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  1. They definitely all seem quite close knit. I don’t know if anybody else could confirm this, but the two tapings I attended, I noticed that Jim and Kaley were very close between takes... they would seek each other out and be laughing quite a lot - they hugged a lot and she would go over to him whilst he was reading his flash cards. Mayim seemed to gravitate towards Simon, Melissa and Kunal whereas Johnny was talking to the crew and Bill Prady quite a lot. As I say, this was only what I noticed on two tapings and generally speaking, they al seemed very friendly with each other during takes. Would be interested to know what regular attendees noted [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I immediately thought it would be emotional crying because of the wedding. Raj is definitely the type who balls at weddings!
  3. If you adjust the contrast on this, you can partially see some text: I can make out that Koothrapali has one of the last lines and the stage direction says ‘starting to cry’...
  4. When I went I got in line just before midday. If the taping is busy and the cast/crew have guests there is a possibility you won't get in. At midday there were about 15 people ahead of me and it got really busy at about 1pm. However, I've only been once so perhaps that was an exception... I did the tour the day before instead as it's about 3hrs long.
  5. There is a Tumblr post I have found with more information. I have no idea how to link that but Leonard went on Science Friday to be interviewed and it went badly. He gets in trouble with Mrs Davis about it. Credit to Shamybabboos Tumblr.
  6. Mhmm. Spoke to my friend again and I think they got confused! I think it sounds like Leonard was interviewed on radio about something and it didn't go well. Not sure where they got the funding thing from. I think the SM account was in a different language...
  7. A friend told me they saw something on social media (not sure where) about 11x02... a plot about grants/funding that Leonard goes for. That's all I have unfortunately. But better than nothing at all! I'm a teacher too!
  8. But I guess the point is that all of these snipes and quips are meant to be jokes. That is the preferred reading that the writers are aiming for (as it is a comedy). But as with all comedy, it is rather subjective. Where you might feel they are not jokes, I do. I find Leonard's jokes about Sheldon amusing. I also find Sheldon's comments about Leonard's supposed (in his eyes) shortcomings amusing.
  9. But Leonard consistently makes jokes at Sheldon's expense too. Even the last episode there were a few about Sheldon being annoying and not funny etc... you can pretty much pick any episode to see Leonard saying stuff like this.
  10. I know what you mean... it can sometimes become repetitive but I don't mind a few of those gags as Penny doesn't seem that upset and she has always shown pride in the fact that guys have always been into her (and there's nothing wrong with that!). I think all of the characters give as good as they get which is great!
  11. Nope! You're not the only one. As far as I'm concerned, if you took out all the sniping and 'ripping the piss' as we say in my neck of the woods, you'd have a pretty boring comedy.
  12. I might be wrong but it sounded like his Interest was piqued by the fact she worked on the CERN project...
  13. Nobody literally said it and that, I would imagine, is why Wowbagger said that it 'seems' to be.
  14. That's what I thought and even then it reads as a simile so he is speaking figuratively as opposed to literally.
  15. I'm confused. How is going swimming with someone a date!? I thought the 'play date' comment was a simile that Sheldon used. Why are a few people trying to suggest Sheldon cheated in this episode!? I'm genuinely curious if this is actually what some people believe.
  16. That was the longest day of work!! Just caught up on all your thoughts on the wonderful season finale. I really feel that Sheldon's proposal and the way in which he was promoted is in keeping with his character. We all know that he isn't the first to implement change and finds comfort in routine. Whilst this has progressed to a slightly more relaxed grip on these routines, people never really truly change and I think Sheldon will always struggle with change. Having only been living with Amy for the past few months, I think Sheldon didn't propose because he was comfortable with the status quo as he got used to cohabiting with Amy. I think Ramona's advances (when he finally got them!) gave him a kick up the arse and he realised that there was a larger commitment that he could make to Amy so he rushed off to do it. I love that he has to travel across the country to get to her. That tells me he has plenty of time to think about it and shows this is something he really wanted to do. I cannot wait to watch this episode!
  17. I'm so glad she's nice and friendly! Thanks again for the report and calling out the trolling on the main thread! Lol!
  18. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Really looking forward to watching this one.
  19. Optimism is the way forward when we have so little to go on! Not long to wait now till we have the full picture...
  20. Sorry if I'm about to rehash anybody else's theory but I'm still in the process of catching up with the thread... I have such a strong feeling that we might get a proposal (I hope I'm right but it could just be wishful thinking!). The title of the episode definitely suggests Shamy have some sort of miscommunication (involving Ramona). Could the exterior shots suggest the whole gang go to Princeton to see Amy? Are we going to get a proposal in front of everybody in some sort of public declaration of monogamy and faithfulness by Sheldon!? I really hope so!
  21. Haha! This has just made me laugh! This is seriously a thought I have whenever I visit this thread! I haven't found a place yet... perhaps we should start one...
  22. I think you're probably right. It is a shame though - they all make great guests when they are on a talk show (especially Simon and Jim). I hope we see a little more of them as the season closes out.
  23. Totally off topic, but is anyone else miffed as to actors aren't interviewed or seen doing more TV appearances to promote the show? I'm a big fan of The Walking Dead and those guys really hustle for their money. They work roughly the same amount of months as TBBT but for much longer hours, yet you see them appearing together or alone quite a lot. They even have that live show after the main show airs. Given the fact that the TBBT actors are paid so much money, I would have thought the network or production company would have them doing more promotion than they currently do. I just wish we could see them appearing together a little more.
  24. I'm happy about the renewal. Lots of others will be too [emoji3]
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