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  1. koops, I don't entirely disagree with you either and see where you are coming from. I don't however think that the show will ever spent its time to spell all of it out for us. I don't think it has much to do with the alleged incompetence of the writers but simply with whatever (self-)imposed limits of the genre and screen time. And I absolutely understand if you want something different out of this (it happens!) but this is the story they've chosen to tell and try to make work with the best of their abilities. The story mechanics are in place for this and one by one they fall smoothly in line like dominos, as you said. As for OOC moments: I personally don't think it's OOC for Amy to not explain everything in great detail to Sheldon at this time when the very reason for her to ask for a break is that she's exhausted by this. And her feeling cornered and hurt after his pestering/insults only makes it worse. The thing is, I do think of both Sheldon and Amy being somewhat ill equipped at dealing with their emotions (despite their usual bluntness). They tend to bottle it up to some extend and it boils under the surface until you get these outbreaks that are not necessarily resulting in their usual behaviour. Would it be easier if Amy was just her usual patient self? No doubt! But the point is that right now she isn't. I mean, don't get me wrong, of course I'm hoping that when they finally have their reconciliation she'll explain to him in clear words "You know, this is my problem..." (and yeah, maybe Sheldon mentions that Penny told him he's a bad boyfriend and all that jazz). Personally, I just don't think that when/if Amy is spelling it all out her motives from 8x24 or 9x01 will be a big surprise in the grand scheme of things. Smarty pants!
  2. To find out stay tuned for the next episodes! So far she's been taking a step back and hopefully had some time to think but with the latest episode we reached a bit of turning point for her in that she is forced to make a decision. And we'll have to wait and see how this'll turn out in the end.
  3. To put it bluntly: Sheldon was an asshole and instead of backing off he continued to hurt and infuriate her with his actions. Initially she wanted some time to think and later Sheldon to stop being such a prick. If it weren't for his hurtful actions it wouldn't have come this far.
  4. You're welcome and thank you, too! Yeah, I think right now they've perfectly set the stage to get them back together. With Sheldon moving through his stages of grief and Amy being brought back down to earth they both have now gotten to the point that they fear the other might move on without them. The question now is: What do they do about it? Personally I would hope that the writers keep a rather balanced approach to this. I wouldn't want either to crawl back to the other in an act of desperation or whatever. I do like the idea that the unresolved status of the RA could be a starting point to get them to talk and I would love for them to both acknowledge their fault that got them into this mess and be honest with each other about their wants and needs in this relationship. I don't know what the writers will do but that would be my ideal baseline for the reconciliation.
  5. I know we all have our personal take on Shamy and their relationship dynamic and whatnot (and undoubtedly the writers have their very own take as well) but what puzzles me personally is the idea that Amy has some sort of hidden agenda about the breakup - that somehow she isn't truthful about her motives or hides her true feelings or whatever. IMHO if you take this whole thing at face value I'm not sure what explanation you guys are missing. Amy asking for a break comes right after their fight on their anniversary. She was frustrated that after 5 years all she could get out of him was "a distracted make-out session". This is nothing new as we've seen her frustrated with their progress and Sheldon being insensitive towards her before (and yes, you can have plenty of happy times in a relationship but still have these little things nagging away at you over time). She later elaborates that being his girlfriend is mentally and physically "challenging". The whole situation is difficult for her so she needs time to re-evaluate if that's what she wants - I don't know what else you'd need here, seems reasonable enough for me. And then the very next day Sheldon is pestering her about this, and worse he's not willing to drop the subject even though he's been told to shut it repeatedly. She's backed into a corner and it escalates when he's (unintentionally, if you're generous here) insulting her in front of the whole group and it's only then that she snaps. Again, very understandable reaction in the heat of the moment. And then, as if that wasn't enough, we get a hurt Sheldon lashing out at her or trying to get her attention or whatever you wanna call what he did - and all his methods do are infuriating her even more. So again, the idea that this might turn into something more permanent here if he's so insisting on being a pain in the ass to