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  1. It's not the first time she has worn something like that.
  2. Your post wasn't clear on that. And even then, it wouldn't have changed anything. Holland himself said they approached S12 as if it were the last. They had only written the first handful of episodes when the announcement was made. Not to mention that by their own admission they don't plan out anything long it advance anyway. So no matter how you cut it by now they had enough time to come up with better storylines BUT DIDN'T. The only thing that remotely feels like something is building up towards the finale is the Shamy story line with their fairytale Nobel and even that storyline started
  3. He already signed a contract that he'd do S12. What you're suggesting is a serious breach of said contract. And no, you don't wanna end a show like this with bad blood just because you bailed in the middle of a 2-year production deal. Secondly, Jim has said for a long time that he won't do this show forever and joking that nobody wants to see old Sheldon anyway so it was inevitable that at one point he wouldn't sign on for another season. I also think a much bigger factor than Hawkings's passing was that he's steadily build up his own production company and was seeking out his own project
  4. When she stands you can see it ends a bit above her knees and she's worn short dresses like this on many occasions. So nothing extraordinary. I didn't wanna say it but yes! hahaha
  5. Well, kudos for finally getting William Shatner! They must be popping the champagne for crossing that off their TBBT bucket list.
  6. Yep, that's the one. "Ersatz" is one of the German words that made it into English: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ersatz
  7. They got an annulment so legally it never happened and thus he's not her ex-husband.
  8. You could play a new game here: Guess how expensive Penny's outfit is! lol
  9. It's a bit tight around the neck but otherwise, yes. To be fair it was a few sizes too big given to me by a well meaning grandma like "you'll grow into it!" lol
  10. I have a sweater that I've had since I was like 10 or so. lol
  11. She wore that 3 times even - I'm impressed! LOL
  12. Care to name/show some examples of those outfits? As said by @Mario D. it occasionally happens on purpose to draw a parallel between two episodes. But overall Penny is the one character whose on screen outfits are less like a real wardrobe (i.e. compared to the other characters who regularly wear the same stuff over and over) and more like a weekly fashion show.
  13. Except, Penny gets outfits that are several 100 dollars and wears them once, meanwhile they buy cheap shirts for the guys that are like 25 bucks and they wear them repeatedly over the years. So that theory doesn't really track.
  14. Yeah, I know it was just speculation. You could be spot on with that idea though since it's right on the date. We'll see. But yeah, I just really lost track of the taping dates. Thank you! ❤️
  15. When will that episode be filmed? The taping and broadcast thread isn't up to date so I lost track.
  16. I haven't seen my sister's natural hair colour since she was 14. lol
  17. @kenan Thanks a ton. Sounds like a fun one. Happy to hear you had a great time!
  18. It's not just that, he has his own company to produce whatever he wants. Even in the unlikely case that nobody wanted to cast him in anything ever again (which in itself is of course nonsense) he can just cast himself in whatever story he feels like playing or he'll work more behind the scene in general. He really can do whatever he wants at this point.
  19. What? They hand the Nobel Peace Prize out like candy. Obama essentially got his for his election campaign. Jeez. (I mean, not saying that there were never any worthy recipients but the Peace Prize doesn't require "more than 20 years".)
  20. No need. By the time you get to it the discussion will have moved on. It already has. I prefer you have a great time at the taping and I'll be looking forward to reading your TR! 😄
  21. No parent likes baby poo. lol But babies are very different with that as well. We never had any big issues with baby poo accidents while my poor sister's baby had regular blow outs all the way up her little one's neck.
  22. Well, in the end that's true for everybody, no? You only find out what you're made of when you actually hold that baby in your arms. There are people that always wanted kids, had experience baby sitting, read all the books and overall thought they'd do a great job only for them to fall apart when things got real. And then there are people that were never too keen on kids and barely, if ever, interacted with other babies only to then totally thrive as a parent cause it's their own kid which makes all the difference. How you react to having a baby at home is just so unpredictable. And in th
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