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  1. The scene literally ends with him dragging Amy to their honeymoon suite on a whim. Not sure what more spontaneous he needs to be??? Also, yes, plenty of relationship/sex health advisors actually think scheduling sex is not a bad thing for a relationship. I kid you not.
  2. And who can blame you? On this forum there've been complains about the lack of good Lenny stories for years and years now - and those are often coming from ppl who like the couple and can at least muster some interest from a few special moments every now and then. Anybody who doesn't even have that level of interest is more or less bored to tears at this point.
  3. In one of Holland's recent interviews he talked about a possible conflict between Shamy, probably an episode they were currently working on.
  4. I see this pretty much every time Shamy have a plot where they are happy with each other. It's like with Stuart in this episode and ppl look at them like: "What's wrong with Shamy?" - "I think they are smiling. It's weird!" lol
  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of a discussion but in the end the woman is the one who bears the child so that should have more weight. I will say though the weird part is indeed how Leonard apparently just shrugs it off despite allegedly dreaming of their smart and beautiful babies since he met Penny. He even picked out names!
  6. Well, unless Leonard spontaneously grows a womb I think he's stuck with Penny's decision by default.
  7. I think these days it's also tailored a bit towards all the other data google collects about you (see Google Personalised Search). So Shamy presumably having a more geeky search history might have just yielded a lot of those Harry Potter related search results if they tried searching for "wands". But if you're already searching more India related topics then 1) you would already know to select more fitting search terms and 2) google would spit out something more related to that.
  8. My personal theory as to why we see Shamy so often in bed is a combination of 1) even when Sheldon still lived in 4A he was often the cause for nightly disruptions and 2) the bedroom in 4B is always at least partly up cause you can see it from the living room so they might as well use it. For Lenny to get that I guess they need some issues that keeps them up at night...???
  9. Yup. I mean, honestly, Sheldon called it a "big glass shaft" - I dare you to google that. LMAO
  10. Oh you mean like reverse image search or something? Sure, could have helped. Could have also yielded results of glass dildos so yeah...
  11. A what now? Again, what would you ask them? "Hey Siri, we have a weird glass shaft - what is that??" Yeah, good luck with that. lol
  12. Well, "crystal stick" gives you lots of results for deodorant, so that's no help. lol But seriously, when you don't know what it is and what it's made of then what are you googling for? Google is only as smart as the words you put into it. Even if you put in "crystal wand" you get a lot of results that are more Harry Potter-like wizard wands (and some vaguely NSFW things) instead of the chakra wand they got.
  13. Yes, exactly, she was promoted to regular cast or something cause she was on Bones at the same time and this would mean TBBT would take priority in her schedule. I thought that meant the writers had some nice arc for her and Raj in mind but then they barely had Emily on the show anymore. That was so weird!
  14. Both of these were just one episode. No big loss. The real time waster was dragging things out with Emily and do nothing interesting with that. Like, they promoted the actress and then write even less stories with her character for some weird reason. And don't get me started on the stupid dating two women nonsense. Gaaawwwd. ugh
  15. Late to the party but I've finally time to write something. Busy day. ugh Anyway, I love how adorable Shamy were!! Awwwww, married bliss! ❤️ They were so in sync it was wonderful and their little obsession with solving what they thought was a scavenger hunt was fun. I laughed so hard at Amy's "marital aid" and Sheldon's frustrated "WHAT ARE YOU!?!?" lmao And their little revenge with Lenny was also funny. That's Karma haha One detail I enjoyed was also how Amy was just as invested in finding out as Sheldon, if not more so, cause usually that's the kind of plot where Sheldon would go
  16. Seeing how Lenny were practically glowing with schadenfreude and Leonard said the gift made them miserable I'm gonna go with that their intentions weren't particularly pure here. And Shamy's puzzle being in Sanskrit is a strong hint here that eventually figured it out by the end. It was a puzzle they had to solve and the answer was the router password.
  17. Even as a non-Lenny I don't understand why the writers are still like "Whoops, no plots left for Lenny... *shrug*" when this year they could really finally do something with them. I mean, in the past you could at least think that maybe they're afraid of disturbing the status quo (so no babies or moving into a house cause they need to be in 4A) but this is the last season and they still have nothing to do for them???? I don't get it.
  18. Because it's cheap whataboutism and you should be better than that. Look, I don't even disagree on the Lenny thing but it really muddles your case when you steer the discussion into the direction of what Amy was written like 6 years ago. And as said, I don't have a problem discussing this at another place where it's not off topic and at another point when it's not used to score a point against someone who doesn't like Lenny as you do.
  19. Because I already chimed in on it yesterday and now you keep harping on that point and turn it into a false equivalence because you don't like someone's negative opinion about Lenny. We can discuss Amy all you want if you are sincere but with your post you've shown you just want to use it as a "Gotcha!" against Zimty and there's no point engaging with you when you are in that mood.
  20. WTF?? I know you're having a bit of beef with Zimty's opinions but you leave my girl Amy out of it!
  21. (Has this been posted, yet?) Looks like we'll get bts stuff from Mayim all season long:
  22. I'm just gonna say no here cause a terrible title will scare audiences away and this one is awful.
  23. RIGHT!!??? God, that annoyed me so much! ughhh I love that gif. Jim's movements are so smooth, haha. I may need to steal it. loll
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