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  1. Yes, a mention may be possible but you won't see Stan Lee's ghost visit anybody's dreams.
  2. PP is a fictional character portrayed by a real actor who is very much still alive. Stan Lee is a real person who is none of this. (May he rest in peace.)
  3. It's called "musical anhedonia" and no amount of "She should listen to my favourite music!" can change her lack of response. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_anhedonia
  4. I thought the Shamy part of the episode was delightful! ❤️ Like, Amy's parents were a hoot and a half as expected and I loved seeing more of their relationship with Amy. Amy and her dad are so cute and sweet together. "Hey, pumpkin!" Awwwwww In general, Larry is such a sweet guy. OMG the way he reacted to Howard's magic was adorable. Bonus points for him being, well, Teller so that was hilarious. With Amy's mom (who still has no first name??) I thought Amy getting busted played out hilarious! Great comedic timing from Kathy and Mayim hahaha And Sheldon both annoying her and then
  5. While I was in academia "citations" and "references" have been used to refer to the same thing - maybe the terms are used more specific in Italy?? But anyway, yes, this is so weird in terms of how you'd write a paper. I mean, I could probably accept that Sheldon rushed into this without doing the legwork first cause we've seen him do that before. But Amy??? I wouldn't think she'd be that sloppy.
  6. This might be a bit of a language issue but "citation" refers to what you describe as "references": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citation ETA: Though with regards to the episode I'm still a bit baffled why you'd search for citations after you wrote your paper. I would think that is part of the research process at the beginning???
  7. What does that have to do with anything??? Dude, how about you do a quick google search before you make such claims?? This is Mayim after her accident: Source: http://www.tmz.com/2013/10/18/mayim-bialik-lawsuit-car-accident-hand-injury/
  8. As it was already pointed out: They did exactly that when Mayim hurt her hand during a car crash some years ago. And they did it so well that a lot of people didn't know/notice.
  9. Well, that depends on how much he has to do. In the episode with Mayim she was in 4A the whole time and not just a small cameo so that doesn't necessarily stop them from finding a workaround.
  10. My guess is they will hide it like all the other injuries some of them had over the years.
  11. Yeah, it's been a standard of sitcoms for decades now so there's something that provides familiarity for the general audience. I fear it's also a bit of a failure to promote a positive female presence in that it's putting women on a pedestal as the smart grown up in the room but it's missing the mark and you end up with this warped idea that men never grow up and women inevitably become a sort of mother figure to them. If this trope dies a horrible death I wouldn't miss it one bit. Yes, it's a super small sample size they are working with each episode and the results are a bit skewed i
  12. I didn't say it was "all that" but "part of" so I'm not sure why you're framing your post as a big disagreement when there's not that much to disagree with. I think think the "man-child-groaning-wife*" (*or simply female neighbour/friend/girlfriend/fiancée) dynamic is a fundamental writing flaw in pretty much all the relationships on the show. It's tiresome and outdated and I hate it. I hated in early seasons and I hate it now. The thing I will concede is that it may have come across as not so prominent in early seasons but the main reason for that is IMHO that there simply were not enoug
  13. Most of what you described was already a few seasons in - like the awards started coming in 2010 and the following years. So that basically only proves my point. And I didn't say "literally every line was interchangeable" but they had "interchangeable dialogue patterns", in that all of the guys' did have a lot more technical and nerdy dialogue similar to what Sheldon would become famous for. When I rewatched the show a while ago I was a bit baffled when Penny wondered if she'd ever understand a word Sheldon says even though at this point in the show barely any of the guys has spoken a nor
  14. This is the Shamy thread - get out with that attitude! lol
  15. My father in law is putting something like that on his eggs. Yikes!
  16. Thanks a ton, @koops. Sounds like you had a blast and I'm so happy you were able to catch a great taping. ❤️ I've been waiting for this episode and it sounds delightful. Can't wait to see this! haha Amy and her dad put ketchup on their eggs? EWWWWWW what monsters! lol
  17. Well, as you know I would start questioning that statement with what "authenticity" and "credibility" has anything to do with Sheldon's quirks as they have always been a thing that come and go on the whims of the writers - some more, some less, naturally. Not to mention that Sheldon has always had a rather unique view of the world and himself, hence whatever he claimed you always have to take with a bucket load of salt. Like, if people believe Sheldon to be an actual "homo novus" just because he said so and now they are disappointed that it turns out he's a human being after all? That's o
  18. And I thought he (along with the other guys and even Penny) started out as caricatures and only became proper characters over time. To quote from Leonard: "You didn't have a personality, you just had some shows you liked!" And that was sooo very true at the start of the show where all the guys were such stereotypical nerds with pretty much interchangeable dialogue patterns, it was absurd. (Plus, of course, throwing in Penny as the typical ditzy blonde.)
  19. I wouldn't agree that everyone is giving him a pass cause this behaviour of his is the source of conflict in soooo many plots in this show. And it's not so much that Bernie was completely wrong but it's one of those things that's easier said than done. She herself is one of those characters that is painted as someone who is mean and manipulative (and unlike Sheldon she's completely aware of what she's doing in such situations) so of course in the end she'll have to eat her own words.
  20. The crux of the episode is though that Bernadette is kind of the same - she was so eager to dish it out and stick it to Sheldon but couldn't take the revenge. That's the point of it all, hence the Sheldon/Bernie scene in the end.
  21. Exactly! It's TV convention and barely anyone knocks in this show. They'll have him knock when they come up with another knocking joke or if the situation really requires it for some reason but in general it's not something you'll need to show all the time.
  22. After all those years??? Come on! I mean, in the early years, sure. But it's been over a decade now!
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