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  1. She's being interviewed about their super asymmetry paper.
  2. Yeah, that's why I added that they could simply have a bed scene that didn't show Penny half naked. It's not like we have a ton of Lenny bed scenes where Penny inexplicably wears Amy-like flannel gowns. It's that we don't have any Lenny bed scenes at all.
  3. Mayim has a tattoo in a similar place (maybe a little higher) and that doesn't keep them from writing Shamy bed scenes. I mean, bed scenes don't have to show Penny half naked so either way that's clearly not a reason.
  4. Yeah, Penny has a lot less screen time than this "The Big Three" branding makes you think she should have. Often Howard and Raj have more screen time than she has.
  5. Here you go: You can see the tides turn with S2 already.
  6. Truer words have never been spoken. Well, written.
  7. That's what I would think, too, and I can see how easily this could turn into playfully turning "boyfriend" into "man friend".
  8. Well, maybe it was their "thing" like a little in-joke.
  9. Well, so has the show. When they wrote that line no one thought they'd end up with 12 seasons.
  10. She talked about her "man friend" ever so often. They actually went through a break up before and reconciled when Mayim had her voice troubles before S11 (she mentioned it in a vlog or something) but evidently it didn't work out as well as she had hoped. :C
  11. A better explanation for that is probably that she's single again: https://groknation.com/relating/mayim-bialik-breakup/
  12. Happy holidays to you as well - no matter what you celebrate. *Many hugs* ❤️
  13. I remember one instance when Mayim won an award a few years back and Jim's fans complained to him like how dare he not congratulate her!! so much that he felt forced to post a screenshot of when he messaged her and remarked that he is indeed able to communicate directly with her. lol I do think public b-day wishes are cute but I don't read anything into it when they don't post some. It's been very inconsistent over the years anyway - sometimes they post wishes, sometimes they don't. No big deal!
  14. Thank you, @GadgetGirl375!! Glad to hear you had a great time!! Well well well, Leonard potentially becoming a sperm donor sure makes the show come full circle from its very first scene! haha
  15. Oh really? I always assumed it was one of those universally known cult shows cause it has been a massive hit here in Germany.
  16. Well, Penny also thought Vegas weddings were a joke and not real. I don't think she would have done it if she thought it was a proper wedding. Anyway, thanks for the TR!
  17. Maybe it's not about the house at all but rather the forest around the house.
  18. I feel ya. Though with me it has also to do with real life, and in part also with the forum itself rather than the show. But in general my drive to post has been at an all time low. Bit of a pity but then again I have more important stuff to do right now.
  19. No. Aside from his pronunciation being, well, not that good I think he said in some interview that he doesn't speak any foreign languages.
  20. No, it has been mentioned as early as S4E20 by Sheldon: Sheldon: Mm, it’s hard to say. I can only speculate based on the data I collected watching my parents’ marriage implode. In that case, the woman dives into religion, while the man dives into a bottle-blonde bartender who tries to buy my love with action figures.
  21. Yep, this. I don't think the characters will still care about this old chestnut. Just like nobody cares about the Raj/Penny nonsense anymore. Last time I checked the only character on the show who holds irrational grudges over a long time is Sheldon. I'm pretty sure that Leonard and Penny as well as Raj and Priya are able to act like grown ups on Raj's wedding.
  22. Yeah, I agree. Putting aside that the process of writing a paper was nonsense I loved Shamy as a team and their emotional scenes were brilliant! Both the bed scene and the day after were so well acted. ❤️ A pity their project came crushing down like that but at least it was nice to see them act out their disappointment cause that's like how I feel about it. Well, better luck next time?
  23. lol, I'm with you. I don't get the fuss over a quick memory or video tape or whatever it was Holland talked about in a recent interview. No big deal.
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