her is absolutely understandable. I also don't know at which point their friends would see the need to sit them down and ask what happened - they were present for most of this in some form and obviously made up their mind. And don't get me wrong, I think it's a pity that the group doesn't seem to root for Shamy right now and want both of them to move on cause I'm a sucker for cute friendship moments but at the same time I think it's believable for them all things considered. So yes, it's obvious logistics to keep the conflict from being resolved too quickly but it's also a believable escalation of events that stays very true to the characters involved. And during all of this we do get hints that a permanent break up is not something that Amy really wants. When she wants a break she reassures him that she loves him. After the break up she soon shows doubts when sitting in the kitchen with the others. She doesn't want to tell her mother and hasn't changed her facebook status, she doesn't even want a girly makeover over a guy (except getting her ears pierced which she explicitly wants for herself). She defends Sheldon and turns down dating opportunities repeatedly. And now she's shocked that Sheldon might want to date other women in an attempt to get over her. Taken all of this into consideration what I get from Amy is that she's very conflicted over her relationship because it's not what she imagined it to be. She loves Sheldon and evidently doesn't want a breakup but Sheldon is insisting on being a pushy asshole for some reason and her friends misguidedly advice her to just move on so she's ended up in this situation where she's having to face the possibility of a future without him. Again, I don't think there's much mystery as to how this all came to be. What exactly is unclear at this point? I don't think there's a huge revelation waiting for us. (anyway, this is just my take at the moment, sorry for the wall of text)
  6. I'm not entirely sure why you'd think Amy is "cocky" here. I don't get the feeling that she thinks "oh well, he's so into me he'll just wait for me to come back!" but rather "his interest in romance is so low he wouldn't immediately go after other women" because Sheldon is just not the type who'd date other women on a whim. More than anything I think that her behaviour here is a result of her inexperience. It's the first time she's dealing with a situation like this and she has no clue how to deal with this except what social convention and her friends tell her you're supposed to do after a break up. Well, we haven't really "seen" anything so far - for all we know Mayim would (and probably will) do all of that with her acting. All we got are dialogue bits and scene descriptions (which are sometimes vague at best). She isn't "convinced" - her friends force her. She doesn't even tell her mother, it's Penny who's grabbing her phone and spilling it all. And yes, Amy wanted to have some time to think but she hasn't really had much of that cause people left and right tell her what to do with their well-intentioned but ultimately unhelpful advice.
  7. I'm about to go to bed so thanks for this lovely scenario! <3
  8. That's how I read the situation, too, from what we know right now. As said earlier, I think it provides a pretty even playing field for her and Sheldon. He was already hitting that low point of "She'll marry someone better than me!" last week. Now this week she's getting a taste of that, too.
  9. Yeah, it's quite likely that whatever aspect came across as "wooden" to that particular viewer might just be intentional to underline Sheldon's emotional state in that episode. I mean, from what we know he hit rock bottom last week - him not being super lively now makes sense, I guess.
  10. Maybe his subconscious is trying to tell him something... *wink wink*
  11. Many thanks, Star! <3 lol poor Jim - he'll be so delighted when everything goes back to normal!
  12. Thanks for the additional information! Going out on a limb here and say it's a typo and means "sweat" because of the episode title/content.
  13. Yeah that, too! As Kerry pointed out: This is also done for comedic purposes and doesn't mean that he's completely given up on her. Edit to add some clarification: When I say "give him a break" I mean he can't fight all the time. There are moments of weakness so let him have that. And again, this is literally after he challenges Kripke to a duel over Amy so you can't even accuse him of not fighting for her in this episode.
  14. The progressions thus far: 8x24 - Amy wants a break 9x01 - Sheldon can't deal with the idea of a break, pushes Amy too far, she breaks up with him 9x02 - Sheldon tries several ways to get her attention, gets rejected by an increasingly more angry Amy each time 9x03 - no interaction between them 9x04 - Sheldon asks Amy to move in, she turns him down So apart from one episode in which they haven't interacted at all it's been a series of rejections for him with no indication that Amy still wants him - and you're wondering why he may consider to move on while he and the guys are having a beer at a bar?? Give the poor guy a break!
