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  1. Add to the list Jane Austin (Pride and Prejudice, but probably the others as well) and more recently "La La Land" and something other she watched on Netflix messing up Sheldon's suggestions (I can't remember what it was though).
  2. The one I did last year was a bit of both - the practical side but also the emotional personal stuff.
  3. Unpopular opinion (???) : I don't think they've totally overdone pregnancy stories. For what it's worth I thought it was pretty downplayed I mean, Bernie's second pregnancy was mostly her lying in bed and we'd see her for a scene or two and then the rest of the episode would go on with the usual stuff. So, no big deal imho. Similarly, we also don't see the kids so we technically don't have to deal with much baby stories either. So all in all it could have been soooooo much worse and I'm fine with the level this show handled it. With that said I wouldn't be particularly opposed to Lenny or Shamy wanting to start a family, be it a discussion, start trying, or even a surprise, whatever. If the show handles it like they did with Bernadette (and again, I actually liked many of the stories they had with her, it felt very real to me) I'll be fine.
  4. I wanted to rewatch S10 and S11 and make a summary for those as well. Alas, with a baby at home that turned out to be rather difficult. Maybe one day I'll get to it! haha And thank you!! Glad you enjoyed my posts ❤️
  5. 100 per day! Aww, those where the days! I miss them dearly.
  6. We know for sure that Melissa's second pregnancy was the reason for Bernadette's second pregnancy. It's been discussed in interviews and there's no doubt. As for whether Melissa's first was the reason for Bernadette's first pregnancy we can only speculate. Molaro tried to sell it as something spontaneous he just threw in but it could just as well be a cover story for the real reason. Melissa sadly miscarried but there could have been a time frame where everything seemed to go fine and she let her bosses know and the pregnancy was a way to work around that. But again, this is really just speculation.
  7. So far no one has come forth. The spoilers from TV Line that @luminous posted could be about this episode. It would certainly fit if we got 3 story lines - Sheldon trying to befriend his in-laws, Lenny dealing with the question of becoming parents (possibly due to her dad interfering in some way, Keith Carradine said he's back for a bit so that would make sense) and something about Raj's love life cause we know he asked his dad to find a woman for him.
  8. I'm totally calm, don't worry. Your attempt at humour just misfired.
  9. What in the world are you talking about!? It simply means Sheldon helped Leonard find his ring. It's not Sheldon talking nonsense.
  10. Yeah, you got that wrong. When did Leonard get his ring for Penny? That would have been ages ago cause he was carrying it around for quite some time before they got engaged. Long, looooooong before Sheldon ever thought about marrying Amy. Why would he get a ring then as well? Not to mention what @mirs1 said: It's been established that Amy's ring is a family heirloom.
  11. We already know the season starts with Sheldon trying (maybe a bit too much? lol) to be a good husband and while that serves as a conflict for the story they quickly come to an agreement. I really have no worries here that he'll suddenly revert to his former self where he's cold and distant towards Amy or whatever ppl seem to imagine here. I mean, frankly it's baffling how on one hand there's complaints that Shamy are too lovey dovey and saccharine but on the other there are claims of an abusive relationship that has no factual foundation with the current show.
  12. He had the ring for 2 years already so that's been a long time coming as well, but that's beside the point. I mean sure, his changes all took a long time but I don't see much backsliding (if any) with Amy since the breakup, heck, even more so since they live together. For the most part he's been on his best behaviour yet people still react as if we were in the middle of S6 or something.
  13. They've been doing just fine since they live together. I don't get the sudden worry about Amy.
  14. Well, all the time I tried to clarify what I was getting at - that snide remark was really not the point. Indeed. lol
  15. Yeah, and as you see no one used the word "surprise" except you and then things went weird. haha Hey, sometimes I just have time to kill and want to talk about nothing! lol
  16. Basically it's like this: First, the nomination round = everyone nominates their favourites and the best 16 enter the knock out round. The knock out round is sorted according to the number of votes each episode got in the nomination round, i.e. the one with the most votes is "1", the one after "2" and so on down to "16" Then in the knock out round episodes are facing off in a pattern where the upper half of the list is matched with the lower half: 1 vs 9, 2 vs 10, 3 vs 11, 4 vs 12 etc etc. And this pattern continues until the end. Hope that helps. @Tripper once mentioned that one time the system was messing up the matches and ADD faced off BI very early on. I think BI won that one but I'm not sure.
