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  1. Yeah, that's pretty much my current theory as well. I'd be surprised if the writers go into a completely different direction when (if???) they have Amy speak her mind about what's bothering her. If only I could fast forward to the next few TRs and find out! haha Anyway, I've been doodling a bit today and here's something for you guys to cheer you up! <3 (pls don't repost this elsewhere, thx!)
  2. Shamy Gal, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad you're not writing this show. Killing off Amy to give Sheldon some man-pain? Man, that's way harsh! lol On a more serious note, don't let your imagination get the better of you - I don't think the show writers will go even near that route. As you said, it's a comedy after all! No need to torture yourself over things that'll never happen.
  3. Let's be real here though, who would really want that? From what I gather from interviews, the way they talk about the couple and the chemestry and everything they know they won the shipping jackpot with those two. I can't see the writers keeping them apart for shock value (it'd get old pretty fast anyway). In addition the actors would hate that, the audience would hate that - I can't really think of any benefit here.
  4. Regarding your 2nd point: in another thread a few weeks ago I made a case for the break being made at a pretty good time overall - and so far I still stand by it. The short of it is: If they have to have a break (which, I know, many would say it's unnecessary in the first place, but let's run with it for the sake of the argument) right now is the best time in terms of leaving them enough episodes to work everything out before the series ends AND getting everyone in the audience and in-story to root for the two of them to get back together. With having seen them in some really blissfully happy moments in S8 we and the characters got a taste of what a happy ending would look like, that they are not just some dysfunctional couple with Amy being constantly frustrated and Sheldon annoyed at the whole relationship deal. They can be genuinely happy with each other - they just need to work out their communication issues. I quite like that it started out from "taking a break" and only then escalated to "breaking up" - it's not like Amy completely broke up out of nowhere, there's a progression here and from what the TRs tell us it seems a very in-character reaction to the situation.
  5. I'm a bit more optimistic on the "writers (not) knowing what they're doing" part but yes, give me any indication that the story is going somewhere and I'll be happy, tbqh. The most torturous thing for me in the past week has been trying to figure out which way they'll go with the inevitable reconciliation - any step into that direction would definitely keep me at ease at this point! Can't wait for next week.
  6. I love it when the mix up the characters a bit - please more of that!
  7. Aww yes, I love that quote from David Duchovny: "I heard a phrase once, somebody was talking about their wife. This was a person who was very inept socially, not the wife but the man. There were many things said about him that weren't kind, and he said, 'My wife, who is lovely and social and everything like that, is my human credential.' And, like, makes him a human being, because people think, well, if *she* can stand him, he must have some humanity within him and sometimes I think about Scully as Mulder's human credential. It's the only thing that makes him not crazy in many ways." It's so very fitting here as well! <3
  8. I hope that, too! I quite like her but their relationship is a bit uneven at the moment. I hope that Raj finds whatever confidence he needs to either stand up for himself so that the relationship gains a bit more balance or -if nothing else helps- leaves her for his own well-being and find love somewhere else. To be fair, he brought that onto himself by blackmailing Sheldon to meet Amy in the first place. lol
  9. I really don't understand what your problem is here? You seem to interpret something into my post that wasn't there to begin with.
  10. I give you that the writers aren't shy to throw in some ideas coming out of left field. I do however think some ideas and scenarios are more likely than others - doesn't mean that they'll be right in the end. Yes, Alice (or whoever else) can speculate about whatever they want - but just as they can have their opinion I'll have mine and I will use tools of deduction, logic and experience with story telling to back them up. I'm just not the kind of person who throws up their hands like "oh well anything can happen!" in a discussion like this.
  11. Not that I can help much with guessing the title but I am relieved we got the title page - feels like things are getting back to normal after the kerfuffle in the past weeks. Well, if that makes you feel better: you're not alone with this struggle!
  12. We know for sure he has a ring that looks like a conventional engagement ring (black velvet casing + diamond ring). We also know that he was wondering what to do with it after Amy asked for a break - thus deductive reasoning tells us the ring was/is for her. You may wonder all sorts of things about when he got it or what his motives are but going by the principle of Occam's razor the most likely and reasonable scenario is that he was going to propose to her at some point. When exactly is irrelevant for the question of whether or not he's committed to her cause the ring as such is a clear sign of his commitment.
  13. No, it's really not a matter of lack of commitment. Yes, Amy may think that -and that's where the miscommunication part comes in- but the writers explicitly made a point for the audience that this is not a question of commitment by showing us that he has an engagement ring. He's in for the long run! The issue is that Amy doesn't know that yet.
  14. lmao I'd rather fire up "1989" - "All you had to do was stay", "I wish you would", "How you get the girl", "This Love", "Wonderland" and "You are in love" would all be fitting choices, depending on what scenario you dream up! ;D (It's already canon that Sheldon likes "Shake it off" so I'd say it's save to say he knows the rest of the album! lol)
  15. Some Taylor Swift song should do the trick! :D
  16. Oh I love it! I think it's excellently edited - I love how the scenes match up with the lyrics! It's super adorable and the song is wonderfully upbeat and fitting. <3 (It's currently still on my I-can-listen-to-this-on-repeat-for-hours list, good fanvids do that to me. So thanks for that earworm as well, I guess! lol) Also, while I'm at it: I finished reading through all your fanfics last weekend. Looking forward to whatever you'll write next! :D
  17. Since we're sharing our favourites now, how about this one: (I hope this works)
  18. I kinda really hope they leave it at 10 seasons. Idk if I said this here or in another thread but I'd rather have them end on a high note than become one of those shows that TPTB just won't let die and so it just crumbles away towards its end. ugh
  19. So then, E4's Shamy day is over... and I should've quit after Fortification Implementation (I love that ep so much - it's such a delight!) but now I'm sitting here with a lump in my throat b/c of the gd finale ughh The worst thing in all of this is really having to wait for so long to see how this'll all turn out - and this week we don't even get a new TP! I'm getting more impatient by the day... /excuse me while I'm off to find me some fanfic
  20. Aww their magical first meeting! <33 (currently watching along, have been meaning to rewatch some of those eps for ages now.) Howard's "Good god, what have we done!?" always kills me. Did Sheldon ever thank them for setting up that date? He totally should!
  21. Yeah, when we got our rings we were also still teenagers - oh boy that was so long ago! Engagement rings are not a big thing here so I never wanted one (I also think they're a huge waste of money but that's besides the point, I guess) but we did in fact marry! <3 Also, yay the Shamy marathon thingy started! :D
  22. If they had done that like 1 or 2 seasons earlier I'd be more suspicious, too, but honestly at this point I can't see them backing out on this huge reveal with "jk it's just a promise ring!" With (presumably) only 2 seasons left they have the perfect time frame for an engagement/wedding storyline.
  23. From what I understand that's basically the gist of it, yes. I think the basic idea it that you'd get a promise ring if you're sure the other person is the right one and you want a nice piece of jewellery to symbolise that but at the same time you're not quite ready for a formal engagement/marriage for whatever reason.
  24. I haven't been around all weekend - been visiting my parents in the middle of nowhere and struggling with the lack of internet access. I managed to keep up with some threads but gdi trying to use this forum on mobile is a pain in the butt. lol Well, he clearly got the ring while the RA was still in effect so this point is a bit moot, isn't it?
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