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  1. Okay, this is me just trying to make sense of the bits we got today - as per usual: - With all that I've read so far I'm also inclined to believe they changed the order to 9x05 -> 9x07 -> 9x06. It happens occasionally and maybe it just fit better with everyone's schedule seeing as last week had Nimoy jr and Wheaton. More importantly though it seems exactly the kind of episode that answers our questions about Amy's mysterious date. It makes sense to have this episode as a direct continuation from the staircase scene in 9x05 and their friends encouraging them to date others in general. Airing this in taping order would probably feel horribly jarring. - On the gang pushing them (here: Amy) to date others: I'm going back and forth on this. I try to be fair here. I know they're trying to be supportive working with their own frame of reference and for them that means "dating others = getting over your ex". I'm also clinging to every little "How's life?" as a sign of emotional support. But then again I find myself frustrated with them because their methods feel so misguided and they should know better. But then again part of the group's dynamic was always that they don't really *get* Amy and Sheldon so I can't even really complain about their friends being OOC because they really aren't. I guess I just like it when friends are more supportive and I always love seeing that on the show. Oh well... - On Amy going on dates: This seems to confirm my suspicions from last week that Amy is dating because of the staircase scene. But I guess it probably "helps" even more knowing that it's not entirely on her own account and we get pretty much the same set up as with Sheldon earlier. It doesn't sound like there's anything serious going on so whatever. - As an aside: The deal with the gang keeping them split up in a way makes me want to have a fun post-reconciliation Shamy story where they get back at them Herb Garden style or something. (lol if someone needs an idea for a fanfic hit me up!) - The most interesting thing from the spoilers though is this bit: In their plot with Kripke Sheldon says something along the lines of "the only way to get what you want is to be honest". He better remember that later!
  2. I don't know if it's just me but with the light-hearted breather episode this week and the developments from the last taping still looming on the horizon I've got this eerie feeling that this is the calm before the storm. I try not to get my hopes up for... well, anything really. But then again I also didn't expect them to push Sheldon over his breaking point last week after I'd already given up on that ever happening. So what do I know?! I'm cautiously optimistic that they continue to handle the storyline with great care (imo, I know some of you strongly disagree) but I'd be lying if I'd say I wasn't nervous about the next taping.
  3. Where do I even begin with this? I guess I should preface my answer with: I don't care about your worst case scenario. Sorry to be so blunt. I'm only working with what the episodes and TRs give me and regarding the date we have nothing but a scene witnessed from afar and people seemingly can't even agree on what's happening there. The only concrete clue to her dating intentions come from the episode directly before this. At the risk of eating my words next week, I'd say that the idea of her falling head over heels for another guy right after she's so upset to hear about Sheldon asking out other women is a tiny bit far-fetched. As you admit yourself, the dominos fall neatly on top of each other - why are we not assuming that they'll continue to fall like that? How many more episodes do you need to at least accept the idea that they're going somewhere with this? I know you're sceptical and you have trust issues when it comes to these writers and this is very subjective so I don't see any chance to talk you out of this mindset. But honestly, I'm not even sure what point there is in me writing all this when you're assuming the worst anyway. So in short to your question about "Was this necessary?": I don't know, but judging with what we got so far I'm going with "yes". I mean, I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I do think they're trying to build something here and I'm more and more sure of it with each new episode. I do think they want to make a big impact on Shamy as a couple and Sheldon/Amy as individual characters (admittedly Sheldon here more than Amy because obviously) - not to destroy them or rid them of their essence but rather to bring them to a point that allows them to be true to themselves and be honest about their needs and desires in their relationship. (I can only speculate about the writers' motives but if I had to make an educated guess I'd say they probably felt they couldn't get Shamy to that point in their usual pace.) I also think it's necessary for them to keep all of this on a tight schedule. We don't get huge time jumps and the show has dealt with this story every episode so far. Having all of this happening in quick succession makes it more believable to me that both Amy and Sheldon are still so caught up in their emotions that they have a hard time dealing with all of this and make rash decisions that they wouldn't make under other circumstances. I'd be a lot more worried about Amy being on a date 5 months after a break rather than just 5 weeks. If it was 5 months I'd say, yeah, she's probably over him. With just 5 weeks (or whatever our time frame here is) I can believe this was a spur of the moment decision brought on by recent events.
