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  1. Both Blossom and Beaches are kinda cult classics in the respective demographics so that's definitely score for Mayim!
  2. April

    Chuck Lorre

    Just because you don't like an opinion doesn't make it "hate speech".
  3. April

    Chuck Lorre

    By framing this as "the feelings of the Hollywood elite" you're deluding yourself that everybody else is thinking differently but really at least half of your country and probably most of the rest of the world shares those feelings. Sarah Sanders is a despicable person and so is her boss so I can't feel sorry for her here. What do awards have to do with anything??? Like, if you think awards are only given to "good" people, boy, do I have news for you!
  4. You said that you'd never thought Sheldon and Amy would get married because she insulted physics but the point of the episode was that Sheldon was already going crazy without her (*cough*25cats*cough) so should have been a hint that Amy was here to stay.
  5. And Sheldon was going crazy over it so that should have told you otherwise.
  6. The article mentioned here: It's probably just a bad description by the journalist but still... ugh
  7. April

    Chuck Lorre

    What? No, don't worry. Lorre has used his vanity cards to express his political views (or whatever else was on his mind in any given week) for ages and occasionally he's getting snarky. No big deal, from what I can tell. Here's an online archive with all of them: http://www.chucklorre.com/index.php Roseanne was fired because she was spewing racist nonsense on twitter which was not a good look for ABC (bad publicity and all that). So different situation.
  8. April

    Chuck Lorre

    His vanity card is a reaction to Sanders repeatedly brining up "God" and how the mess you currently have over there is "His will" and all that nonsense. So the card is just Lorre saying that is bullshit.
  9. April

    The taping

    There's a thread for that: Good luck!
  10. April

    Chuck Lorre

    Gonna go out on a limb here and say he doesn't hate her for her looks.
  11. Wait, is she glad to be part of TBBT in general or does that mean she'll show up once more before the end?
  12. Well, as we know a pregnancy in TBBT land lasts up to almost a year (lol) so unless Shamy develop a "Instant Babies - just add water!!" formula there won't be any Shamy babies any time soon. Even Shamy trying to get pregnant could take a while - the episode they film now could just be the first step and then they find out Amy is pregnant in the last few episodes or whatever. But I'm a bit out of touch with the writing this season so what do I know. I'm a bit torn on that cause "Sorry, you lost the Nobel, here have a baby instead!" feels like a weird consolation prize here.
  13. TBQH with YS already saying they'll have kids and the ongoing Nobel plot I kinda expected that they'd leave the Shamy babies for some vague time after the show. I'm not even mad at the prospect as such - the wording of the spoiler blip is bothering me more than anything. (Though that is probably just a flawed write up with a poor choice of words.)
  14. Well, Penny will be away from the discussion as she has her own plot with Bernadette so that doesn't really work out. I'd also hate it if somehow her job falls through and then she wants a baby cause... she has nothing else to do???
  15. Sheldon being oblivious that Leonard was lying on the couch.
  16. Well, that's a bit "potato - potahto" for me. I don't necessarily think of "manipulation" of a strong word per se cause it really depends on the context and manipulations can come in many forms and different levels of severity. This one is pretty harmless, all things considered so I wouldn't want to imply anything particularly terrible here.
  17. I mean, the word "Manipulation" is literally in the title so... Yeah, the idea was that he would love the train trip so much he'd shower her with love in return or something. Heck, Amy probably would have been fine with everything if it weren't for Eric and Sheldon subsequently completely ignoring her.
  18. The first time he kissed her. Amy has kissed him before and while I think he didn't hate it ("Fascinating.") it was still early so I think this one really stirred a feeling in him. But that was the point: He was enjoying himself and Amy was complaining, hence why he called her out. If Amy wanted romance she should have said so and not try to trick him with a trip that she thought would suddenly turn him into some sort of train-Casanova. The two characters want different things and that's the conflict of the story - it gets resolved with the kiss and they both get what they wanted.
  19. There are a few threads that are still active but... yeah. Pretty much.
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