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  1. I'm quite relived that the writers are finally giving Shamy a break after two episodes of tension. They will finally have time to sort things out by themselves. We would get to see how these characters would be after being so long with each other. I'm guessing that Wyatt would start questioning as to why Lenny aren't living together forcing them to discuss on living arrangements

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  2. In season 2 ep 23, Penny´s scene behind the door was shown only when the episode was aired. And it was( and  is ) a significant scene!



    I didn't know that was a secret scene!! I hope that the scene with Mary would that significant
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  3. I just love that opening line actually. Anyway, Hii!!! I've been reading from this forum for quite sometime. Just started to get involve. I've only started watching last Oct/Nov cause TBBT is not that known in my country. It's so freaking hard to find the merch but I've managed to get hold of the LEGO set. Nobody in the real world, as in friends and family actually knows about my involvement in the fandom. My main platform is actually Instagram but I'm extending my medium to Twitter and now to the forum. I enjoy TBBT cause I relate to the characters. I don't have many friends and I'm very awkward at social conventions. My life was pretty depressing until I stumbled upon this brilliant show. There's not a day that goes by without the cast making me smile and the show making me laugh. I will forever support the show and whatever the casts does.. :D Again, HELLO!!!

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