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  1. We're out. Very funny and light hearted episode. -Episode is called the Bachelor Party Corrosion. -Separate girls and guys plots. -Girls at Penny's doing a mini bachelorette party. Amy makes penis shaped cookies (anatomically correct. She uses gummy worms as veins lol). They pierce Amy's ears, Penny tells her Dad she married Leonard, Amy tells her Mom she broke up with Sheldon. -Guys kidnap Leonard and take him to Mexico for bachelor weekend. In some physicists van so that gets Sheldon somewhat on board. They get a flat and try to replace the tire. A hilarious lee-ver vs leh-var discussion ensues. They can't get one lug nut off. They try various scientific principles to get the one nut off and end up burning up the van. They showed us the premiere episode so I didn't see episode 2. There was no added scene with Sheldon's Mom in there, so still not sure where they'll add that one. I'll be in chat in awhile to answer questions and I'll write up a summary. :-)

    Thanks for this!!!

  2. So true, Tonstar.  Love does not discriminate. 

    We Shamy shippers recognize how unique and intriguing Sheldon and Amy are as a couple because of their awkwardness, but they are still drawn together by common themes such as their backgrounds and love for science.   It is understandable why they are a perfect match for each other.

    Lenny defies society which says they shouldn't be together.   Penny is the pretty street-wise girl.  Leonard is the computer book-wise geek.  He has a college degree and a noted career.   She has no degree and works as a waitress.   She's taller than he is.   She likes sports and hangs out with people that probably want to hang Leonard on a hook by his underwear.   She's good at sports.   Physical activity has him grabbing for his inhaler.    She is confident and bold.   He is timid and has a low self-esteem.    For all intense purposes, it seems Lenny have nothing in common.   Need I go on?

    Opposites aside, they also fight and fuss.   However, in spite of all of these things, including their own sabotaging of the relationship, these two cannot stay away from each other.   Whether you call it a magnet or a quark, it defies human logic and reasoning.   It just is, and that is what makes them so beautiful.

    So beautifully written
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  3. It's cool some ppls don't ship lenny but us lenny shippers see beyond and see the beautiful love that is lenny and the human nature that wants to be loved and what love should be. It's not about the hot girl next door and the geek anymore. It's about finding true love and love is found a lot of times when you are not looking for it. It's just happens. Love doesn't discriminate. :)

    That is damn deep and so true. This is why I love the show
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