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  1. I'll cling to this until the show tells me otherwise! lol
  2. Late to the party because timezones but my impressions: - The nightmare was hilarious. The kiss doesn't bother me because one - it's a dream, two - it felt indeed very OOC, and three - it looked so uncomfortable. lol I liked that it wasn't completely disconnected with the rest of the episode but served as a setup for the later scene in which Sheldon actually offers some advice and Leonard's reaction being "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" lmao - I thought the talk with Mandy was super funny. I found her weirdly likeable when she just didn't give a crap about his insecurities. Also, Leonard has even more weird dreams about Sheldon? ahahaha - The Lenny reconciliation was really sweet. Idk why people thought it wasn't handled that well cause personally, I thought the conflict fit the characters and the things they were struggling with over the years. I do hope that now their insecurity issues are finally put to rest. Their talk was lovely and cheesy as it should be. - Not much to say about the rest of the gang in this. The Raj/Howard stuff was a bit ~same old, same old~ and Bernie didn't get much to do either, though I liked her line about how it's nice to have someone being with you because they want to and not because they're out of options. - ANYWAY HOW ABOUT THAT SHAMY?? -- First of all again: This was a lot more light-hearted than I thought it would be. I suppose the combination of vague TRs and lengthy angry/angsty discussions makes me go into this expecting something more dramatic just to note with relief it's still the same comedy show as ever. -- As per usual Jim and Mayim were great. Like, I was ready to be mad at Sheldon but then Jim and his acting choices come along and he makes it impossible for me to hate him. What a cutie, how dare you! -- Sexual!Sheldon was everything. OMG I could watch that full episode of FWF just to see what else he was rambling on about because Sheldon making all these INTENTIONAL(!!!) sexually loaded remarks was hilarious. One could argue he's just teasing Amy with the things he knows that'll get her (and on a level that is probably exactly what he thinks he's doing) BUT omg does he come across as sexually frustrated in all of this! I love it. (Fingers crossed that some of that sticks for a steamy reconciliation! lol) -- The birthday cake detail was really cute, btw. I kinda wonder which birthday it was. In the love experiment ep the party was pretty spontaneous and I didn't see any cake. Did Amy make one for him later on? Or, did they secretly celebrate his birthday like, say, the year before and Penny just thought Amy didn't know? (I'm probably overthinking this and it's just a throwaway gag but whatever - I take what I can get!) -- I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm okay with what bits we get from Amy's side in this. They may not show it in dramatic scenes but we know that she's having a hard time with this and is heartbroken as well. And naturally Sheldon pestering her isn't helping at all and just reinforcing her decision to make a stand here. Love her anger as well! (You're not done with someone as long as they can still make you angry.) -- The SF trip: I suppose it's save to say that in any case it's something Sheldon would enjoy. Whether those plans were originally including Amy or if it's just him expecting Lenny will take him with them is up in the air. I would love it if comes back at some point down the line but I fear it's a bit of a throwaway joke. I guess if it never comes up again it really was just Sheldon trying to think of a gift and instead of getting something the presentee would want he got something he would like. So uhm yeah, great episode, I think. I am so looking forward to next week though. The previews already have me laughing tears!
  3. I... uhm... what...? Not that I'm arguing in favour of "omg this has to be their wedding song!!11" but why exactly would it need to "show up in Sheldon's head"? I'm really not following you here. I mean, I don't see people asking for him to take the stage and sing it for Amy in front of everyone or something similarly OOC. Just that in case they have a wedding dance it could play in the background - you wouldn't need much more than the chorus anyway. So what exactly is your issue here? Idgi.
