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  1. I loved Shamy in this one - very light-hearted sweet couple dynamic. First Amy being understanding about Sheldon's hurt feelings and trying to mend the conflict between him and Howard. And when Bernie doubles down they switch to partners in crime mode and it was great to see them in their costumes. hahaha And the tag was hilarious!! More of that please! Another little detail was that Amy was the only one who actually found Sheldon's fun facts interesting. aww ❤️
  2. Eh, nah, I wouldn't go that far. Shamy and Howardette had some great friendship moments in the past (no matter in what constellation) so I think there would be enough ~friendship glue~ left over to keep the rest of the gang sticking together if Lenny moved away. Regardless, I always enjoy when they have stories with the 4 of them. Great comedic chemistry between them.
  3. There are things about him that he can't change and some that he can. Intuitively knowing exactly when and what something is appropriate to say is not one of the things he'll ever get right and that's not what people talk about when they say "he's evolving".
  4. The bold: Well, that's the crux of the whole character, isn't it? Always has been, always will be. The kicker about this episode was though that Howard and Bernadette were the same - "Let the Whookie win!" and all that. I thought it was a nice parallel.
  5. I thought this episode was pretty funny, I laughed a lot. Yeah, the friendship dynamics seemed a bit strained but it wasn't that bad either. In the end all's well as usual. I also thought that the couples' dynamics made up for it in that each of the 4 couples showed how they are a good match and have each other's back. So thumbs up from me!
  6. Oh no worries, I'm able to follow a conversation for more than two posts. No need to explain the obvious to me. It was just an apropos I was throwing in.
  7. Of course it was said with a wink - hence why I called it a "joke". The post I quoted simply reminded me of it.
  8. I was thinking of 10x16: Bernadette: When you moved here, you didn’t have a lot of money. How’d you get by? Penny: Well, sometimes you can get free food and Wi-Fi from the neighbours. Just know you might have to marry one of ’em.
  9. You only noticed now??? Almost 2 seasons since it moved there?? Now, go back and rewatch S10!
  10. We 've been over this a gazillion times and there are better ways to cobble together a plot. Like, you could have PP without turning the episode into a "Sheldon will always be Sheldon" plot again in which he's inexplicably behaving like 6 years ago. For example, Amy could have different problems at work but Sheldon doesn't know how to help her, maybe they even fight, and so PP appears in Sheldon's dream. Not that difficult!
  11. Weirdly enough they had a line or two that indicated she's been working on this project for years so...??? They seem to be flip-flopping with whether or not she has a new project and it being all part of the same... somehow?
  12. I mean, yeah, obviously we would have a different plot but really, Siebert listening to Sheldon feels like such a rookie mistake. Not to mention going behind an employee's back is just inexcusable no matter what. But of course the story is also a bit of a shout out to the very real problems female scientists face in academia and poor Amy having to suffer for it cause she's the only one of the TBBT ladies who has that job. Yeah, I would have thought they could have made a scene in Amy's lab again with her kicking out Dr. Park or something.
  13. Yes, I noticed that, too! I really hope that this means Amy is on tenure track. I mean, the tenure episode back in the day was a god damn mess (as in: this is not how this works at a university) so I'd love to have this corrected and get a hint as to Amy (and other characters?) be on tenure track positions as it should be. Totally agree with you here! The whole Sheldon/Siebert thing was awful (more of that in the episode thread) but it got us a wonderful Shamy scene where Amy is finally allowed to open up! I would love to see that more often - preferably without her having to go through the ringer next time! I love Amy so much and I need her to be the focus more often. ❤️
  14. Despite all the angry posts here I thought I was not as terrible as it could have been so there's that. The planetarium scenes were fun. Howardette were absolutely terrific and both Bernie's role playing and the over the top Raj/Howard moment complete with Leonard crying made me legit LOL. hahaha The Shamy plot was a mixed bag, in some ways both worse and better than expected. The good: The thing with the notes in the beginning was cute, the talk in the end was good. I even thought PP was better this time than last, although his bit was really brief. In general: AMY IS THE BEST!!! The bad: Yet another "Sheldon is still Sheldon" plot for seemingly no good reason. We've been over this a gazillion times and there are better ways to cobble together a plot. ugh The Ugly: OMG I'm not even sure who I'm more mad at: Sheldon for being his usual stupid short-sighted selfish self and going to Siebert OR Siebert WHO SHOULD BE THE RESPONSIBLE ADULT IN THE ROOM ACTUALLY REASSIGNING AMY WITHOUT HER CONSULTATION!?!? Okay, maybe I know who I'm more mad at. ugh I mean honestly, WTF @ both Sheldon and Siebert (and hey, the show is pretty much calling itself out!) but why would anyone listen to god damn Sheldon of all people to make such a personnel change???? This is not your first day! You done fucked up, Siebert! Is is just me or was the tag missing?? Like the episode just ended. That was weird. I wonder if there was one filmed but cut??
  15. Honestly, I also would think they had her on sporadically to test the reactions at first cause that's how they work in general. If the audience didn't take to Amy they would have written her out (maybe even without much fuss like they did with Bernie for a while). But I have never seen an actual interview confirm this, hence my inquiry.
  16. It matters in so far that it's canon Shamy will have kids - nothing more, nothing less.
  17. Yeah, I think it was a hard decision for him emotionally cause on all accounts the show is tightly knit behind the scenes and ending it after such a long time would be tough on anyone who isn't a sociopath. But I agree, getting new opportunities outside of TBBT sure helped making this decision more than the idea that he's tired of it, if that makes any sense. The guy is busy as a bee with new projects lining up left and right and you can't put off everything forever so at some point he had to make the decision to follow his new endeavours or stick with the old comfy place.
  18. I wouldn't disagree that the writers sure work with this premise but personally I don't subscribe to that. Like, I personally like Sheldon more when he's less of a jerk and he can be incredibly funny then as well. Heck, I don't like the early seasons much cause his jerk factor was way up back then and it's annoying me to no end. If the show never bothered to change him I literally wouldn't be here. I do think the writers could come up with new fresh stories if they only finally stop rehashing old predictable plots - both for Sheldon and Lenny. Heck, a lot of the "iconic episodes" most people seems to like are not about Sheldon being a jerk or Lenny being a terrible couple. Like, I don't think people like Bath Item because Penny's and Leonard's issues with the Underwood guy but because Penny gave Sheldon a nice present and Sheldon hugged Penny in return. That's the stuff that people remember and not the fighting and mean nonsense.
  19. Well, that whole episode just reinforced that interpretation for me as Leonard was only complaining about the girly stuff and/or making sure how little he cared about anything Penny liked to do. Heck, there was even a deleted scene where they went book shopping and Leonard was happy cause it was something he enjoyed while Penny was bored. So there. But disagree all you want.
  20. Oh yes! That's like my go to explanation for a lot of things in this show. lol It's not about Leonard having a more special relationship with Penny. It's that Leonard thinks Raj should have a more special friendship with him than with Penny.
  21. Raj being Howard's friend doesn't prevent him from being Leonard's friend, too. You can have more than one friend, funny that!
  22. Just throwing this in here: Leonard: "I know, but he was my friend first. It’s like she’s stealing him and they’re just having the best time doing all their dumb girly stuff together." Leonard's complaint wasn't so much that Penny ignored him but rather that Raj ignored him and didn't do fun non-girly stuff with him.
  23. Sheldon trying to sleep on that couch could be hilarious though.
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