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  1. Since we most likely won't see any Shamy babies unless they jump into the future (not to mention that so far it's all speculation anyway, right?) I don't get the big deal. Even if Amy announces that she is pregnant it's no difference to me knowing that they'll have kids in the future. Instead of "they'll have their kids at some unknown point in the future" it'll be "they'll have their first kid soon*" - so what? (*also as we know "soon" could mean anything from 9 to 12 months in this universe so who knows lol)
  2. Of course he was only ever married once. It was clearly stated by the writers that those were Shamy's kids. I guess having Amy pregnant is not so useless after all if people believe that Sheldon Cooper of all people will marry another woman and have kids with her.
  3. Thanks a lot! Glad to hear you had a great time!
  4. This show has such a weird pacing in general. Sometimes they drag things out foreverrrr and then someone accidentally steps on the gas pedal like
  5. Gotcha. I would have wanted for Amy to get her project back immediately. Not sure why that episode didn't end with Amy kicking that other dude out of her lab.
  6. The crux of the story was that Amy would give up the Nobel* for Sheldon and Sheldon would give up the Nobel* for Amy. (*the nomination anyway)
  7. Well, I don't think they're on her level either but point taken.
  8. Nah, neither of these guys appealed to her on an intellectual level. Bert's schtick are punny rock jokes and Dave, bless his heart, was portrayed as a bit dense. She does. She told him. JC did everybody skip the episode or what??
  9. We just had an episode where Sheldon was willing to give up the Nobel Nomination if Siebert wasn't willing to put Amy on it. Faced with the decision between Amy and a (possible) Nobel he chose Amy.
  10. A big part of TBBT's premise is also the living situation since it started with Penny moving into 4b so I always thought the show ending with Shamy and/or Lenny moving out would make a nice symmetry. But then again it's similar to Friends in that regard and I think at some point someone (Holland? Lorre??) said in an interview they won't do that so idk...
  11. There's a behind the scenes video about the taping process somewhere. You gotta google for it - Idk if it was from a show or a DVD feature or whatever.
  12. Thank you sooo much @Trinabeana78!! Ngl the baby book story sounds adorable. ❤️
  13. The Nobel story seems to be the last big story arc of the show so I'm not worried they'll suddenly forget about it. The only thing I'm wondering is how far they'll go with it. Like, will Shamy "just" be nominated in the end or will they actually get the Nobel, you know? Or maybe they won't be nominated at all but that would be a bit much of a downer at this point so Idk if they'll go down that road.
  14. Thanks a ton, @Trinabeana78!! ❤️ Eww, nah. That stuff is awful. I didn't mean you specifically. Keeping me busy during the day and up at night. lol He's at an age when the sleeping schedule changes again so that's causing a bit of trouble for him to adjust. But otherwise he's doing fine. He's a cutie pie!
  15. I haven't even finished my morning coffee so no, I'm not interested. I was just pointing out where the idea came from in the first place cause ever since this plot came up I've seen people accuse the writers to make it all up without their physics consultant even though he's the one who came up with that in the first place. So there.
  16. IIRC they asked Dr. Saltzberg (spelling?) to come up with something do you gotta blame him.
  17. Actually, I don't think that would be the case. Not saying that nobody knows him but it's by far not universal and Spock will always be more recognisable. And I feel that Jim will go a similar way. Like, "oh hey, that's Jim Parsons!" - "Who?" - "You know, Sheldon!" - "Oh yes!" And I'm not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing.
  18. If you show a picture of Leonard Nimoy to 10 people I think most of them will say something along the lines of "That's Mr. Spock!" cause that's what happens when you land a role as popular as this. You never really leave that role behind, even if you are successful in other jobs. In the end of the day the over-saturation of pop culture is just too strong.
  19. Did he though? I'd say most people would still associate Spock with him, may he rest in peace. Heck, I always found it amusing that his autobiographies where titled "I am not Spock", followed up with "I am Spock". lol
  20. The problem I have with Penny changing her mind is that the longer it takes the harder it is to sell to the audience. I mean, they could have easily used the sperm donor plot to do exactly that. They could have her react to the situation with the realisation that maybe she wants kids after all. But they didn't. Instead they reinforced her stance and even let her dad and Leonard support her. At this point it would just be a hard U-turn* and I'm not sure if I want that with so little time left, tbqh. (*btw. contrast to Bernadette who had her reservations, too: the first time the t
  21. Thank you so much for the additional information @RJ1013 and @Tensor (best regard to Nicole!)!!
  22. Yeah, that part feels kinda weird cause she already knows Sheldon wants a lot of kids with her. Maybe it's only cause Sheldon doesn't care much for Howardette's kids?? Idk.
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