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  1. What a delightful little interview to wake up to! <3
  2. yeah, saw that but I wasn't sure how up-to-date the list is. oh well, fingers crossed someone will spill the beans!
  3. Susana, I love your undying enthusiasm - keep it up! I suppose that depends on how much they want to involve Mayim this week. Could go either way, hard to say. Speaking of the taping though, do we know if anyone from the forum is going? ngl, I love that "locked in a room" trope! I wouldn't mind if they used that somehow. hehe
  4. To be fair to him here his exact words are that they have "no set plan" and that they're "feeling this out" along with the characters. It doesn't say that they have no plans at all. It also doesn't say they want to drag this out as long as possible. He says they want to explore the new group dynamics and do what feels right for the characters. I think that's a fair enough statement in an interview like that. All this matrimony vocabulary like "divorce" and "marriage of three" seems very attention grabbing chit chat for the headlines which isn't surprising considering the premiere. Yeah, I'm curious about this, too. I wonder how much of that is him realising that this wouldn't be the best idea right now or if it's his mother talking some sense into him or...???
  5. I always take these kinds of interviews with a grain of salt - especially when the season hasn't even started airing, yet. They aren't exactly made for the handful of us sitting here who are devouring every spoiler and over-thinking any possible plot twist. Their purpose is to get Joe Public interested so it's all pretty vague and the most concrete details are on episodes that are not just taped but also have quite a bit of promotional material out already. I've seen showrunners/writers make these wishy-washy interviews all the time and they don't necessarily mean anything in the great scheme of things.
  6. Right? The idea of Sheldon wearing his shirts like a mood ring is kinda hilarious because that's so not him. lmao
  7. You're welcome! It definitely worked for me cause Kripke has a small enough role that you can take a few more creative liberties with him and then have fun with how the other characters react to that.
  8. Well that depends on whether the working theory is Wastonian (in-universe) or Doylist (out-of-universe) in nature. Or in other words: Are we arguing here that Sheldon is picking out his own shirts according to his mood or are we arguing about the costume designers picking the shirts that fit the scene best? The latter viewpoint would probably be more applicable when compiling the data and drawing conclusions or else we end up arguing stuff like "but Sheldon couldn't possibly have knows he'd be angry later that day!" or some such things that don't really get us anywhere, imho.
  9. Well, thanks to your recommendation I ended up reading the whole thing today and thought it was really good. So thanks for that! @ nibbler: I thought you did a great job with this. When you went down the rabbit hole I was just thinking "oh nononono... dear lord, this will only get worse before it gets better...!" but I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and couldn't put it down - and believe me I've given up on other fanfics for less! But I thought you handled the whole thing in a very believable way and the payoff was so very worth it! Again, well done! <3
  10. Yeah, I don't see the writers letting either of them have a one-night-stand or even making out with someone else. At the very most I can imagine Amy being set up for a date but even that I can't see going very far (if anything a story like that would probably serve to have her realise something about what she wants and/or make Sheldon step up but not much more).
  11. Yeah, in terms of Amy's family I've come to realise there's quite a gab between things I want to happen (some nice mother/daughter moments, more background on Amy, etc.) and things that'll actually happen (probably none of this lol).
  12. Yeah, not too keen on it either - the source wasn't particularly reliable anyway. lol
  13. Yeah, I also would have loved something more supportive from Amy's family. Oh well. Maybe it does take an emergency for Amy and her mom to reach some common ground.
  14. I don't think it'll take them all season for them to get back together but otherwise I agree. Imho all signs point to them using this for some character development - or else what would be the point, you know? I personally do feel the writers like to push Sheldon's boundaries and this is just another step into that direction.
  15. With Jim and Mayim being so outspoken about hating not working together/being paired up I can't see the writers dragging this out beyond the sweeps. But yes, I do think it's a great opportunity for them to show some more range because it is such an unusual situation for the characters. Yes, this! Take the TPs with a grain of salt cause it's always a different experience seeing the actual episode on screen. Can't wait, tbqh!