  4. In Amy's defence you need to see the whole thing from her perspective. She doesn't know what we as the audience know! I think the writers have been very careful in selecting what she gets to see about how Sheldon is dealing with the breakup. And what she sees isn't pretty. Yes, she knows he's upset but she's also the target of his anger at the same time. He's immature and insulting her - and it hurts her. We may not see her crying herself to sleep or whatever but she is telling us that she's in pain and I find it a bit disheartening that people won't believe her for some reason. She's trying to concentrate on herself but her friends are encouraging to move on and maybe date someone else. The only remotely positive thing she gets from Sheldon is that he asks her to move in - after he asked a dozen other random guys! So it's not like that gives her the feeling that she's a priority for him. And then to top it all off he tells her he's asking other women out. I mean jeez, what is she supposed to think of all of that? She doesn't know that he's crumbling away on the inside. She doesn't know how much he's struggling to keep himself together. In fact he succeeded to such an extent that apparently even his closest friends didn't see it coming when all of this implodes in 9x06. The moment she sees that tape it'll be the first time she sees a side of him that he has so carefully hidden for all those years. So no, I don't think it would be a cheap story telling device if that's what puts things into perspective for her.
  5. I have no doubt they will get back together but yes, they'll have quite a bit of work ahead talking trough all of this. The thing is I think the writers have provided enough reasoning for both to make the other understand where they're coming from. A lot of Amy's behaviour is a result of Sheldon's actions here and I'm hopeful that she'll try to make him understand the chain of events. I have no doubt that he'll still be hurt at some level but I also don't think her actions are so unforgivable that he'll never be over it. Also, I don't think anyone's saying that everything will be sunshine and rainbows instantly. If they really want to change Sheldon and stick with it (as 9x06 indicates) they'll have to figure out the new character dynamics and see how he and Amy get along now. There are many ways to do that - the angsty one you guys are suggesting isn't the only one. With the ring out there I expect their reconciliation will involve a gesture of commitment - be it either an engagement right away or the promise to work through their problems and they'll get engaged once all of this is sorted out. All in all what I see is that the writers are very committed to this story line. I don't remember the other couples going through such a closely knitted and carefully constructed 6+ episodes long arc with some tangible character development for at least one of them (yeah, I know it's all about Sheldon and we didn't get much on Amy, not yet anyway). And while everyone is accusing them of being melodramatic the final result in the episodes is still balancing humour and drama quite well and it's not even a fraction of the angst I'm sometimes reading in fans' speculations.
  6. Ah okay. Hmmm... maybe? Idk if there was any indication that a lot of time has passed from the taping - so unless stated otherwise I'll go with a relatively short time period like a week or two. (Maybe heres2U can chime in?) Overall the whole first block of episodes seems to happen within a very short time frame from what I can tell.
  7. Ugh I'm so done with this circular argument about Amy and the drama and the writers and all that. At this point I'm just sitting here like "of all the things that won't happen this won't happen the most!" O_o Anyway... I hope not. Or at least not a long time period. A few days, maybe a week at most I could live with to let Sheldon eat up his humble pie and the tape find its way to Amy. With 9x06 being such a roller-coaster setting all these little bits into motion it would be so weird if they were hitting the breaks now and have nothing happening for a month or whatever.
  8. Okay guys, please calm down about Mayim's interview - and from what I can tell it's really just one interview that's now been passed around with out of context quotes and juicy headlines! She didn't say anything about the writers wanting to have Sheldon and Amy move on and actually getting new love interests. All she says is that there's some interesting stuff about dating - she refuses to name details but we know what happens in 9x05 and 9x06. So that's most likely what she's referring to. The other thing about potential types is just her answering that question (which she's apparently asked a lot). It's just her throwing out some imho pretty random ideas that have no bearing on the actual writing. Yeah, it's annoying that she doesn't answer with "Of course Amy and Sheldon would only date each other!" and being a proper first mate to Captain Jim (lol) but just as well I don't see it as a reason to be upset over.
