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  1. I'm usually following the mantra "ship and let ship" so unless someone's kicking up a fuss I don't really care. The only times I've become annoyed by Shenny shippers is when I see them make up some nonsense like "Jim secretly hates Shamy and prefers Shenny but he'd never admit that because you don't bite the hand that feeds you... yadda yadda" to legitimate their own preferences or something. It's such a bizarre stance especially in the wake of the recent interviews. Idk why this annoys me so much, it's probably a bit of a pet peeve of mine cause I've seen this kind of thing in other fandoms as well. I just don't like it when people twist interviews of a lovely chap like Jim essentially saying he's lying all the time and just after the money. Like, can you not??? ugh /sorry for venting
  2. Yeah, with stuff like that I'm with Phanta and don't really count silly throwaway lines like that as important to character continuity.
  3. There are plenty of off-screen moments - digging through the forum the other day I found this lovely thread: http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5562-offscreen-shamy-moments/
  4. Personally, I kinda like the idea of finding out bits and pieces over time. But I agree, I'd be less happy it if this becomes another one of those "Sheldon tells everyone - except Amy" things. Or if he has to talk about it to someone at least keep it outside the core group like with his mom. I could live with Wheaton as well. Though my ideal scenario would be that he's keeping it a secret and we only get the whole story when he presents the ring to Amy.
  5. RE: the eggs comment - wanting to get back at Amy vs. wanting kids Yeah, I'd say it's both. The wanting kids implication is probably not consciously in there but there's so much boiling under the surface with him in his hurt and anger that it surely is somewhere in there. I mean, he may want to say that he can wait while her biological clock is ticking but at the same time this is completely inverted by him being the impatient one here. To quote Jim here: "He wants what he wants."
  6. Same! Unless they really screw up in a big way within the next TRs I see myself sticking it out and see what story they offer us. If nothing else I'm sure we'll get quite a few interesting and fun discussions out of the whole thing. :3 I just finished my X Files rewatch today. I shipped the hell out of Mulder and Scully in the 90s - maybe that's were I got my patience from. lol
  7. Could be another "n" before the "ance"... and before that something round like an "o" maybe... Resonance?
  8. First and foremost, I don't really give a toss about what Molaro says in interviews. What he says beyond the already taped episodes is pretty vague. His job is to stir interest with the general audiences for the first episodes, not to provide the relatively few of us here with specific information about the break-up time line. So with that in mind I don't take his comments as a "guarantee that there is no reconciliation coming in November". If I'd give him the benefit of the doubt I'd believe him when he says they want to find the right moment for them to get back together. If that means they'll put some proper thoughts into all this I can probably get on board. Ideally I'd still hope for Nov - but if for some reason that doesn't work with their "right moment" feeling I'd also be okay if we'd see at least some tangible steps towards reconciliation. I mean, I guess most would hope for a big happy reunion with hugs and kisses but I'd also be fine if they take it slow and fix their problems one step at a time. Idk, what I always loved about Sheldon and Amy was that they started out as these couple of friends who'd be completely wrapped up in their conversations or whatever - and if we'd get something like that my heart would probably already melting away, ngl. (lol I'm easy to please, I guess.)
  9. I saw that this morning - what in the world???? People are so rude! *hugs* Btw, I read it yesterday before going to bed and I really liked it. <3