  4. Tbf, he doesn't need to wax poetic about it. Just have it play in the background while they dance or something. I mean, I don't expect it to happen but if they'd want to use it there are plenty of ways that don't turn Sheldon into a hippie. lol Personally I also love the "I've done all the maths / and it all adds up to us" part. <3
  5. What a nerd! lol I think the song is lovely. <3
  6. Yeah, would agree with that assessment (with the caveat that I haven't seen the episodes, naturally, so that impression could change after I did). I'd even go as far and say that it's a kinda inevitable development when the writers work with the premise that they both started out at similar point but with the difference that Sheldon rejects change while Amy embraces it. It's only a matter of time until their different pace reaches a point where a conflict like this is inevitable and to get back together they'll need to find some common ground again. As Nickelette said, it's not all black and white. They both have moments of selfishness cause they both have wants and needs in this relationship. But they also have many moments that show that they genuinely love each other's company and care for the other. Up until now the balance seemed to be somewhat skewed in Sheldon's favour but in the end they can't have him drag his feet into the sand and have Amy drag him along forever. With all the growth he's done though -especially in S8- I feel like he's at a tipping point where he's willing to make some big strides to catch up with Amy, or at least I hope he is. And likewise I hope that Amy takes a few steps towards him and decides the relationship is worth it and finds a way to articulate that to him.
  7. my forum ninja skills are too fast for you! /muahahaha omg that clip is a gift - should I ever need cheering up in the next weeks I'll probably just watch that and grin like an idiot! lmao
  8. It's already in the Jim Parsons thread here http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/3368-jim-parsons/?page=827 (It was first posted in the Shamy thread but then moved there.)
  9. LMAO this is everything I wanted and more omg ahahaha
  10. Oh I'm not in disagreement with you about Sheldon's perspective or whatever. I just really want to see this happening: Not right now because obviously that didn't happen according to TRs. (And it doesn't have to be Amy lecturing him - actually I'd like it if it was someone else.) But at some point in the upcoming tapings? I'm up for that!
  11. Overall great post but one thing: I wouldn't go as far and cite him taking care of her as being purely motivated by the RA. I believe him when he says that he cares about her well-being in addition to their commitment in writing. In a way it's actually an excellent example of him putting her needs above his own and he seemed genuinely hurt when she's using his trust to exploit the situation in her favour.
  12. I'm really not sure why one would need any fanwanking for this. The episode was placing a few lines that imho sufficiently explain the characters' decisions. What we got was Bernadette trying to explain to Sheldon that it may not be the best idea for him to join them, essentially confirming Amy's earlier comment about how they'd make everyone uncomfortable if they'd both be there. Do we really need an extra scene with a lengthy discussion about how they plan to handle Sheldon? I mean, over-analysing and nitpicking can be fun (and I'll happily join in most of the time) but why does it have to come down to accusing the writers of not doing their job even though they provide a straight forward answer here?
  13. It was a general online streaming service which they booked as part of their wedding package and probably could be watched from anywhere. It's not something specifically for Howard and Bernadette. If Sheldon wanted he could have watched the whole thing at home. (but he was obviously preoccupied with other things...)
  14. I remember the TR saying the Lenny reconciliation was a really sweet scene. So Idk, I need to reserve my judgement until after I've actually watched it. With few exceptions I've been pretty happy so far with how they handled Shamy so I'm still optimistic. But again, I have to see the next episodes for proper judgement. Well yeah, I wouldn't want that either. ugh I don't want the gang to know and spill it to Amy in a way that the ring ends up dangling in front of her like a carrot or whatever. At the very most I could maybe kinda sorta live with this if Amy and Sheldon had already made a tangible step towards each other but anything less wouldn't be very satisfying for me. Howard and Sheldon aren't exactly BFFs and I can barely think of a handful meaningful interactions between Sheldon and Bernie. So uhm... business as usual?
  15. Yeah, but this is not about who is closer friends with Lenny - it's about who Howard and Bernadette wanted to have around at their house and the answer here is obviously Amy.
  16. Well, let's hope they learned from their past mistakes. /hopelessly optimistic lol Kidding aside, it'd be a pity if they didn't capitalize on that. Giving Sheldon some kind of epiphany moment doesn't even have to be super dramatic - it could also open the door to some great comedy and have them try new things with the character.
