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  1. Be careful what you wish for cause "Lenny's great sarcastic banter" has been interpreted by the writers as "Lenny fight all the time for no reason with no resolution" before.
  2. In none of these Amy was exactly jumping Sheldon's bones. There were a few quips usually with regards to the situation but nothing that stands out to me as this stereotype of Amy being pushy towards Sheldon with regards to sex. Like some of your examples I see quite differently: 5x18 I don't think Amy inviting Sheldon to sleep in her bed meant she wanted sex. Her bed would have simply been more comfortable for them to share instead of him sleeping on her tiny couch. 6x03 And 6x11 is just Amy being terribly naive and trying to put on her cool girl persona in front of Penny. 6x20 and 6x21 is just Amy making quips in reply to what Sheldon said. And 6x23 in particular was a lovely moment where they talked about the issue and the context is far from Amy just being horny and Sheldon turning her down. Not to mention that all of these where from a time before they'd even kiss regularly. Context matters for these quotes. Not every time Amy mentions anything remotely raunchy means she wants to drag Sheldon into her bedroom. Look, I'm not denying that Amy had a sex drive and clearly wished for their relationship to become physical at a time when it wasn't. But the idea that Amy was (or still is as some ppl insist) perpetually horny and strong-arming Sheldon into a sexual relationship was IMHO in many regards just not true.
  3. I guess the confusion might be because it's airing this week with a new episode on both Monday and Thursday.
  4. Well, Holland said they wanted to tell all those stories they haven't told, yet, so I guess it was on their bucket list and I'm happy they finally checked it off. Better late than never cause the alternative is another one of those stories about Amy's birthday and even Shamy fans are tired of that one.
  5. I agree. I think this whole "Amy was always craving sex!!" thing ppl complained about was kinda backwards to how this often played out, namely that Amy said or wanted something innocent and Sheldon was the one accusing her of only wanting sex. Guy was projecting like a movie theatre during blockbuster season if you ask me. lol
  6. What felt off to me was really just the timing. This should have been a plot at some point in S10 when they moved in together (obviously with some tweaks because they weren't married but still). They even had the perfect setup with that talk about putting coitus off the table and then re-evaluate the situation again later but that never happened. Until now I guess. The whole idea of Sheldon not being comfortable with physical touch at this point is complete nonsense to me when I see how touchy feely he's become around Amy. I'd chalk it up to him still being a bit in denial about that and the final scene really hammers that point home when despite all his declarations he's literally dragging Amy to their honey moon suite.
  7. Heck, they didn't even know it was the last season when they filmed this ep.
  8. The Shamy argument was pretty minor. It's not like Amy was booking another hotel room or anything.
  9. Well, if you mean my post with that: I wasn't surprised he talked at all but that it were a lot more lines. I mean, in comparison to 11x24 where he had just two words. I thought they might continue with that running gag about him not getting a word in edgewise. Not that I thought it was bad or anything - I love Teller! He's excellent, with or without words. lol
  10. Gotta say, the Raj storyline could have been so funny if they let him get into a real nerdy fight with NdGT over some minor detail and not just some stupid shit to get some sort of popularity. What a wasted opportunity! Lenny's interactions with Amy's parents were hilarious! I'm a bit surprised they had Teller talk so much. (Well, much is relative here, I guess.) But that was fun! Shamy thoughts are in the Shamy thread but in short I thought their story was adorable as usual.
  11. YES!!! Indeed! The thing is, in the past there were a lot of fights cause the show was always so damn vague about ~Sheldon's deal~ and they could have made things clearer one way or another. I think by now it's pretty clear that 1) Amy is his deal, and 2) in the past his way of dealing with life has been to suppress his human side in favour of some ill-conceived ideal of a purely intellectual, rational being (or a brain in a jaw lol) which is something that's just not gonna work. First his emotions came more and more to the surface and now it's his, you know, physical needs. I guess also, the idea that "sex can happen at any time" now that they are married (it could have also before but, ugh, writers gonna write, I guess) probably also helps. Like, he has flirted with Amy like that before (see the magical S10) but hasn't literally dragged her into the bedroom then. Well, looks like he will now! lol ~~~ BTW. What happened to the plants?? Like, there were always plants in Shamy's living room and suddenly they were gone??? LMAO
  12. Just watched the episode - Shamy were really adorable! ❤️ What I enjoyed the most was of course the death of the stupid annual birthday sex running gag! FUCKING FINALLY!! (pun intended lol) I also thought it was pretty fitting how they solved it. Apart from the fact that I think it's a bit weird that the writers waited until marriage to solve this but I guess even they can't sell the nonsense idea any more when Shamy have already been shown to be more comfortable and intimate before so it's all just a bit overdue. (And no, they didn't actually put their religious/strict upbringing forward as a reason as to why Shamy would do that so Idk) Anyway... that aside it's a new step in Shamy's relationship and of course Sheldon would try to deal with that the best way he knows so everything's gotta be on schedule. Sure, we have a bit of a "Sheldon is still Sheldon" moment but what I do like is that he's not annoying because he's egoistical and doesn't care about Amy's needs but because it's the opposite and he tries to be a good husband and tries to anticipate Amy's needs for intimacy. Of course this in an of itself would be a bit ho-hum if it weren't for their final scene where it's made clear that despite all his claims to be not a very physical person Sheldon's motor sure is running the moment Amy says anything smart. lol I think just like with his feelings Sheldon needs to accept that he's human after all and clearly has, you know, certain needs and turn ons as well. Can't wait for the Shamy love fest next week! haha
  13. Thank you for the interview, @mirs1!! This part where he's elaborating on the Amy plot... ...sounds so good!! Focussing on Amy for a bit was long overdue! ❤️ Happy last premier day, everyone!! Can't wait to see what this season has in store for us!!
