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  1. So much so that back in the day some ppl would ship them in real life (yeah, that... yikes) - ironically all the while Jim is gay and Kaley was in a relationship with Johnny. lol
  2. I remember the times when people were reading into body language during interviews and were convinced Johnny secretly hated everything and would be the one who'd cancel the whole show. Ah, youth! lol
  3. We're long overdue for some real Shamy fanservice - good that MaJim are reliable in that regard! haha
  4. From what I understand of the process first everyone who's allowed to (a few thousand people in fact) can send in their suggestions and then the committee is picking like 250 - 300 potential laureates. In TBBT Shamy and the rival team know their names have been sent in by two sources - Siebert with Shamy (and presumably one of the scientists??) and whoever from Fermilab with the two scientists plus Sheldon. Since both teams were trying to sway the public/science community I assume we're still in the vetting period here. So far nobody has been announced to be a proper nominee, as far as I'm awa
  5. The crux of the story is that there are 4 scientists in the run for a prize that allows a maximum of 3 people and one of them being a "faker" with a reputation of plagiarism could affect the outcome over who gets the prize, specifically here that Amy would be included. I don't know if the vetting committee would take that into account IRL (was there ever such a case anyway?) but since plagiarism is an issue in the science community they might as well.
  6. Yeah, he is doing the bare minimum of posting a few promotional things once a week or so but not more. So I guess he's just not into IG these days.
  7. It's the uncertainty over winning. Some people just overthink things and that can drive them a bit bonkers.
  8. Love the art and everything. This is great!! ❤️
  9. If Amy were to win it would be huge cause so few women have won the Nobel in physics. Like, she might not be the first to win but with only 3 women getting it prior the next one will be a big deal again. And it will probably always be a big deal until women winning will be normal instead of the exception.
  10. It would upset her to NOT get it. Because women have gotten so few that her losing makes it a bigger deal.
  11. I would think that this is self-explanatory for most people. There were only 3 women winning the Nobel prize in physics vs. 207 men. Across all categories there were only 52 women winning vs. 856 men. Do the maths. The discrepancy is abysmal.
  12. IRL a selected group of a few thousand people can fill out a nomination form and send it in. The deadline is Jan 31st - so the show got that right. Then after that a committee sorts through those forms and selects the preliminary candidates. That seems to be the part the story is currently in cause we don't know yet if and who of the 4 are actually nominated. It's always harder to suspend one's disbelief if you know more about the subject. See Neil DeGrasse Tyson watching anything sci-fi/space related and then bitch about the inaccuracies on twitter afterwards. lol But yeah, just
  13. They discussed the Back to the Future movies at least once very prominently so Christopher Lloyd definitely counts. And as said, I think a nice in-joke could have worked but I wouldn't want them to do that much more with it.
  14. Cause sometimes they have to hire actors to play, you know, characters and not themselves. She's by far not the only one. Heck, she isn't even the most famous to come onto the show and play a random character. I think Christopher Lloyd was the most egregious example of getting a sci-fi icon... and then he plays a random bum for no reason. lol Anyway, a joke about how Amy looks like that girl from Blossom would have been a fun in joke but that's about it.
  15. Get your facts straight. Things you're wrong about: Sheldon was the one writing on the mirror with Amy's lipstick. So far they haven't even been officially nominated so all that's been done right now is throwing their names into the ring. A lot of the conflict in the Nobel storyline is due to the uncertainty of whether they're actually up for the Nobel or not and the resulting rivalry with the Fermilab guys. The science consultant was the one who came up with this. His name is Dr. David Saltzberg and he's still working there. From an interview with Holland from last yea
  16. I would have enjoyed that a lot more than this one. Heck, they could have even let them have a breakthrough on their wedding and all that jazz. But I think part of the reason why the project has been scrapped is that they only have Saltzberg as their science consultant and not a proper neuroscientist. (As much as I love Mayim her job isn't to check the scripts and she's been out of academia for a while now so I think they should have gotten someone from that field to fill that role.) So in the end they refer to him to come up with something and of course he's picking something from his field (
  17. Yeah, the idea has been floating around for years now and it looks like they forgot about it again. Ugh
  18. It's been a while since I've seen it but I don't remember it having any babies in it???
  19. Yeah, I think for the rest of the season spoilers will be a rare feat - especially TRs as barely anyone will get into the final tapings
  20. Yeah, Shamy are so wrapped up in the Nobel drama that they could easily overlook that Amy missed a period.
  21. I'd always thought that Sheldon would love to schedule the baby's day and write detailed bowel movement charts though. LOL
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