  16. Going through this bit by bit: "It wasn't necessary to break them in the first place, but they did break them up." And when you make a creative decision like that you better see it through and not half-ass this thing! See the S7/S8 hiatus story, which imho was handled with a lot less care. "Why would having more time make whatever he says/does more sincere." Having time to really think things through does that, you know. In any case she can be sure it won't be a panic reaction. Him pestering her in 9x01 and 9x02 was such a reaction, same probably with him asking her to move in now. The issue is Sheldon does often get away with those things - he causes some problem, then manages to fix things relatively fast but 3 episodes down the line we have the exact same kind of conflict and it seems he hasn't learned much from any of this. This probably the first time they actually have him work hard for what he wants. "It doesn't but gives her more time for her doubts to increase." What makes you think that? We haven't gotten anything that indicates Amy is doubting him more - quite the opposite in fact. "They don't have to have the happy reconciliation now, but they should be doing something to work towards that, but I see nothing like that." Amy defending him from Bernie and Sheldon realising on some level that he fucked up is definitely a progress in my book. "And when you consider they resolved Sheldon's running away last year in one episode, 4 episodes with nothing being done is dragging it." This is exactly why I'm glad they do it proper this time. The resolution to his running away was so lacklustre. ugh
  17. I don't think this is particularly hard to grasp for a casual viewer. Like I said in my earlier post they do show a plausible escalation of the events that is really easy to follow. "Amy and Sheldon have a fight and she breaks up because he's a dick" isn't exactly rocket science. It would be a lot harder if we were still in this vague "taking a step back" phase.
  18. Story arc, character development. That kind of stuff, you know? I know some of you guys don't like that in your light hearted comedy cause it's usually a staple of drama but honestly, is it so hard to imagine the writers actually wanting to go somewhere with all this? Or do you think they just sit around and think about how they can make the shipper's lives miserable?? I mean, they probably do to some extend but come on! I have no doubt he will eventually do that when it's time they have their talk. The tragedy of this dilemma is really that Amy doesn't know how much he loves her. He has the tendency to ramble on at times so he might as well do that then and get it all out! lol
  19. First of all, regarding the "how will he prove what he says" point: How would he prove that in a hypothetical scenario in 9x01? or 9x02?? Seriously, how is that better other than us getting a happy end earlier instead of having to wait for, say, the Nov sweeps? At that point, the fact that he'll have had a lot of time to think about the situation actually makes it more believable to me (and hopefully Amy) and whatever he says will be more heartfelt than the kind of quick fixes he usually pulls off. This is a big deal for their relationship and the reconciliation should be handled with care and not rushed. I wouldn't call 4 episodes "dragging", like, at all. Maybe I'm just more patient here but I'd rather have a well crafted arc than a quick resolution. Second, regarding the RA: The fact that it hasn't come up yet makes me think that the termination clause will never be signed - either it'll be a conversation starter between them or used for a sweet "technically we never broke up!" gag.
  20. Yeah, I think the idea of Amy manipulating him here is just... idk despicable? It also doesn't really make much sense all things considered. Why would one assume that when she talked about how she needs time for herself and how hard it is for her she's just lying and hoping for Sheldon to learn his lesson?? That doesn't make any sense, tbqh!
  21. I actually think the opposite is true. With regard to the discussion about Amy's motives I think keeping a distance between them and having her stand her ground is first and foremost about her figuring out what she wants. With this in mind how plausible would it be if Sheldon just swoops in the next day and tells her all these things seemingly out of the blue? Would that be because he means it or is he just saying these things because that's what happens in hippie-dippie movies?? Even more so would that actually sway Amy at this point when she still needs time to process all of this? From a writer's point of view if I wanted to have Sheldon make this huge gesture (and yes, I said it's a simple act but of course it's a big deal for him!) I'd leave it for the actual reconciliation. And that needs to happen after both of them figured out what they want and how they can make this work. That is when it actually means something! And yes, that also means a lot of heartache in the meantime and a bit of plot tinkering to keep the whole thing flowing. But for all the accusations of "dragging this out" I do think that they already covered a lot of ground in just 4 episodes and the story is moving towards a (potential) big payoff here.
  22. Oh c'mon, have some faith here! Yes, this is a difficult topic for Sheldon - but impossible? Nah! He's been getting over his fears and shown his feelings for her time and time again. I really don't see how after all this simply telling her what he wants in an honest conversation is somehow completely out of reach for him. They've done this before, they can do this again!
  23. Why would you think that? I mean, we're talking about the guy who started out as having zero interest in romance but fast forward a couple of years and he beats his girlfriend to the punch by confessing his love for her. He may be too hesitant or subtle or just unusual with his displays of affection but that doesn't mean that he'll never be able to show her how much he wants her.
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