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  1. Then again, Penny is also an actress so maybe she was simply faking it? lol
  2. If there is one thing that's become clear in the past seasons it's that they don't plan anything for Lenny and then justify it with "oh that's just how they are!" Even though I'm not their biggest fan I keep hoping for something good to come along but alas... Lenny will apparently only be "the nerd and the hot chick" and that's it. Ugh
  3. It sounds a bit like filler to connect TBBT and YS but as such I think it's fine. The conflict is very believable seeing what kind of person Sheldon was back in the day - like holding a silly grudge over romance steeling his best/only(?) friend away. And of course he'll quickly realise this is nonsense. Nothing spectacular but, you know, fine.
  4. That is up for interpretation, I guess. I don't think it was super hesitant and unsure (that also wouldn't really fit Penny in these kinds of situations). But it also wasn't a super strong confirmation. It's easy to say "sure, one day" or something - even without hesitation. In the end it simply might be you interpreting the writing/acting differently than it was intended by the writers. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point we got an interview about how and why Lenny are "just not that kind of couple" similarly to what we got for the wedding. yikes Maybe. It wasn't really clear to me what's happening. Pronouns can cause misunderstandings. Totally.
  5. Quick reminder: How many times have they talked about kids and what exactly did Penny say? Cause most I remember was something along the lines of "sure but maybe later". The thing is, women putting off having kids over and over again like that can be a sign of being uncertain or not even wanting them deep down and being unable to admit it. So I don't think it's completely unbelievable that she comes to this conclusion (maybe also she has a weak moment because of the quiz or something?). I do agree on Leonard though. He already picked names and everything so that's weird. But then again there's the suggestion he's not completely okay after the talk with Penny's dad? But I guess we'd need to see how that plays out. I'm pretty certain that Lenny may end up with a sort of mishap and get pregnant anyway and the writers may think that this is more in character for Lenny because of course they do. I just hope it's not too messy in the end. (Penny really really not wanting a baby and remaining more or less against it would be awful in terms of storytelling. ugh)
  6. Ah yes, that was what I was getting at. The "but" sounded like you were contradicting me, hence the confusion.
  7. That wasn't even remotely what I was saying so....
  8. Exactly. "putting on a persona" means pretending to be someone you're not. Sheldon is not an emotionless alien no matter how much he wishes it to be. Heck, Spock himself wasn't that as Penny rightfully points out! I loved Spock Resonance cause it really breaks down how and why he did that. And also why it's not a useful coping mechanism. What a great character episode!
  9. I think part of the issue is that Mayim had lost weight for S10 and gained some for S11 due to some health issue (she's been mentioning it in some blog post or video). So I guess they found some more fitting clothes in S10 and now that they don't fit so well anymore they've been digging out the older outfits again.
  10. Alright, I see what you mean. I just have a hard time setting his condescending behaviour aside and the Spock persona was to me always just a mask he wore that would occasionally slip and we'd see even early on that this was not all there is to Sheldon. Either way though, by now that particular train has left the station a long long time ago.
  11. I hope you don't mind me asking but I honestly don't even know what that's supposed to mean. Like, what exactly is the issue? That he actually loves Amy and behaves as such? Or...? I mean, it's not like he's suddenly turning into Raj with all his schmaltzy over the top kitsch he likes to dish out sometimes. Even in his most romantic moments Sheldon is still given a bit of a weird dorky twist. You may not intent it but that kind of statement always sounds a bit like "oh Sheldon is not an asshole to Amy anymore - now everything is ruined!!" which is just so weird. (And I guess that's also why a lot of fights break out here cause it just sounds so mean, you know?) The writers sure like to repeat themselves - all three couples broke up with them doing better afterwards. lol
  12. Well, obviously YMMV with regards to Sheldon's "distortion". Idk, keeping him as he was would have made me quit many times over, like around S3 as @Jonny mentioned and the other was at around S6/7 as mentioned in my earlier post. Sheldon's shtick just gets really old really fast and keeping S1-3 Sheldon for 12 seasons was just not feasible. Neither would be keeping S4-8 Sheldon. Now we have S9-12 Sheldon and personally I like that version the best because the earlier versions were just too much asshole and too little trying to be a better person. But you know, personal preferences, YMMV and all that applies. I hear ya on the over saturation with Sheldon stories though. I do think the show would be better off to mix it up more often so that people won't be so fed up with him and everybody else could use some time in the spotlight. But then again they've been at it since pretty much S2 so I don't see that changing now. Oh well... Totally agree! The breakup was probably the best thing ever happened to them and the result was just a great pay-off for their fans.
  13. Well, that's the thing: For me Shamy still have that "extraordinary" bit of nerd humour that made the show stand out. They may be romantic and all that but they are also still the ones engaging in science and their nerdy hobbies and whatnot, more than the other characters on the show most of the times. So Shamy are really the least of my concerns regarding the show showing its nerd cred and I guess that's why they're my favourite couple. Everybody else however...
  14. What assumptions? Was talking about my personal viewing experience.
  15. Similarly, I found Shamy's relationship dynamic going stale at around S7 or so because the writers thought Sheldon being an asshole boyfriend for no god damn reason was sooo funny. Like, almost immediately after they officially became an item the writers injected "normal" relationship tropes into the writing and imho it took a lot away from the charm they had when they were "just friends". (Of course I would also argue that some of the tediousness was to be expected and in character but you know, that would become a long essay.) It wasn't until S8 where they finally started to rectify this when I could really root for Shamy again like I did in S4. Cause I do think that now Shamy have the best of both worlds: A functional loving relationship AND being the resident dorky weirdo couple they have been from the start. Yes, they are less robotic and more physical now but I don't think they're in any way "normal" in the ways that matter to me.
  16. The striking similarity is the same actress... I guess? lol
  17. An autoharp: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autoharp
  18. It was explained in the plot. It has nothing to do with his feelings for her. It was the result of him having the wrong idea of how to handle conflict in a relationship. It's not that difficult.
  19. Yes, it was mentioned that they filmed an extra scene with them eating. Fingers crossed they finally update the opening!
  20. Exactly. And with Sheldon and Amy we do see a mutual interest in various science related topics so we know that's "their thing" (besides making everyone uncomfortable, of course lol).
  21. So you're suggesting that every couple who hasn't read each other's favourite novel doesn't love each other? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that's not how people work. Of course Sheldon is "dully uninterested" because he as a character has always been (and this is where I explain the joke) full of pride and prejudice about other people's interests that he deemed beneath him for some silly reason. Sheldon is only smart in a very limited area of expertise but any kind of social interactions is certainly not part of it. He can barely navigate present day life - what makes you think he can understand the finesse of Jane Austen's time period? His final assessment was that the novel had a lot of pride and prejudice, for goodness' sake!
  22. If we could burn that ugly brown vest alongside with the couch that would be quite a feat!
  23. It changed at some point. I'm shocked you don't know this. lol
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