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    HA!!! OMC that would be a wonderful line to wrap up their engagement scene and SO Sheldon: "You could have had this ring weeks/months ago if you hadn't overreacted, woman!".

    I was just about to comment with the exact same line - it'd be so perfect! lmao

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  2. I am actually surprised too. Because it sounds like all his jabs are dripping with plans for their future, left right and center, in a very obscure manner that I don't think Amy's getting. But I think we get it because we know about it. I have no idea why the ring hasn't popped up under these circumstances. The only thing I can think of (and hope for) is that it's not popping out because the writers are saving that for a really good and poignant moment.

    Maybe him showing her the ring was the initial idea for the premiere and then they figured it would be better left for a later more poignant moment? Plans change after all and maybe that's why things are the way they are with all these surprisingly blatant jabs...?

    The more I think about it the more I want Amy to haul out the flip charts and try to decipher his weirdo behaviour with science! lol


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    That's what I'm saying though. I get the feeling that they're just framing this in the usual Sheldon-centered context and Amy is the "normal" one that bears the brunt of his weirdness. Where is Amy's side in all this? How does she feel about this? She says it's hard, but does that mean hard as in "I miss you, and I'm not sure I made the right choice" or as in "I made the right choice, as hard as it seems right now"? 

    Also, just on a general POV, but I don't think the issue is that he has to be 100% focused on her all the time they're together. I think the Flash comment was a symptom of Amy's more general doubts about what he wants with her. I think she's always had some doubts about whether he wanted more with her and that comment was just a reminder of that at a really bad time. I mean, minds wander sometimes, someone can be distracted. I don't like the whole entitled attitude like "you can't talk TV on date night, you only have to focus on me" and all these ideas about what is and isn't allowed. It's so artificial. I'll never understand why someone would want fake attention instead of honest distraction. Or forced conversation instead of sharing the other person's enthusiasm for whatever it is that they want to talk about. I just think that if Amy's not sure what Sheldon really wants, his being distracted can be seen by her as a sign of general disinterest, rather than just for what it is: a moment of distraction. 

    I think the crux of the issue here is that all of this is happening in a very short time frame. Amy literally had no time to think so far and I think it fits that she doesn't have much of a side yet cause that's what she planned to figure out if... Sheldon would just leave her alone for a bit. So for now I'm still with the narrative and hope that this leads to her going off the grid by visiting her relatives or whatever and hopefully that'll also lead to a bit more character background.

    I absolutely agree with you about the Flash comment being really bad timing that triggered a bigger emotional reaction than it would probably have under other circumstances. As it has been said a lot of times, it's the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

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  4.    [...]

    But I gotta say I just expected the writers to throw some mud at the Shamy relationship because that seems to be their modus operandi for relationships in this show. But I also expect them to clean up the mud as well and have Shamy 2.0 up and running some time soon. I could be wrong. And I don't think Lenny have had a monopoly on the drama over the years. Shamy have had plenty as well, albeit in a different way. So for me this drama was expected and I'm not going to be fussed by it for a few weeks.



    I agree with the sentiment and I'd even go as far and say that now is the best time for this kind of drama with Shamy.

    Before you guys take out your pitchforks let me explain! lol

    Reading through the threads I think one of the most frequent questions was WHY NOW???? and I haven't seen anyone attempt to make sense of it. I personally think the timing is perfect for 2 reasons:

    1) Assuming they expect the show to end with S10* it shouldn't happen too close to the finale. Putting this kind of relationship drama at the beginning of S9 leaves them enough time to patch things up for the finale. (*I know there's the possibly of S11 but let's stick with S10 b/c that's definitely save.)

    2) Placing this after the very shippy happy S8 makes it easier to sell the idea that these two should be together. (This is probably a lot less straight forward than the other reason so bear with me on this one.) I've seen a lot of ppl say that Amy should have dumped him a lot earlier and while her anger may have been more justified at the beginning of S8 or even earlier I think it also makes it harder to root for the couple. I mean, even some of you Shamy shippers have said that you'd cheer for Amy to run because she deserved better. I can imagine the average viewer might have similar sentiments and wouldn't be interested seeing Amy getting back together with a jerk of a boyfriend like Sheldon (at that time anyway). But now with S8 we and the characters saw a glimpse of what could be the way to their happy ending. They made some big strides into the right direction and especially with episodes like The Fortification Implementation there's just this utter delight they take in each other's company. Adding all of these lovely moments makes a stronger case for them being right for each other - and not just for the audience but also for the characters themselves. I mean, again, yes, Amy's anger may have been more justified before all this but how believable would it for her to go back to Sheldon at that point? What would be in for her when all she got was like what, a naughty round of D&D and a semi-passionate kiss?? But now she had declarations (yes, multiple!) of love, Mars, their first sleepover and many other really lovely moments. It also makes it more believable that Sheldon would be so invested in this relationship that he's apparently ready to propose.

    Bottom line: I'd be a lot more worried if they had tried this earlier with the two of them and I'd probably be a lot less invested in the outcome. I am convinced the writers want the characters to want this relationship and the audience rooting for them - and doing this after they had already had some happy times makes it a lot easier and probably even less angsty cause you know that they'll be fine in the end.

    (Idk if this makes any sense to you but this is my take on it based on what we currently know.)

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  5. When I woke up this morning I had an overwhelming feeling that Amy would find out that indeed the Lenny wedding pressie from Sheldon - the SF trip was booked as a surprise for her by Sheldon for the two of them with lots of things they'd enjoy doing together......she's overcome with emotion and realises that she's been too hasty and goes to see him.......

