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  1. http://eii-shamy.tumblr.com/post/129630793756/promo-from-the-second-episode-of-season-9-of-the
  2. I expect the next episode to be softer than it reads on the TR as well. The preview clip already had me laughing at Sheldon's (unintentional?) innuendo and Amy's angry "I'm gonna kill him!" lol I think it was episode 2: Sheldon gives Lenny a wedding gift in form of a trip to San Francisco with some activities that sound rather as if it was planned for him and Amy. Speculation is that he may indeed have planned it for himself and use the trip to propose to Amy or something. But it hasn't been mentioned again so far so there's no confirmation either way.
  3. Finally had time to catch up with everything. Overall I liked the episode more than I thought I would from the TR. I mean, I wasn't opposed to the story lines in the first place but I was unsure about the feeling of it all. The performances made all the difference and it softened the blow quite a bit. Things I liked: - Mayim was great and her performance really left no questions open about how Amy feels, IMHO! - Jim did a great job as well. Seeing Sheldon so unhinged was kinda heartbreaking but also made the things he said easier to swallow cause being overwhelmed by hurt is very relatable. Sheldon may know when he has a feeling but he's so very ill equipped to deal with any of that right now. - I loved Bernadette and Howard in this! I loved how supportive they were of Amy and how they tried to not have this situation escalate. Also, their little "we had a better wedding" fist-bump was so cute! lol - As much as I wondered about their friend's motivation in the past weeks I think seeing their reactions put this into a better perspective. There are lots of "Are you okay?/How are you feeling?" from everyone so that puts my mind at ease a bit. - Stuart was hilarious! Sadly Raj didn't have anything to do in this. I did like his "I'm sure you'll figure something out!" though. - The phone call with Mary was sweet (could have been longer but then again I could always do with more of her!). I love that the ring is a family heirloom - it's her grandma's (Sheldon's great-grandma)! And also that she tells him to keep it for the time being. Mama knows best! Can't wait for next week!
  4. So then I'll be off for the night (damn you, time zones! I'll catch up first thing in the morning.) Happy premiere night for the rest of you who'll be watching!! <3 I know it'll be hard but... “Remember, be strong…even if it breaks your heart.” (Doctor Who) (If nothing else helps rewatch the MaJim interview to soothe the pain!)
  5. Big YES to this! My ideal post-reconciliation scenario would be to do exactly that. Have them both learn to be a better partner for each other - and that includes having Amy to mess things up every once in a while and learn from her mistakes.
  6. You may want to read the rest of my comment. lol Aww yes, that was lovely as well! I also love how they go basket weaving in the end! <3
  7. Yeah, I'd say as examples go I'd put it on the very low end of the "worst offenders" list. I mean, yes, Amy had to put some effort in to cheer him up but the way it turned out was so sweet and lovely - not to mention the pure bliss later on in the fort. (Fort Cozy McBlanket is my happy place! <3) I think it's actually a great example for the idea that putting some work into a relationship can come with great rewards. The only problem is that it seems to be a bit one-sided at times. Like, when was the last time we've seen Sheldon being selfless like that? As in: cheering Amy up or taking care of her or whatever without any major weird motives - and I mean actually on screen as part of the plot (don't start with the stupid mushroom log again lol). Isolation Permutation, Fish Guts and Love Spell feel so long ago! Can we have something like that for S9? Pretty please??
  8. Why, thank you for acknowledging that and I agree this seems to be an argument about semantics. Again, as said above, Amy having moments of feeling "hurt" or "disappointed" in her relationship doesn't equal her being "unhappy" - at least not for me. I don't want to speak for Kathy but I suspect it's probably similar in her case if her other post about Amy's perspective is anything to go by.
  9. Who were you (and wowbagger for that matter) talking to then? I didn't see anyone argue that Amy was horrible unhappy in their relationship. In fact nobody was using the word "unhappy" but you two (well, three if you count koops earlier comments) As said, having moments of feeling "hurt" or "disappointed" in a relationship doesn't equal being "unhappy" overall.
  10. I'm not even sure where you got the idea that I (or Kathy for that matter) think that Amy is "unhappy". Unsure about the relationship? Yes. But "unhappy" as in "omg why would she stay with a guy who treats her like shit"?? No. (same answer to you wowbagger)
  11. Speaking for myself here: "Yes, there have been bumps in the road" and this is what I'm saying all along. There have been bumps on the road -even through S8- that lead Amy wanting to reconsider the route they were taking. But every time I'm trying to explain that point you guys go "but the road wasn't even *that* bumpy! look there were even stretches when she could go 30 miles per hour!!" even though all I'm saying is that it's just about bumpy enough for me to believe that, you know, she'd want to stop at the wayside for a moment to look at a map. Bottom line: I ship the couple precisely because I've seen them in good and in bad times. I can relate to their problems and find them utterly adorable when they have some happy times together. And I'm rooting for them to be back together because I believe they're a wonderful match and make each other better. And although emotions are running high right now that lead to some rash decisions I also believe that they can work it out in good time.
  12. Really? Of all the things that have been written that is your takeaway? That somehow we think the relationship is the worst but are still rooting for it for some inexplicable reason? What the...?!?? No wonder we're going in circles here. ugh I'm not entirely sure what I could write at this point that I haven't already written a dozen times over.
