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  1. So you don't consume fiction about ppl that are, you know, different than you or...? That seems awfully limiting. Though feel free to elaborate if you think I misunderstood you.
  2. That won't gonna happen. At worst I expect Sheldon to sleep on the couch but that's about it.
  3. Well, I guess what is "bad writing" and what is "this is how they see the characters" are highly debatable categories then. What scene/plot/etc goes into what category is clearly very different depending on who you ask. In the end this is a show that prides itself in "make shit up as you go" and not one that has multi-year arcs planned out, so by this very nature you end up with random stuff more often here and a couple of well established running gags there, no matter how well or little they fit. Like, there are plenty of things I also didn't like about Shamy in the last episode and I su
  4. Well, they are fictional characters that solely exist at the writers' whims so we're all straight out of luck here if you want different characters - unless you resort to fanfics, naturally. It was just an example - and again, you keep shifting the angle to emphasise that these things are not related when they have one central writing approach in common, namely that the writers don't think Lenny are big planners so their relationship moments are often happen on a whim, i.e. here to have Penny propose when the gorilla movie falls through and it shifts her perspective enough to propose r
  5. I think he's referring to the "smart and beautiful babies" but that line didn't happen at the end of the episode.
  6. Well, they've never written Lenny as being big planners now, have they? That seems to be a pretty consistent thing over the years alongside the "they are different and have nothing to talk about" stuff. Like, they could have written either Penny or Leonard planning to propose but they didn't. They could have written Lenny planning their wedding but they didn't (and threw in some "they are just that spontaneous!" sort of interviews for good measure). They could have Lenny plan their second wedding but they didn't. They could have Lenny plan all sorts of things about their future but they d
  7. Yeah, I think that's the thing that's mostly bugging me about this. They made it clear Penny doesn't want kids but her reasons are not explored and I fear it's kept ambiguous so the writers can change their mind and come up with a surprise pregnancy or whatever. ugh
  8. I mean, this is just people jumping to conclusions and not necessarily the writers explicitly claiming "The never talked about this!!" - it's all implication and interpretation. But they sure love that "they have nothing in common and don't talk to each other about anything of worth" joke so I can't deny they're encouraging this either. This has been the status quo for Lenny since basically the beginning of the show. The issue is in part (and this has been my point since the news hit) that they had more wiggle room with Lenny than with the other couples - and maybe deliberately so caus
  9. Okay, first I'm not sure that the show is as judgemental about it any more than it is about the "they have nothing in common" thing which is all a big lark to them even 11 years and counting. So I don't think it's framed as "irresponsible" and "wrong" unless you think that about Lenny in general and we both know you don't. Second, I will happily agree that they could have written it in a way that included a reference to the earlier times it came up - and they could still end up with the same idea that they never had a serious talk about it. But then again this is tbbt and when do they eve
  10. It's not refuting your claim, it's continuing to point out the differences you've repeatedly asked about. One of them is the fact that the other two couples had entire plots about the issue before they got married and even after in the case of Howardette. Lenny got the occasional line here or there but this is the first time the writers made it a plot for them and this is the result. In the end the writers clearly think differently of Lenny than you and many other fans did/do which sucks and I really do feel for you, believe me. But to me there's no denying that the other couples simply g
  11. How serious or not you personally find it doesn't matter. Of course some situations are silly because it's a sitcom and if Lenny had a silly discussion about kids that would still count in my book. The difference is that the other two couples brought it up before marriage. In Howardette's case it was serious as it was a deal-breaker for Howard. They got engaged super quick so it makes sense they haven't talked about everything, yet. Shamy's examples are more over the top because, you know, sitcom. But they talked about the prospect of kids before marriage and the first time was shortly after t
  12. That clearly slipped everybody's mind cause you're the first to bring this up in the weeks since the TR where we've discussed this and I've asked for instances where Penny participates in such a way. It's still a bit low key compared to literally fighting over names but at least it's something. So thanks for that. I'm not arguing one way or another here. I also thought that Penny would end up with kids by the end of the show (and I still kinda think she will albeit in a messier way now) but at the same time I never felt they made her enthusiastic about kids. Yes, she is very motherly t
  13. You were the one asking "What is the difference between Shamy and Lenny here?" - bringing it up and being excited IS the difference. You had them chatting about kids off screen during the summer between S3 and S4 which led to the plot in 4x01, you had them both be excited at the prospect of procreating on Mars in S8, and while Amy rejected Sheldon's baby fever in S10 you had her express how many kids she wants and even fighting with Leonard about the name in S11. So it's coming from both of them at various points in the show and both in a positive context, no matter how much you want to s
  14. Except Shamy have both been excited about the prospect of having kids at all. That is already a big difference despite not having a concrete plan, yet. Has Penny ever excitedly brought up the prospect of having kids? I can't remember her ever marvelling at the mere idea of it.
  15. Oh yes, exactly. That was obvious. I'll readily agree that in the past it was less obvious and maybe she was just pushing it aside in hope that the issue will somehow solve itself (like her biological clock kicking in or whatever). But still her answers weren't exactly enthusiastic and if my partner was giving me that for years I'd be at least a bit suspicious if I really wanted kids (soon-ish).
  16. Not sure what that has to do with Shamy??? Though of course the difference is that they've both brought up the plan of having kids one day at different points and from YS we already know they will have kids. We don't know when and how many though and maybe we'll never find out. *shrug* Actually, depending on my gut feeling, like if he'd be doing this for years, I might think my partner is stalling cause he might not want kids - it's not unheard of. Or maybe I just read too many advice columns. lol I don't deny they happened, I just simply brought up that many people might not
  17. The issue is how you interpret "talk" here. Lots of people don't see two lines of "yeah, someday, sure" as a proper talk. You obviously think different (and of course with Lenny you get so little you gotta cling to every straw you get) but it might simply be a misunderstanding of semantics with those comments from other people.
  18. TBH I can believe that at last. It's easy to imagine that Sheldon might not have had a concrete number in mind for some time or just spoke in vague plural terms about their future children. Heck, even though we know that they'll have kids we still don't know how many. The "I'm not a physical person" is the one I call bullshit on when he literally drags Amy off to the bedroom just because she said something smart. lol
  19. Much has been said about the Lenny plot so I'll try to keep it short: I don't think it's totally out of character for Penny to not want kids as I don't interpret her former "yeah, sure someday" stance as a particularly strong wish to actually have them. Some people suddenly come to the realisation they want kids, and some that they don't. It happens. I don't think she deceived Leonard or anything, just that at this point it was clear to her kids are a NO. Maybe her opinion will change, maybe it won't, but I guess either way it might end a bit messy cause either you offend people who want Penny
  20. He said they were like 6 or 7 episodes in when they got the news.
  21. Yeah, I'm not worried about the outcome. PP will talk some sense into Sheldon and he'll make things right with Amy as always. I wished they were more creative with this cause it feels a bit like a rehash of last year. But oh well,we knew something was coming, might as well be a paint-by-numbers plot.
  22. And here we go: I think that might have been the one they filmed last week? Would fit with the timing of the interview.
  23. Exactly! It's been established that Amy saying smart things gets his motor running - and that's precisely what happened.
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