    How I wish this would come true !!!

    Anyway it brightened my day thought I'd share with you guys :) 

    I had a similar thought actually. *highfives*

    Especially with Lenny allegedly not being happy with the present I wonder if Penny tells Amy about it and they go "waitaminute!" and put 2 and 2 together. Cause from what I can tell so far nobody knows about what Sheldon was up to and maybe they throw a few hints towards Amy and have her figuring it out bit by bit. Who knows, could be fun!

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    Sad to say no she wasn't too happy.  And just got more mad as the episode went on.  But do you blame her.  He was "sweetly" annoying the hell out of her.


    I want to punch him but also can't help and find this adorable. lol

    Thanks for the details!

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  7. Math is not my strong point, but isn't that about 17 and a half hours. Doesn't sound like much to me when there's so many other characters that got to have their story told as well. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk

    I watch a lot of shows and believe me the number of minutes really doesn't matter. What matters is how you deal with the story lines. 48 episodes are more than enough to give everyone a nice arc for those 2 seasons. I mean, if you think that the writers of this show aren't up to the task then that's your prerogative. But giving them the benefit of the doubt I think they can wrap this up quite neatly - especially if they're planning ahead with S10 as the final season.

    The only thing that has me worried is if they're unsure whether S10 will be the last or if the network wants more. Personally, I'd rather have a planned ending on a high note than a show that drags on and on and just kinda fizzles out until it's cancelled.

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  8. What I'm really concerned about is the fact that the writers are dragging things out when they only have 2 seasons left. They have said multiple times that they have no endgame for the show, and while that is slightly comforting (it gives room for the stories to adapt or change), it also worries me as well. 

    What I mean is that they could be thinking they are definitely going to be renewed again so they're dragging out the storylines, but what if it does end in 2 seasons? They are going to rush all over their storylines and miss out on some really good opportunities for growth, all because they insist on moving characters backwards to buy time. 

    2 seasons is not enough time to hash out all of these stories, it simply isn't.

    This show has 24 episodes each season - that is a lot of time. It all depends on how they use it!

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  9. I'm going out on a limb here and say that when people are excited about the 5 stages of grief no one wants it to end with Sheldon and Amy giving up on each other. Not even the writers. The 5 stages of grief thing is actually rather a vague concept and the bits that Juni posted are just an example from Wikipedia. It's not set in stone that this has to happen with this exact outcome - the writers have all the creative freedom to mess around with this and turn it into something unique and quirky that's in line with Shamy.

    I personally do think it's an intriguing approach. I mean, yes, it's an old and tired trope by now but especially after reading TheShamyShipper's account of the taping I feel they are putting their own spin on it. I also don't think that this puts too much blame on Sheldon - yes, he's kinda awful right now but tbqh that's nothing new. He's shown these tendencies many times before and even worse he usually got away with it and learned nothing or very little in the process. So I'm glad for now that Amy is standing her ground and I do hope that Sheldon is hit by the reality of the situation anytime soon. Maybe he really needs to be forced into isolation a bit when Leonard moves out, Amy visits her relatives or whatever, and the rest of the gang is busy with their own subplots. It would be a nice way to reflect on his character growth over the years since he started out as this guy who's constantly annoyed by other people but who now has to deal with the horrible feeling of loneliness. I hope when dealing with this he has an epiphany about what kind of man he wants to be. As for Amy I do hope we'll get an Amy-centric episode that finally gives her some room to breathe cause right now Sheldon is suffocating her. A bit more focus on Amy is also necessary because right now she's just on the defence which doesn't allow us to see what she's struggling with beyond Sheldon's antics. I like though that she is aware of what he's doing and sees right through his nonsense. lol

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  10. Your opinion, sure - but tbqh evidence doesn't really support this theory. I don't think we need to worry about Jim being forced to do something that goes against whatever principles he has (which I assume go way beyond some making out scenes for that kind of show). On all accounts he and Mayim have a great relationship and are both into Shamy - there is no indication that the writers need to drag things out or tone it down for their sake.

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  11. I have actually wondered if the reason we don't have more intense scenes with Shamy is because Mayim has limitations about what she is willing to do on screen. [...]

    I've seen quite a lot of fans pinning down these kind of things onto Mayim's "conservatism" or whatever but I think that's doing quite a disservice towards her. When she talks about their kissing technique she's talking about what makes sense for the characters and what the director wants to see - there's no indication that she feels uncomfortable with any of this. I mean, she's freely joking about being "a very sexual actress". I don't think we need to worry about a bit of French kissing being too much for her.

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  12. I appreciate your stance, Kazzie.  I just want to add, though, that the spoilers that people draw on to attack Bill or others don't necessarily come from anything you do, so I don't think you need to feel responsible.

    You all did not do a taping report this time and people still attacked with spoilers gleaned from elsewhere.

    Having a big open audience in this day and age, with social media of all kinds, there are bound to be lots of people sharing spoilers with their friends and tumblr followers.

    Just saying that you don't have to feel guilty or responsible for what the knuckleheads do.

    I agree.

    It's not your fault, Kazzie. Don't beat yourself up over this.

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  13. Another lurker coming out of the woodworks! I've been going a bit back and forth on whether or not I should sign up and actually post something but then I thought "What the hell?!" and took the plunge. lol

    Anyway, I'm horribly awkward when it comes to introductions so... uhm... Hi? Hope this will be fun! :)


    P.s. When will I be able to change my avatar? The current one was added automatically and doesn't fit.

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