  13. Well, of course that's what people do. I mean, in the end of the day every viewer needs to make the decision if they do go along for the ride and try to make sense of what the writers give you or, well, they don't. You have my sympathy if you just can't get on board with it for some reason. I've been there with many shows. It sucks. I know the feeling. But for me personally right now I don't see the idea of "Shamy were so happy in S8" to be mutually exclusive with "Amy decides to take a step back in the finale" because I did see the issues they had over the years and even in S8. I've been surprised with the way they went about it but I always thought their issues needed to be addressed in a big way somehow. So it works for me - so far anyway. (For all I know I may be eating my words in a few weeks and you may all snort in derision at my tomfoolery when the time comes. lol)
  14. I can't speak for the others but the way I see it: I don't think it's particularly fertile to try to argue away all these little annoyances with something like "well but that other time he was nice to her and she loved it!". That is not the point. The point is these annoyances still exist. And they still hurt her on some level, some surely more than others. No doubt about that. Looking back at the discussion the mushroom log was brought up as one of those many examples - not the sole reason. The discussion just got a bit out of hand with the back and forth about it. (Personally, I'd rather concentrate on the bigger picture rather than going in circles over little events like that.) And yeah, I agree, I don't think they wrote S8 with the intention in mind to break up Shamy. However, that doesn't mean that this storyline doesn't make sense in hindsight. Intentionally or not, they've given the two of them enough conflict potential to make this work. It makes sense for Amy to want to re-evaluate her relationship after a fight on their anniversary - not because it was a long term plan of the writers but because the way these two characters were written provided the writers with an opportunity to tell that story.
  15. Going out on a limb here and say: This isn't about a single example! I'm sure whatever gripes Amy may have had with the log are not that much of a big deal in and of itself. However, it may have been one of the many little things nagging away at her - especially when seeing that he is willing to make a nice bouquet for his mother. It's a cumulative effect of tiny annoyances. It's one of the many straws that broke the camel's back. A single event like this doesn't have enough weight to make her have second thoughts. But having to deal with off-hand comments that hurt her or careless behaviour that disappointed her over the years (no matter how unintentional those instances may have been) can push one enough to cast at least some doubts and feeling like you need to re-evaluate your situation. Just to make this perfectly clear: I don't think Amy was unhappy overall or didn't cherish the good times they had, especially in S8. You can be happy in a relationship but still have these little things bother you after a while.
  16. Tons of 'em! Though they're probably rather fitting for the realm of fanfic than an actual episode of the show. lol
  17. Even more baffling: Why not go for the compromise and buy her a potted plant!? Pretty plant genitals for years! With good care they easily live longer than the mushroom log! Plus, if you buy the right kind you can chuck the flowers into your salad and actually eat them! There, all bases covered - gdi, Sheldon, ask me next time! lol
  18. Keep in mind Molaro is just doing his job and promoting the show to a general audience - his words are not intended to address the very specific worries we might have in this thread here. I mean, like, all this talk about Shamy being "divorced" isn't exactly surprising when the promotion for 9x01 is all about wedding stuff. No need to over-analyse his words here.
  19. Okay I'll play. 1) Engagement <-> Coitus Could go either way, IMHO. Depends a lot on how they handle the reconciliation and how they go from there. I never saw Sheldon to be the type who has religious hang-ups about sex before marriage but rather that it's a question of overcoming with his own discomfort regarding physical intimacy and finding just the right moment. And if him wanting more and calling their make-out "foreplay" in 8x24 is anything to go by he's not too far away from that point. I can easily see coitus happening after a bunch of more sleepovers with increased ratings each time. lol The engagement probably has a bit of an edge in this race cause he already has the ring and the writers could make it happen at any moment. It could also be a bit more reassuring for him -especially after the relationship trouble- in getting over whatever nervousness he has left regarding coitus. At least one of these will be done by/in ep 200. 2) Living Together Unless they rush the wedding somehow I don't see a reason why they shouldn't move in together once they're engaged. 3) Marriage I don't see them shoving 2 weddings into one season so my guess would be they save this as the highlight of S10, hence why it ends up last on my list. There you go, that's my 2 cents.
  20. Ah ok, I feared I was missing something. Can't wait for the whole interview to come out - the first bits have been great! <3
  21. So then, is the whole interview out yet or just that snippet from instagramm?
  22. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised how consistently they're handling this until now. I guess that might be the reason why I feel more optimistic about it. But you know, we'll have to wait and see how it'll turn out in the end. The saying they're referencing is something along the lines of: “If you love someone set them free. If they come back they're yours. If not, it was never meant to be.” (There are a gazillion variations of this.)
  23. Oh yes, absolutely! I do feel like they're walking that thin line of having their friends' behaviour just being plausible enough because they've done this before (e.g. not taking Shamy as a couple seriously, urging Amy to find someone better, etc.) but a sudden break up still begs the question why there's no proper talk - especially with Penny. I think someone in the thread suggested that maybe she is just too wrapped up in her own story line to care right now (I'd personally would have to see the episodes for myself to be the judge of that). It is a bit bizarre when she's apparently ping-ponging between comforting a heartbroken Sheldon and urging Amy to move on.
  24. My point is I feel the audience is given a reason in form of "a leads to b leads to c". I mean, you may disagree with that because that's not the answer you personally seek right now (especially since knowing the characters so well you can list a gazillion sources for their conflict and need clarification for which one of them is the cause here). But nonetheless I think it's a valid approach for the writers to go this way and take the viewers along for the ride. Yes, you may not have *all the answers* right now but you do get a reasonable explanation why the characters behave that way and the writers still have time to wrap it all up with a nice bow later on. And of course I'm absolutely with you in that they hopefully put some thought into the resolution and don't half-ass this like the Lenny conflict (then again I'd need to see the whole thing for myself). In the past they've been pretty good at when they have Amy and Sheldon talk things through so I'm hopeful here.
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