  17. Look back at the comments, you are the one using the phrase first, hence my confusion. Maybe I should have simply said that in my first response instead of trying to explain my initial point. lol Come on, that's not true at all. Not "always" anyway!
  18. At this point I'm not even sure why you felt compelled to go down that route cause you're the one clinging to the "surprised" phrase even though none of the comments you quoted actually used that. So I guess that's why we're talking past each other here cause I was making a broader point that you clearly weren't interested in.
  19. Okay, first of all, it's not just about your comments . Second, I said it may happen unintentionally and especially in your case I think it is. Third, when the initial reaction is always ppl being surprised that other ppl vote for Shamy episodes because they don't like those episodes (or Shamy in general) and think this must be because of some shipping bias or whatever then yes, your argument becomes muddled and comes across like you can't fathom how regular fans simply might like Shamy and their milestone episodes. Again, might not be intentionally but that's how it comes across, hence the questioning as to why you would be surprised. Shamy are popular with the general audience and their milestone episodes are often well liked. It's as simple as that. And again, most likely a result of how thin the votes are spread. When it's only a handful of votes making the final call as to what episode gets into the final 16 then yes, there might be a few voters who prefer Shamy episodes. Or there were a lot of non-shippers that simply voted episodes that amused them in some way that happened to have a Shamy milestone as well so that in the end quite a few more made it in. Or a mix of both, most likely. All those episodes are great and I would have been delighted if either of them won the tournament!
  20. Yeah, but the point is that in the comments these results are always separated as "quality driven" vs. "Shamy driven" which intentionally or not creates the accusation that Shamy episodes are never "good" episodes, or if you're generous, not "good enough". And those episodes got voted out so I'm not sure what your issue is? It's not like we had 16 Shamy episodes in the final selection. As said, there were a few that made it in where I was also confused how they got there but in the end it's probably simply a result of the show having so many episodes so that the votes in the initial nominations phase are spread so thin that episodes with effectively very few votes make the final cut. At this point if all you Lennies would agree on one super awesome Lenny episode and vote for it accordingly you could probably easily slip it into the final 16.
  21. You say that as if it were an objective fact but you don't know what ppl voted for. I voted for non-Shamy episodes as well and I probably would have even voted for a great Lenny episode if there were any. Heck, I didn't vote for some of the Shamy episodes that ended up in the final 16. I think it's a logical fallacy to assume that you voted for the "better" episodes while accusing fans of the opposing ship to blindly vote for "lesser" episodes because they happen to have a Shamy milestone in them. An episode needs to beat other episodes to win this kind of tournament. And ADD and BI winning almost every year means they directly kicked out a lot of episodes. So you are indeed claiming that somehow these are naturally better instead of shipping bias being at play. ( and yes, I know a lot of non-shippers like those episodes but I'm using Shenny here to illustrate the absurdity of this " ppl only vote for this bc of the ship!" claim) But when it happens that a Shamy episode wins it can't be because ppl simply like it more or even think it is actually the better episode. No, it must be because of some shipping conspiracy cause no one in their right mind would like Shamy episodes?? Now, look, Opening Night and Bow Tie are the only episodes that ever managed to beat ADD and BI. Sure, both are very recent and big Shamy episodes. But both were also very popular with the general audience and were instantly among the best ratings on sites like imdb. At some point you just gotta accept that the general tbbt audience likes these episodes - even , dare I say it?, deems them "good" - and move on. ON and BT wouldn't have won anything if it weren't for these non-shippers. (I don't know the numbers this year but in a past tournament Tripper explained that the majority of the votes comes from when he makes his announcements on fb and twitter where there aren't that many Shamy shippers hanging out.)
  22. It would be great to finally get an updated intro! ❤️
  23. That is still pretty much saying "people were surprised that people like Shamy", so yeah... lol I mean, it's an tournament that boils down to "what do you like most" not "what is the super objectively best episode ever" because such a thing doesn't exist. ADD and BI won this thing almost every year. Both episodes are "Shenny milestones" if you want to put it like that. Let's say I claim those episodes are not better than, say, Scavenger Hunt (which lost against BI this year) and countless other episodes lost against either of these during the years - does that then prove Shenny shipping biases?? lol Then the "or something" part applies to you. Great we got that sorted.
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