  17. Yeah, no, that's not exactly what I meant. For starters "Amy thought you are a bad boyfriend" isn't exactly a speech. lol Okay, nitpicking I guess. It's a good punch though and I think he needed to hear that. But furthermore I don't really think what we'll see in 9x02 is him working on himself (yeah, it isn't really moping either, I know). What I've seen so far is him basically declaring that he wants her back in numerous ways but I don't see that he's actually tried to work on the how to stop being a "bad boyfriend" part. I mean, could be that I forgot something from a TR or that we're getting something more in the episodes when they air (and I'll happily revise my opinion then). But overall I'm with Jim on this in that Sheldon needs to think about why he wants her and how much he's willing to adapt for this relationship. Maybe the "bad boyfriend" line will eventually sink in and he's suddenly breaking out the flip charts and try to figure it all out in the next episodes - I'd be delighted! But so far I didn't get the impression that it had the right impact pushing him into a self-critical yet productive mindset.
  18. This may sound weird, and I say this with all my love for Sheldon, but damn you don't know how ready I am for someone to deliver him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech (to use TV Tropes terms here) that'll kick him into the right direction and make him think things through. For all that we're talking about Amy's side I don't just want to watch him mope around until she's made up her mind. I want to see him work on his part in this as well.
  19. ... and round and round we go... oh well You can argue all you want how Amy didn't try hard enough or whatever - but in the end of the day this doesn't change that fact that 1) the writers try to give us at least some of her reasoning and 2) that the lack of a well thought out argument on her side is part of the plot. She needed to think about the state of their relationship - that is what she already told him. She doesn't know how long this will take her - she told him she'll contact him when she's ready to talk. I know that this is too vague for Sheldon and he can't deal with this because, well, obviously! But the thing is you're accusing the writers of giving us nothing when it fact they're revealing these things bit by bit. I'm sorry that this isn't the story you want to see. I feel your frustration, believe me. If I had a say I'd also rather get something different - probably starting with an Amy-centric episode. I'm just not the type of person to outright reject the story they try to tell us here. I'm interested to see where this is going.
  20. lol We're usually not on the same side in this debate but this is on point. By now we've been over the same arguments over and over again and unless we get something tangible from the show this will probably our own special circle of hell. Yes, please! I've said it before and I'll say it again: they both need to talk about what they want and need from this relationship. --- That said though I'll still defend the writers a little here and say that they're not leaving a complete vacuum. For example: take the discussion on the last couple of pages about how Amy should sit Sheldon down and explain everything. What I see in the show so far is that actually she kinda tries. I mean, she tells him she wants a break and needs time to think about everything. The next day he's on her doorstep and obviously doesn't get it so she tries again and tells him that she needs more time and she'll contact him when she's ready to talk, and same thing again at Howardette's place. And now in the preview we see her again trying to explain her feelings and how she needs space but he still doesn't get it. So yes, she's not particularly successful here because she's confused and exhausted and Sheldon isn't exactly in the state of mind to understand what she wants. But on the other hand you can't accuse her of not saying what she wants and not telling him what to do. She tries, he doesn't listen. So far I'm interested to see what else the writers give us. I don't remember how extensive the TR was for the next episode was but like with 9x01 there's probably still a lot more in the final episode than what we know now. Like, I vaguely remember it saying something about how Amy says it's hard for her, too, but I don't remember it saying that she explicitly tells Sheldon that this is traumatising and she's in pain. I mean, she may not be having a tearful breakdown on screen but describing her feelings that way? Jeez!
  21. I'd like that, tbqh! I mean, Idk how likely this specific scenario is but we had a scene with Amy defending Sheldon, I'd love to have one the other way around as well!
  22. A lot of (if not most) fiction is made up on the spot - the trick is making it all flow nicely from point A to B to C etc. So "not having a plan" in an of itself wouldn't be particularly worrying for me.
  23. I think there may be a misunderstanding here. I don't know how closely you were following the discussion here during the past days but we had quite a bit of fun noticing how Sheldon's dialogue with Amy is suddenly laced with innuendo, like, blatantly so. And that's the "sexual Sheldon" we're talking about here - not the one from Leonard's nightmare.
  24. I also actually really love the sibling-esque friendship that's developed between Sheldon and Penny and I wouldn't want my enjoyment of that to be tainted by some misguided ranting from shippers. ugh I see us having a lot of fun listing all the innuendos after the next episode is out. If that's what it takes to get us through this break I say BRING IT ON! lmao
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