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  1. I'm of two minds on this: On one hand I do agree that we need an episode exploring Amy's pov. From what I gathered from the TRs she doesn't get that many scenes that allow to show her side of things beyond a few vague comments. Like, for example, her saying "she's concentrating on herself" (or sth along those lines) in 9x03. What does that even mean? We don't know but I'd sure love to hear more about it! On the other hand I do think they handled the break up -so far anyway- in a plausible way in terms of characterisation and sequence of events. I mean, I'd be more frustrated if they were still hanging in this post 8x24 vagueness of "taking a step back" but the writers did make a point by escalating the conflict in 9x01 and 9x02. Amy has been pushed too far by his rude behaviour. She has told him as much point blank when she made the break and his misguided attempts to get a reaction from her served to illustrate how frustrating he can be. All in all this does paint a comprehensible scenario and I have no doubt that this'll work for casual viewers. One doesn't need to read between the lines to get the big picture here. Looking at how things are I'd say what so far we got mostly the broad strokes that narratively justify the break up. Over the years we've seen Amy being frustrated with various aspects of their relationship. They usually managed to work things out but every person has a breaking point and Amy has reached hers by 9x01 (I'd argue she wasn't quite there in 8x24 but 9x01 definitely pushed her over the edge). We also see her being angry at Sheldon's obnoxious shenanigans and she has expressed on several occasions that she needs time to process everything for herself. What we also got though is that she's not completely done with him. She's had second thoughts in 9x01, was sentimental about their time together in 9x02, was hesitant to tell others about the break up in 9x03 and now is defending him in 9x04. If the writers continue down this road I would imagine that within the next few episodes she'll have some sort of realisation about what she wants and hopefully she'll find a way to vocalize that towards Sheldon so that they'll finally have their talk.
  2. Aww yes, there's nothing like the smell of this whole thread going through various stages of grief in the morning as I'm having a cup of coffee and try to catch up with the news from the latest taping! hehe Anyway, first impressions: - yay living arrangements are finally addressed! not too happy about the back-pedalling at the end but whatever. baby steps! and as others have pointed out this could just be to end the ep on a less depressing note and never really be an issue again. who knows. - Sheldon reaches the depression state and feels all alone? high fives all around, fellow Shamys, we've been spot on with our speculations weeks ago! ha! - I love that Amy defends Sheldon! it was on someone's wish list the other day so hooray for that happening sooner than later!! <3 - I also quite like that Sheldon asks Amy to move in with him but also that she turns him down. yeah, I know, I know, how mean. admittedly without an in-depth report or having seen the scene it's hard to make a proper judgement here but it tells me that on one hand he hasn't given up and on the other that Amy won't be swayed by something convenient like that. it just wouldn't be the right moment nor the right reason. - also, with the Room Mate Agreement being brought up here it tells me that the writers haven't forgotten about the paperwork. so there has to be something coming up with the Relationship Agreement at some point, right? RIGHT?? (correct me if I'm wrong but there hasn't been a peep about it beyond that off-hand mention on ep3) All in all I'm excited with the development so far! :D
  3. The small black box with the ring is on the table?? omg
  4. Well that kiss scene looks a lot different from what I remember the TRs said... did the re-tape it? Edit: ah okay, thanks for the clarification, notchinc! For some reason it amuses me to no end though. lmao
  5. Dear lord, I hope not. From the last TP we already know that Leonard is staying every night at Penny's anyway. Backtracking from that would be so annoying.
  6. Well, they're taping #4 today and the page is for #5 so I'm not sure this line of thought adds up.
  7. Since the first 3 episodes didn't have much on living arrangements I take it that'll be addressed tonight as most people were already speculating. I am actually quite excited cause I wanted to see some more progress on this. I do hope that they won't have Sheldon play his current woobie card too much - I actually want them to take a step forward without taking two steps back again, if you know what I mean.
  8. FOR SCIENCE!! \o/ (If nothing else it gives us something to do while waiting for the next TRs/episodes. lol)
  9. Well, it's definitely not true for DW! I think they did this with the Eleventh Doctor and his bow tie but it's not true for the Tenth Doctor and his suits. Some people cling to this theory because it'd be such a neat thing but it's easily disproved when you watch the episodes - the change in suits is pretty random whenever the stories allow for it and are not coinciding with whether the episode takes place in the past/present/future. So yeah, as much as I like the theory for Sheldon's t-shirts (and it really would be a neat thing! I love Easter eggs like that!) I'd need to have some hard data to believe it because I've seen fandoms come up with all sorts of -dare I say it?- malarkey! Bring me some proof and I'll hop gladly on board. But until then I shall remain sceptical. Edit: for some reason I missed your post, whoops! That's more like it - I love having some tangible facts about this! So thanks for that. If you find the interview be sure to share it - I couldn't find anything so far.
  10. The "shirt colour represents Sheldon's emotions" theory is one of those things I wish were true because it hits just about the right spot of being plausible and nerdy enough for the show to pull off. But then I fear it's probably just one of those fan myths that fall apart pretty quickly once it's being put under scientific scrutiny. (For example: there's a similar idea in the Doctor Who fandom that has people believe that the colour of the Tenth Doctor's suit indicate whether or not they're travelling to the future or past. That theory falls apart immediately once you start looking at the episodes one by one but there are still many people who believe it for some reason.)
