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  1. I haven't replied to this episode yet... but better late than never. It was hilarious! Quoting the Princess Bride and the just going at it fighting like 5 year olds while Barry was on the phone were my two favorite parts. I was laughing so much. I have to mention Shamy- they just break my heart. It was so well done and I emotional for the brief amount of time they were on screen, but it was great. Also, Sheldon has been saying a lot of sexual jokes lately?! He's really the only one doing so, and by the "send me to human resources" statement he seems to know what he's saying and the double meaning behind it. Just thought I would point that out.
  2. I think I would go in January or February (or a little later). Thanks for the welcome!
  3. Welcome to the forum! I know what you mean about lurking... I feel like that's what I do for a long time before I join something. Good to see you here!
  4. HI April! I'm new too. I was in the same boat about whether or not to join and I took the plunge too I think we'll have fun!
  5. I've been watched TBBT and shipping Shamy for a few years. Though I have read lots of fan fiction and am active on ffn I have only ever stalked this forum. I joined because I really would love to engage with the fans more and be invovled since I plan to go to a taping sometime next year. It's nice to be here!
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