gave me great enjoyment over 12 seasons, despite a few howlers. I’m burying the hatchet and remembering all the good things about these characters I’ve grown to love. Nothing’s perfect in life, certainly not the writing of a sitcom. I finished today very content.

    I remember a time when you'd write long hateful rants so that's good to see. ;)

    But yeah, overall I'm also rather happy. It's more that I'm annoyed with the season itself rather than the finale. For everything else there's always fix-it-fanfic. lol

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  15. Just now, bfm said:

    Kinda feels like trying to think of the things that go in the characters "mind" is (sometimes) a waste of time because it can be so arbitrary

    Yeah, totally. They throw random ideas onto a wall and see what sticks. For some inexplicable reason they ended up with "Penny doesn't want kids" this season without any intention to actually honour the decision in the end. Like I've said in our past discussions I thought they had enough wiggle room to actually sell this if they were committed to it and for a long while they seemed to be going by interviews and having multiple episodes that double down on Penny's decision. It still would have sucked for fans who wanted babies but you know, at least it would have been somewhat coherent. But actually admitting that they knew from early on that they wanted to go back to the S&B Babies line it just renders the whole thing complete BS. So much lip service was paid towards the idea of women not needing babies to be happy and now they're just "haha, jk, of course everyone gets a baby!!"

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  16. 1 minute ago, veejay said:

    So we've finaly got an answer. 🙄

    EW: "When did you change your mind about having Penny want kids?"
    Steve Holland: "We had talked a lot earlier this season about honoring the pilot, how “our babies will be smart and beautiful.” It was a special moment to us. To bring that back around in the finale felt important. It also felt a little bit like people were expecting it, so to write against it all season felt like a way to make that moment play as more of a surprise."


    Yeah, this whole season long subplot was so unnecessary and those interviews during the season where they were all "not every woman has to have a baby bla bla bla" are just so hollow now. ugh

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  17. 1 hour ago, bfm said:

    Same. I don't mind Amy getting a makeover as such but the reason just came out of nowhere. Why is she suddenly bothered by looking "frumpy"?!? They could have just made it a spur of the moment thing cause the Nobel business got to her head or whatever and then after Raj worked his magic she could have just ended up liking it. I mean, the hair is cute on her so why not? I would have dialled back the outfit a bit and kept it more Amy'ish but then again it's coming from Raj so that makes sense.

    So yeah, mixed bag here.

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  18. 7 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    I read somewhere that the Buffy lady phoned Raj and agreed to go with him to the Nobel ceremony. Sounds like the start of something. She's  already putting her foot down that Raj is not to get 'over enthusiastic' ( euphemism for how he normally behaves ) too soon. So, she's got the measure of him.Good for her. This could work out.  

    Sarah Michelle Gellar is a married woman there's nothing to work out. lol

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  19. There was a lot to love in this finale I just wish it was backed up by a better season.

    For all that people were complaining about the Nobel at least they got it in the end and that speech really stuck the landing.

    But wasting so much time on exploring Penny not wanting kids only to have her accidentally get pregnant like no big deal was just so... ughh.. They could have actually given Lenny meaningful plots instead of wasting them on something that doesn't matter in the end (and seemingly never mattered to begin with if the writers kinda always wanted to go back to the S&B Babies anyway). ugh

    I had the same issue with Raj last week - a season wasted on what could have been an interesting idea that just got dropped like a hot potato. And nothing much for the finale either.

    Howardette were the most consistently written couple as ever. No complaints here and it was nice to see the kids as a parting gift to those who were worried they were just imaginary. lol

    Overall a few things were hit and miss, but all in all, a warm and fuzzy conclusion to this show with a good measure of fan service thrown in.

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