  11. Hey, be fair here, I said it needed to be adapted! Worf and Jadzia weren't literally fighting any gods either. No, Shamy aren't exactly fighters in the physical sense - their weapon of choice would be the mind, naturally! And they do oppose the religious views of their parents, so I guess there's that, too. lol
  12. Well, since we're talking about geeky weddings: Idk if you guys have seen the Star Trek DS9 ep in which Worf & Jadzia got married in a Klingon ceremony (if not, it's probably on youtube somewhere). I always thought the legend of the two Klingon hearts that beat together and destroy the gods that forged them was such a cool story and it would fit Sheldon's idea of them being the superior couple - Idk if they could get away with using some of that and rewrite it to fit the show. lol
  13. He definitely started out on the rather creepy side for me. I've been hit on by some somewhat skeevy guys in the past so maybe that's why I never found that streak in him particularly funny. But I really started to like him after he got together with Bernie and got some nice story lines. Hooray for character development!
  14. I imagine having babies on set would also put a bit of a strain on the production with it being filmed in front of a live audience and everything. Personally I'm also not really convinced you'd get much entertainment out of such story lines. I mean, it can be done, no doubt. But I'd probable avoid it, too, if I had the choice!
  15. I'm personally not too worried about this cause it feels rather in-character for the people involved and tbqh the most reasonable choice when dealing with a couple break-up in your circle of friends. I mean, Sheldon is really close to Leonard and Penny, yes. But the rest of the gang? Despite some occasional friendship moments when the plot allowed it Sheldon has for the most part been the guy who people put up with instead of genuinely seeking out his companionship. Much of the humour is coming from him being at odds with the rest of the gang. Amy on the other hand is a close friend of Bernadette, she's been helping Raj with some girlfriend stuff and had a blast with Howard on that scavenger hunt! So if you have a constellation of relationships like that in a circle of friends and they have to deal with a break up I don't find it surprising that they'd prefer hanging out with the one person that won't ruin the evening. Is it harsh towards Sheldon? Yes, sure. But it doesn't come out of nowhere. Sheldon is hard to deal with sometimes and unsurprisingly the situation escalates quickly because he simply can't keep his shit together - even when watching his best friends getting married. And don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for Sheldon, too, and a lot of sympathy for his situation but I can't fault the others here either.
  16. Fun with psychotropic drugs! lol
  17. Yeah, that would be a nice way to get the ball rolling! I mean, for goodness sake, his eyes sparkle when he talks about Amy - someone tell the poor girl to cheer her up! lol
  18. Tbqh, this is one if the things that's bugging me about the girls' nights. Amy is usually on the defensive when it comes to her relationship with Sheldon cause Penny and Bernie are making dismissive comments ever so often. What bugs me is that they both have seen sides of him that are actually very sweet but apparently neither thought it would be a good idea to tell Amy for some reason??? I take it the writers may thinks it's funnier that way or whatever but I'd love to have a scene where they break that habit a bit. I mean, it's a popular scenario in fanfic but it'd be interesting to see the actual show giving it a shot, you know?
  19. From what I recall what he said was pretty vague anyway - something like "Amy is open to the idea of dating". For all we know it could have been a line for the girl's night in ep3 that's been scrapped at some point.
  20. This is in fact one of my go-to scenarios for whenever I think about what'll happen when they have their reconciliation talk. At some point Amy tells him how she thinks that he's wrestling with the wrong kind of commitment issues and he's just completely dumbstruck like "what are you talking about? what commitment issue would I have with regards to our relationship?" and it takes her a bit but then the penny drops...
  21. Actually if they're moving there long-term then yes, that child in your example would probably get the British citizenship and thus wouldn't be American as such. I mean, in the end it's a technicality that is handled differently by country. Some are following the principle of Jus Soli (citizenship matches the place of birth) and others Jus Sanguinis (citizenship matches the parents' citizenship) or a mix of both. How that would be handled on planet Mars is of course anyone's guess. lol
  22. Oh sure, of course. But you were the one asking how should Sheldon know that she wants "normal boyfriend" behaviour all of a sudden. And I'd argue that 1) he knows because she's been demanding these things since early on ("all this hand holding is preposterous!" - "well I like it!"), and 2) I don't think it's a question of picking a side with those two. Their relationship has always had a lot negotiating those details and yes, Sheldon has come around to enjoy a lot of these things. So I don't think there's anything particularly new about this conflict between them. It's just that Amy is exhausted at this point and needs time for herself. It's not necessarily a question of what kind of romance -quirky vs traditional- she prefers but probably rather that she wants/needs him being more considerate overall. I'm not saying he needs to meet all her expectations of traditional romance or whatever. That's not my point at all. I'm not taking sides here. He has done a lot of things that are absolutely lovely - even by "traditional romance" standards! IMHO the problem she has isn't so much when he's showing he cares in his quirky "Sheldon-y" way but rather when he's being inconsiderate and gives her the feeling that he doesn't care. Like when he's making a hurtful comment, or him being a literal flight risk, or him seemingly prioritizing his hobbies over her. From what I can tell that's the stuff that seems to hurt her and exhausts her. (Does that make sense?)
  23. Well, to be fair, she never hid the fact that she likes those hippie-dippie things and demands them from Sheldon to some degree. And he knows it. He's commented on this plenty of times. People often make the case that Amy should've known what she's gotten herself into - well the same could be said about Sheldon.
  24. Yeah, I think it's just Amy seeing that Sheldon is perfectly willing to do those things he usually complains about (in this case making a really nice bouquet as a present) for the right person (here: his mother) and that person isn't her.
  25. I had to look that up and omg ~The more you know!~~ lol I see another drunk karaoke opportunity! Glad you like it!
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