  10. lol if we have to pick teams here... #TeamRajAsWeddingPlanner
  11. Throw in Raj for good measure and I can totally see that, tbqh!
  12. Well, I suppose evidently they did let him in. Though on Bernie's defence, she did try to explain to him why they were doing what they were doing (that it might not be the best idea for him to be here right now). It didn't work but I found that to be a nice little moment. Whenever I think of a Shamy wedding it's either one of two extremes: It's either completely low-key signing the papers and be done with it - or completely over-the-top fairytale wedding for Amy with geeky stuff for Sheldon as a compromise. lol
  13. My guess would be that Bernie and Amy are just closer friends than Howard and Sheldon (as harsh as it sounds). So when they feel they have to make a decision because it wouldn't be helping if they were both there they'd pick Amy because they know how much of a pain in the ass Sheldon can be. I feel so sorry for Sheldon but I can't really blame Howardette either. I don't think that this means anything in terms of how many seasons we'll get. I remember someone calculating Amy's wedding plans and ending up with somewhen early S10 - not too unrealistic, so fingers crossed! lol Yeah, that's the only thing I could find as well - but I wouldn't call it an apology. From what I remember from the TR they treat them as her first piercings. I never paid much attention to the kind of earrings she wore before but maybe you can explain them as being clip-ons or something. Yeah, let's hope some of that sticks until after they're back on good terms. I'm also just loving what Jim is doing with the material so I'm confident he'll find a great balance for happy expressive Sheldon, too!
  14. Yeah, I'm not picking sides here - I still feel for them both. #teamshamy aww Amy with earrings! I hope they don't forget about this and have her have some more varied hairstyles that occasionally show her ears with earrings. :3
  15. Well, I wouldn't take everything from the pilot as gospel - the characters changed quite a bit in those early days.Or as TV Tropes calls the phenomenon: "Characterisation marches on"!
  16. I loved hat detail, too. It's after he's saying the thing with the wedding "You're going alone to a wedding? That's sad." and Amy's shaking her head or whatever and that's when he's checking her reaction. I suppose those minute details will be even more interesting next week!
  17. Yeah, I can understand if that'll be hard to watch for you - and maybe it'll be the same for me, too. (Though actually seeing the episode helped me with 9x01 - so who knows? Maybe it won't be that bad, Idk.)
  18. Lovely read, thanks for sharing! I saw that but I wouldn't call it an apology either - hence my confusion!
  19. I'm really wondering where she's been apologising. A quick look at her social media didn't bring up anything. But yes, fans can be the worst. ugh I think it's very much in character for him to not be able to handle the situation. He's never had a heartbreak. He's hurt. He's angry. He doesn't know what to do. He's going through his own flavour of the stages of grief. From what I gather from the TRs he'll let his anger out next episode and then it's rather grief and sadness (for the taped episodes so far anyway, we'll have to wait and see what happens next). I'm not entirely sure what scene you're talking about. If it was the scene with Leonard his words were: "You would never kiss me and make me say 'I love you' and then break up with me." Probably a bit pedantic of me but let's not crucify him for things he didn't say.
  20. I didn't think this would be so much fun cause they have done the sort of clueless innuendo jokes with him before but I feel they're turning it up to eleven now and him being all unhinged in his behaviour makes it... Idk... more real? less innocent?? Maybe Jim's pelvis will be put to good use after all! lmao I suppose it's the next best thing since he doesn't have an actual woman at hand to make Amy jealous. I mean, he suggested to Penny that he should date that woman Leonard kissed to get back at Amy. He had the same idea when Amy went out with Stuart back in the day. Getting back at her by trying to make her jealous seems to be his go-to idea for some reason.
  21. Really makes me wonder how much of that is intentional and how much is just his unconscious dirty thoughts bubbling to the surface. In a way I'm hoping for a moment of realisation for him here cause watching him when the penny finally drops could be hilarious. lol Happy accident! IIRC Amy asks him about the knock and he's like "You don't deserve my cute idiosyncrasies!" but after she throws the door in his face he's quietly doing his knock thingy on the table in the hallway on his way out. (awww!)
  22. Haha, indeed! Another thing that took me a bit by surprise (either it wasn't in the TR or I forgot about it) was that in the scene in front of her apartment he instantly assumed Amy already found another guy for coitus. Taking aside the angsty aspect of that accusation, again his mind went straight to some dirty thoughts. Judging by the other TRs so far there'll be more of that to come. "You may notice that I'm holding a remote control. Thankfully all the things that my girlfriend used to do can be taken care of with my right hand."
  23. Between that and the bra thing he has his mind in the gutter! lmao
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