  15. Okay, needed some time to collect my thoughts since the spoilers and very nice chat this morning. Some points: - group dynamic: I find it fascinating that Shamy appears to be a bit of a linchpin in hindsight - now that they're broken up (temporally of course) the whole group comes a bit undone and you get these plots that has everyone a bit more separated than usual. I mean, we've gotten that before often enough but what's missing are the iconic group meetings. Of course, for all we know they could have still have them off-screen without Sheldon and/or Amy but still there's something not quite right. And in a weird way I like it cause it's not business as usual and if Molaro's comments are anything to go by it probably won't be until Shamy are back together. - "supportive" friends: It happened with Amy in 9x03 and 9x04 and now we see this happening to Sheldon, too. I like that they're consistent with this and I also don't entirely blame them for their reaction. I don't think it's coming from a bad place. I do however think their attempts to help them are quite misguided as I don't think anyone has actually asked them what they want. I mean, I remember the girls asking Amy how she's doing and she says she's concentrating on herself but the next ep already has Bernie trying to push Stuart onto her. If anything their friends' attempts to help them tell me that they have no clue what they need or want at this point. So I see this either ending with one or both of them snapping and telling them off. Or Sheldon and Amy being on their own having to sort this by themselves all the while their friends are dragging them into opposite directions. (The latter one would be quite an effort for them but could turn into something funny if they decide to get back at the group with another social experiment. lol) - Shamy developments: Count me in on team "I'm liking where this is going". And yes, of course all these communication issues are obvious plot tinkering - you could say that about pretty much any story. The important part is does this make sense with the characters and events as they are presented and for me the answer is yes. I don't think Shamy are the poster couple for perfect communication. They do get their wires crossed pretty regularly and that is in part the cause of this big conflict in the first place. It then escalates because of hurt feelings and rash decisions. It happens. I don't think these two are immune to that. Everything else follows quite naturally from then on. Of course it doesn't help that their friends are only encouraging them to move on. I do like that they are given all these moments that show that they're not over with each other. It just needs time to sink in and call them into action. I like that with the staircase scene this week the playing field is a bit levelled again after in the past few eps Sheldon had to deal with Amy rejecting him in different ways and now it's Amy's turn to face that possible reality - she can't comfortably sit this out if she ever wants him back. I do hope in the next episodes they take a proper step towards each other.
  16. Yeah, more than anything I'd love to have an Amy-centric episode to get her perspective! I can easily see this happening shortly before the reconciliation cause the moment she makes up her mind she and Sheldon can finally have a talk (and well, maybe that's why the writers hold back on that cause it seems to be the only big obstacle in the way of them getting back together - but admittedly that may be overly optimistic on my part).
  17. Not yet but I plan to look into it! :D lol bring on some fan service! As far as I can tell none of the regulars here. There's one person listed on standby but they've only posted on the ticket thread. Idk if they'll write a TR or anything.
  18. I only just recently got back to it (the summer was a bit rough health-wise ugh) and I really missed doing those! On that note, am I the only one who'd love to have some more Penny + Sheldon yoga sessions? You could use it to explain his slightly more built physique if you need a reason. lol
  19. You're welcome! (insert cute hug gif here) I've been part of fandoms for too long to know that dwelling on negativity won't do me any good. If I'd care with that intensity about any and every line someone from the show said in a promotional interview I'd probably gone bonkers by now. Moffat and the Doctor Who fandom is already a handful, and the X-Files fandom is setting itself on fire every time Chris Carter opens his mouth. I'm too old for this drama! lol It's a little rough now but this too shall pass! /off to do some yoga
  20. I feel you! It's hard to keep your zen sometimes when negativity is piling up. May I offer you a consoling hug?
  21. I read them with my morning coffee! hehe
  22. Well, it's today evening in the US, early tomorrow morning for us in Europe.
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