  9. If he comes back (and that's a big IF) I think it would most likely be used to clear up a misunderstanding of some sorts and to follow up on Sheldon's own advice to Lenny from 9x02 - to meet the other because his fantasy is running wild or whatever.
  10. I would agree with you if we didn't have the staircase scene in 9x05 that ends with Amy believing that Sheldon is already out there again trying to replace her. The TR said she seemed very upset by this and I have no trouble believing that this may have led to a rash decision with her accepting a date so early - either to prove herself something, or give in to her friends encouragement or just to try to get over Sheldon since rumour has it hat dating might help with that.
  11. "Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together." You may not like this story line - and you don't have to. We all like what we like. But to me it's clear that the writers are building something here. This story line has been building constantly for the first 6 episodes of this season now which is pretty unusual for this show. There's been tremendous character work with Sheldon peaking with 9x06 so far. I think we're past the point at which we can accuse them of just dicking around for shits and giggles. This is just me speculating but maybe they thought they couldn't push Sheldon any further without a big impact of some sorts. And yes, it's a bit cliché and all that on paper - but with the episodes I've actually seen so far it doesn't feel clichéd. Or at least not to me. The way they interact and try to navigate this breakup still feels very much in character. They haven't lost their uniqueness in my eyes. (But again, that's subjective.)
  12. The fact that it took him (and the writers) 9 years to get to this point is exactly why I don't think they'll revert him back to "old Sheldon". Like, seriously, what would be the point of that exercise?? It's not Leonard's pep talk that changed him - it's the whole journey over the years but especially what they put him through in S9. And I'm not saying that he'll turn up at her doorstep the next day all hopeful and happy. I think with the tape out there the next step will be with Amy.
  13. Because he's not a real person but a fictional character and the writers have been setting up a path for them to get back together. He won't get a new love interest (see Kathy's post up thread). From what I gather everything in 9x06 was completely dismantling his "robot-Sheldon" attitude. He tried getting over Amy and that didn't work at all. Why would he try that again? He isn't denying his feelings anymore. There is no going back to "Swearing off romance, and girlfriends, and love." as you claimed in your earlier comment. And yes, he's in a very vulnerable place now and surely is heartbroken by all of this (and my heart is truly aching for him, poor chap!). But then again other things have been set into motion. The taping exists and Amy knows about it. All that's missing is her sitting down and watching it and then make her next move. I honestly can't see her watching his mental breakdown and be completely unmoved by it.
  14. That doesn't match with what we know from the tag scene though - Sheldon is finally giving in to his feelings realising that he can't keep up the farce of "robot-Sheldon" and Leonard encourages him to focus more on his relationships in real life. Your scenario doesn't make any sense in the light of this.
  15. Yeah, that's how I take it right now. Especially with him being so cocky about how there's no one else for her so she should be grateful for him putting up with her nonsense (and variations thereof) I'd even go as far and say it's pretty deserved at this point. Plus, it's also taking me back to what Bernadette said - it's better to have someone who wants to be with you because they want to and not because they're out of options. So in a way I'm glad they go that route with Amy and thus when they'll be back together it'll be because she wants it and sees some real value in their relationship and not because no one else wants to invade her southern borders. What I could find about the interview was just a that there'll be some developments, which technically we got with the last two episodes so that could just be what she was talking about. She was also asked about what kind of new partners would fit for Amy and Sheldon but I take her answer here just as some personal ideas - nothing from the actual show.
  16. Same! I'm having none of that picking sides nonsense. #teamShamy
  17. Well, of course everyone can have their preferences about what word to use and there's surely a good case to be made about reserving "AU" for rather big changes. But the term does cover a big spectrum of fanfiction categories. Often fanfiction written in between seasons automatically end up as AU even though they weren't written with that intent in the first place (Wiki calls this "predictive fiction" if you wanna look up their AU page). From what I can tell Jenafan's fanfic would fall into that category: starting out on a canon point but then falling out of canon once the actual episodes catch up and contradict with the story line.
  18. AU means alternative universe and is basically any fanfic that strays from canon events, often in a "what if...?" scenario. Your fanfic has been in AU territory for a bit already. If your readers liked your story until this point I don't think they'll jump ship now.