  14. The difference between Bernie and Amy is that Bernie works in the private sector while Amy works in academia where name recognition is her bread and butter and even small name changes are a major pain in the ass. Due to that I was always in favour of her keeping her name cause it's more realistic for a female scientist at this point in her career. And while I can see the point some ppl make in terms of wanting her to use Sheldon's name somehow for some romantic reason I have to say I just looooove the Amy that is butting heads with him over science and I think it would be fitting to let the name reflect that.
  15. Maybe ppl suddenly start calling her "Mrs Cooper" and thus are both omitting her academic title and actual name? For an academically inclined woman like Amy it could be quite an issue cause she worked hard for that name recognition in her field.
  16. I'm a bit torn on a potential Shamy pregnancy storyline. I'm not particularly eager to have one cause we already know that they'll have some so that's alright. But since it's the last season I also feel like, you know, what they hell, just do it! LOL I think @nusspot has a point with how fun this could be. They already killed the once a year nonsense (hallelujah!) so for all intends and purposes Shamy are good to go on that one. And in terms of stories it could indeed be sweet and funny. Of course I would think this needed to be combined with a story about them finding a new place to live - preferably sooner than later - cause poor pregnant Amy having to waddle up all those stairs would just be mean. Not to mention the lack of space in general.
  17. That's what I'm trying the whole time. lol Good. Just a side observation. I do think it illustrates how ppl have a different take on how much of a planner Penny is or isn't, depending on who you ask. This whole fertility circus can involve a ton of planning (as opposed to: just not use protection and see what happens) and yet some ppl thought this is a fitting Lenny plot. And other ppl disagree, evidently. Of course, the only take on the characters that matters in the end the one of the writers and they made it clear they think Lenny don't plan anything or have any concrete goal for their future so that's what you get. As always.
  18. Well, you're doing the same with mine so there. And yet Lenny fans were eager about the potential of Lenny having sex on a fertility schedule and everything. Funny that. You may as well be arguing semantics at this point. It's all about the degree to which Penny was sure she wanted kids. I say due to her lack of enthusiasm and putting it off over and over again it means to me that she wasn't all that into it and now having her end up with the decision to not have them after all is not that much of a leap. And just to make it clear: This is not to argue whether or not they will actually have kids in the end. Anything can happen, like Penny changes her mind or there's an accident or whatever. And whether or not it will be a good story in the end is another issue. I already said they like to keep things ambiguous and make shit up as they go along. Not sure what makes you think I argue that this was all part of a grand plan?? I do think keeping Penny so wishy-washy about a lot of things (see also: wedding) is simply how the writers see her character. But that also means it keeps their options open to go one way or another.
  19. I don't think getting married has anything to do with that. The point is that Amy rejected Sheldon's courting 2 years ago (yes, it's already been that long!) but we also have scenes of her suggesting procreating on Mars and more recently saying that she wants two kids and fighting with Leonard over baby names. So there's no doubt here. They could have easily let Penny participate in the name/how many babies? discussion and make definite statements like "I want a girl named Alice!" or whatever - but the writers didn't. I think it was a conscious choice to keep Penny's feelings on the matter a bit more reserved and ambiguous. That's exactly my point. Heck, there are many who say they want children "someday" and then never have them for some reason or other. But you are the one who's claiming that Penny was absolutely dead set on having kids someday and as if her now ending up with "well, maybe not" is some massive mind change. I'm simply saying it's not that much of a leap. (And again, I'd say Leonard suddenly being "ok fine" after already picking names and everything is the really weird part.)
  20. That's the art of "making shit up as you go along" - you gotta keep things as open as possible to keep your options available. But even then, we have the counter example of Shamy where it's made clear they want kids one day (and how many lol) but not exactly now. So you can do that if you want to and fudge a few years before actually getting to it. Yeah, because nothing screams "I totally want to have kids" like having this meh attitude about it, eh? Again, see example above: If they wanted to they could easily have made her a bit more into the idea, that's all.
  21. Okay, "baby crazy" was admittedly hyperbole on my part. What I meant was exactly your insistence that "she did want to have children, with no apparent doubt." If they wanted to make that clear they could have given her material where she seemed more engaged than "yeah sure but I want to stay thin and have money first!" (paraphrasing) cause that's like the most wishy washy nonsense to say when you're suuuuuper sure you want kids. It's not like there weren't enough episodes to bring up the baby topic where she could have said something more enthusiastic. Again, my argument is not that the writers wanted to make obvious that she had doubt all along but simply that they never made her seem particularly enthusiastic about babies.
  22. Because actors never improvise?? Not that this is particularly hard to pull off to begin with... Ok, listen, I'm not arguing that they've always wanted Penny to come across anti-baby but merely that they didn't make her as baby crazy as you claim she was and imo it's not a huge step from "sure, maybe someday" to "weeeeellll, maybe not". It's not like she's the one picking out names and wondering how to raise her future kids or whatever.
  23. I think the ideal way to get out of this "not wanting kids" situation and still end up with Lenny babies is letting Penny have a pregnancy scary. (And before anyone comes at me for "you would make sure that doesn't happen...!!" I'll just point to the running gag of Penny doing pregnancy tests. She even kept the first one she made when she was with Leonard. So you know, shit happens etc etc.) Maybe it's the first real pregnancy scare for a long time and after she seemed to have made up her mind about not wanting kids. And maybe Penny freaks out a bit but then discovers she isn't pregnant after all and then -surprise!- feels weirdly disappointed which lets her revaluate her earlier decision. There you go.
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