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  1. Yeah, that too. Plus they already have a commitment in writing in form of the RA so I wouldn't know what they would want with a promise ring at this point.
  2. Not being familiar with it I had to look up what a "promise ring" even is. The only time I ever heard about something like that was in the context of those purity pledges (which are creeping me out tbqh) and it had me quite puzzled as to how that would even work with a couple. lmao Anyway, if I understood that right such a promise ring would be a pre-engagement ring signalling commitment to the other and the prospect of engagement/marriage at some point in the future (funnily enough my then-boyfriend/now-husband and I actually got a pair of rings with that purpose back in the day but the guy in the shop called them "friendship rings" for some reason lol) So in theory it doesn't sound too bad. But the reality is we're (presumably) in the second to last season of this show. If we were looking as another 5 seasons or so would be more fitting but the writers are running out of time and I'm sure they intend for it to be a real engagement ring.
  3. On that note I absolutely love it when they allow Sheldon to open up and see a glimpse of his inner workings. I wish they'd do it more - specifically when he's with Amy. It would also give Jim a bit more to do. He's an excellent actor and I'm sure he'd have no problem selling a softer Sheldon showing a bit more emotional range. If the girls stay on a similarly "supportive" path like the latest ep I could see the topic brought up pretty easily on a girl's night. It could start out with them asking Amy if she thought about going on a date and then a talk could easily unfold about what she would want and it all ends with the realisation that she's basically describing Sheldon. Same! During the past weeks my mind was racing with scenarios of how they could bring them back together and I don't think any of them had him lead with a proposal. lol I take it as a good sign that so far nobody else (except maybe his mama) knows about his plans.
  4. From what I gathered it's the next day - 11 hours later.
  5. Yeah, I try not to take them too serious either. But they do make a damn good case if you want to side with Amy on this.
  6. Yeah, I was checking that other episode for my earlier comment and jeez, there were some unnecessarily harsh lines in there - even as late as S8! I do think they made an attempt to soften him especially with the ILY2 from the prom. Correct me if I'm wrong but the really shippy high notes of S8 all came after that particular door has been opened and the writers have allowed him to be more affectionate. But they still fall back onto that kind of casually cruel humour ever so often. I don't think it's necessary to use this mean-spiritedness to get some laughs out of Shamy and I do hope that after the reconciliation they do make some further effort into a more harmonious direction. Shamy can easily still make everybody else uncomfortable - that's their thing after all!
  7. Jenafan & Koops, I kinda agree with you both on your earlier comments ... or maybe I'm in between or whatever, Idk. I do think the relationship is skewed but I don't think that this means there isn't any give and take here. Both are flawed people, obviously, and as much as they have this great communication going on they're not always on the same wavelength when it comes to what's important in their relationship. Amy values intimacy and displays of affection more than Sheldon does - or at least that's probably the impression she gets when he's mocking all those hippie-dippie things all the time and some of his remarks come across as really mean spirited (mostly throwaway jokes for the show but jeez, Sheldon!). And don't get me wrong, I know he's come around for most of that by now but I have no doubt that from Amy's perspective she thinks she has to walk on eggshells around him cause he's a literal flight risk (see S7 finale) and that she tries extra hard to be the perfect girlfriend for him to get something in return (see her "WHAT THE HELL SHELDON!?" reaction). And yes I'd go as far and say that this may lead to her overlooking things that Sheldon does only for her sake. As for Sheldon's side what I think is missing is that kind of talk that he and Penny had once - the thing about youtube changing the voting system. A trivial issue for most people but very upsetting for him. And while his and Amy's minds think alike for the most part I'm not entirely sure that Amy gets that part of him. Like when he asks about the Flash. For us as the audience it's easy to see how this is important to him and even how him asking her in the first place, while bad timing, still may be a sign of something bigger on the horizon (was this his awkward way to talk about commitment/her moving in/proposal??? etc.). We as the audience get an explanation when he talks with Lenny and we can easily put two and two together. Another example off the top of my head would be when they think about investing in the comic book store. Sheldon is the one pointing out that the others should consult with their fiancé/wife about the investment - and then goes on to ask Amy about her opinion implying that she has that same importance in his life (and that was before the ILY2). In both cases Amy doesn't have that additional information so she's left the with the impression of Sheldon being obsessed with super heroes and not thinking about her. (It surely doesn't help when he's throwing another dismissive comment into the mix, ughh) So yeah, I think for their reconciliation they need to get these two sides in sync somehow with a nice heartfelt talk. As an aside, if there's one beef I have with the show it's that for the sake of comedy the interests are so gender segregated, as in "the guys like geeky stuff and the gals think it's stupid". I loved it when the girls had their nerd fight over Thor's hammer but that seemed to have been forgotten about as the show went on. It would have been so great if by now they found at least one franchise they could all enjoy and be excited about! I love that story, too! Well done, Ylva! <3
  8. Yeah, let's be honest, the show has a lot of throw away lines that don't really matter to the big picture. Rule of Funny and all that...
  9. Sounds plausible, Kerry! As long as they're going in a believable direction with the stories I don't think I'll have a problem being patient with them here.
  10. Thanks a lot for the clarification - really puts things into perspective!
  11. Detailed report by Trina here: http://forum.the-big-bang-theory.com/topic/5988-spoilers-discussion-topic-season-9/?do=findComment&comment=396975
  12. Thank you so much for the super detailed report!! <3
  13. If there is a proper post on this I can't find it right now either. Trina was hanging out in the chat earlier and answered a ton of questions so I suppose the information might come from there. At least that's where I heard about the ear piercing. Basically in their mini bachelorette party the girls suggest a makeover for Amy but she doesn't really want to change her styling but wants her ears pierced instead. If anyone knows where exactly the RA comes into play, be my guest and don't hold back with the details!