  19. You're welcome! <3 If I could like this comment more than once I would! Just to add my 2 cents: For me the kicker about the tag scene is not just that he's finally accepting his own humanity but also the little suggestion by Leonard that maybe Sheldon should start focussing more on the people in his life than fictional ones. It may sound a bit harsh on paper but I think it's the final push he needs. I know it's all horribly sad and I really feel for Sheldon but (to quote Start Trek, yes I'm that kind of nerd) "if he's the man we hope him to be, then the pain of this news made him more receptive to what [he] said, not less." So yeah, to me it's indicating the direction the writers want to go with him next. I don't see him freaking out over germs or whatever. He has more important things to deal with.
  20. I kinda want his character to meet Sheldon now - if only for one scene in which Sheldon has to awkwardly look up to him. lmao
  21. lol so many different accounts on the kiss - of all the options I hope it's this. but still: whatisthetruth.gif I also think this may be either a misunderstanding or the reveal that the date was awful or whatever. Maybe he's friends with someone? I mean, they brought in Jim's former room mate for a scene that couldn't have been amounted to much more.
  22. First, if anyone hasn't seen it yet, heres2U has written a TR here: http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5988-spoilers-discussion-topic-season-9/?do=findComment&comment=409305 Reading this may clear some things up for some. Anyway, what a bombshell to wake up to! Oh boy. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't upset about the spoilers. Though it's not the kind of "omg everything is ruined" upset but it's rather the "I'm so invested in the drama and feeling with the characters" upset. If that makes any sense. Okay, let's see if I can cobble together some coherent thoughts: - Sheldon's breakdown: Holy shit! I've kinda been waiting for this since the break up but with the last TRs we've seen him upset and angry and all that and I thought "well, that's probably it!" But now? They're doubling down on this and completely unravel him. Wow. I wasn't expecting that and I'm eager to see what Jim is doing with this. JFC. - about Vulcans: The Trekkie in me is a bit annoyed with the whole "Vulcans have no emotions" idea. The very point of them valuing logic and discipline is that they're an intensely emotional race and without their self-control their civilization would be in shambles. It's all about bottling it up and keeping themselves in check. If you want to get an idea of what it looks like inside a Vulcan check out the TNG episode "Sarek" in which Patrick Stewart gives a marvellous performance letting those suppressed emotions out after a mind-melt with Spock's dad (just watch it, the scene is probably on youtube somewhere). So in that way Sheldon is probably more Vulcan than he (or rather the writers?) is realising. lolsob - the ring and the tape: Oh dear. On one hand I didn't want the others to find out before Amy - on the other I like how this is tied to Sheldon breakdown and all that. I'm a bit worried how Amy will find out. If it's not through Sheldon personally (and I suppose that's become unlikely with the set up) I hope it's via the tape and she can see what went down for herself. For some reason I don't want Penny to tell her on girls night or whatever. She can send her the tape though. Would be a good compromise, I guess. - Amy's date: I hoped they wouldn't actually go that far but oh well, here we are! It's not that surprising after the last episode when she finds out Sheldon was asking out other girls to get over her. We know it wasn't that serious but she doesn't. So if she gives dating a try I can't really blame her. The kiss doesn't bother me to much if it's really just a peck to say good night. We don't know anything about the date so I'm not in much panic about that either cause for all we know it could've been an awfully awkward evening. I don't know, I'll have to see the final episode, I guess. - Is Shamy ruined for me? Oh dear lord, no! I mean, I get the sentiment of exclusivity and uniqueness and I'm not entirely happy with the interest in dating going that far either. But right now I am a lot more uncomfortable with the idea that this is somehow ruining them forever when 1) we don't know anything about the actual date, and 2) what we know is pretty harmless by any standards. And I refuse to believe that the foundation of this love story is so weak and that Shamy as a couple are so fragile that a small peck on the mouth somehow destroyed all of it forever. - Amy's side in all of this: I've been saying this for weeks now but please let the next episode give us more from her point of view. I'm not saying we got nothing from her so far but especially with the shock of her dating again you need something to follow up on that. (As an aside: I am absolutely shocked how many of the dramatic elements my mind cooked up in the past weeks are actually in this. omg)
  23. Thanks so much for all the information! (Also, yay I guessed the "Resonance" part in the title! lol)
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