  14. The thing about Amy and her mother is the one thing from the taping that quite disheartening for me. I know they do these disturbing jokes a lot with Amy when she talks about her mother/past in general. It's just that I hoped they'd be over that by now and let them have a nice mother-daughter talk or something. But having this -from what I can tell anyway- dysfunctional relationship still unchanged today is somewhat crossing the line into "Dude, not funny!" territory. Of course I'd need to see the final episode and I'm sure it's played a lot more light-hearted than the unfortunate implications would allow for in other circumstances. Idk, I guess I just want someone to give Amy a hug and hot beverage or something. ughh
  15. Not much beyond the stuff that we're already discussing: - Amy is very reluctant about moving on (facebook status change, telling her mother, makeover) and it's the girls pushing her towards those things - Sheldon needs to be kidnapped to attend the road trip and is very startled when they come back and Penny mentions what they did with Amy ... and that's pretty much it. There aren't even some nice BTS bits. Much of the stuff with the guys on tour was pre-taped and with the plots being boys/girls separated there wasn't even a cute MaJim moment. On a more fun note though: When the guys tinker with the flat tire of their van Howard starts the rhythm of We Will Rock You which then leads to Sheldon singing the song! lmao
  16. Paraphrasing from what Trina said in the chat: The tag has Penny, Leonard and Sheldon meet after they get back from the trip and they go back and forth about what happened and who had the weirdest night. Penny mentioned Amy got her ears pierced and her mother forced them to put her in to Penny's closet. This has Sheldon startled though Trina wasn't sure if this was just the mention of Amy or genuine concern at this moment.
  17. Regarding whatever goodwill I had towards her mother a few days ago: I take it all back. JFC woman what are you doing to your poor daughter???? I actually hope that this will lead to Amy taking a stance against the girls and fight for her relationship with Sheldon/defend him. That said, I don't necessarily think the girls pushing her to move on is coming from a bad place. After all they've listened to Amy complaining about Sheldon/feeling unhappy for a while now (not constantly but there are a whole lot negative remarks that just add up over the years) and tbh if that's the kind of stories I'd hear from my bestie when she talks about her man I'd also be like "Girl, you deserve better!" if you know what I mean. So with all that push and pull going on with Amy I desperately hope she finds a way to get some time for herself. I had hoped for a cute mother-daughter moment but I think that ship has now sailed as well. Poor Amy!
  18. I was worried after reading Trina's first report, too, but now that I'm reading further details this ep sounds like a riot! lol Another bit from the chat: the guys literally had to tie Sheldon up and carry him to the van to get him on this trip. So for everyone worrying that he's in a party mood that clearly isn't the case! lmao
  19. Idk if this would work in the show but I'd happily read the fanfic! ;) (As an aside, I'm rewatching "When Harry met Sally..." right now and with all the talk about steamy Shamy scenes the part where Harry rambles on about how Sheldon is a horribly unsexy name has me cackling! Let me know if someone has written a fanfic with Shamy watching that movie cause that would be hilarious. lol)
  20. Wouldn't that be a fun way to turn the tables and give him a "WHAT THE HELL AMY?!? Didn't I do everything the way you wanted?" moment?! lol
  21. Jeez, this thread is moving fast today! lol Personally, I don't see any indication that the writers want to regress Sheldon into his S1-3 self or whatever. I always get the impression that they're eager to move on and try new things with him. This may sound a bit weird since he's the one that's actively resisting change and I get that many may find it OOC if he changes too fast but if you look back they already made some leaps and bounds with this characterisation! I do think they have fun with that and want to explore whatever new sides on him they discover in the process while still keeping him uniquely "Sheldon-y". I'd even go as far and say that this break may be their way to speed things up a bit because it's such a radical move at this point. I would hope that they pick the more interesting route of -as you said- Sheldon being fine with the prospect of Leonard moving out and derive comedy from everyone being uneasy and worried about his unusual reaction. That would be a fun twist!
  22. It all depends on when they do it and how it's set up. I agree it wouldn't make sense right now because there's no set up and it doesn't fit the characters' way of dealing with things. However, I'd argue if they use the next episode to set this up with the characters deciding to take some time apart (after all, Amy still didn't have some time for herself to think things through!) and then have the next episode after that show us some progress I think it could work.
  23. If they do a time jump I'd hope they'd use ep3 to set it up instead of going "6 weeks later" in between ep2 and ep3. I could stomach a time jump - even a longer one - a lot easier if 1) Amy decides to leave town for a bit (which will hopefully lead to the long overdue visit to her family/getting some more background about her), and 2) someone manages to talk some sense into Sheldon so he backs off, plus in the meanwhile Lenny finally move in together so that he's occupied with other things on his mind for now, and ultimately he would also get some much needed time alone to think things over.
  24. With all the changes over the years I wouldn't count on something from S2 still being set in stone.
  25. Thanks a lot for the details, Kerry! I can't wait for this to happen! I have seen some people in other threads speculating that the writers will backtrack on the whole moving thing and keep Leonard longer with Sheldon... and I really hope they won't go down this route. It doesn't make any sense to me. With Penny's dad in the mix next ep I can't see them trying to explain to him why they don't live together - in fact he might just provide them with the final kick in the butt to get this over with. I also think that giving Sheldon some alone time is necessary to move things forward. I think he can take it and I'm sure the writers will find a way to make it funny and entertaining. People always treat the character like this delicate flower but you don't have to have him sit around moping while ~hello darkness my old friend~ plays in the background - I think it has a lot of comedy potential as well. lol
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